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To promote and bring about amicable change, emphasise togetherness and co operation amongst individuals in order to bring about a positive transformation of the community and as a result reducing ignorance, poverty levels, conflicts and corruption within the society, as well as introducing a healthy and manageable society within the state, and ensuring sustainable environmental management.
Nov 15, 2013

What a YEAR!

The Next time i write a report for this project will be 2014. It is amazing how time flies! It seems like yesterday that we were celebrating a new year and fast forward, we are talking about 2013 year end. Life is a not sure anyone would deny that. There have been lots of good opportunities  in 2013 and am grateful for the support thats was extended to the project in one way or another. I am also happy to note that i fully utilised the available opportunities. 

I am grateful to you all because am ending the year on a high note. I was able to attend a training on Online fundraising, Climate Change and Green low carbon development and then International Trade and Development. All these fields are very relevant to the activities i am involved in working with local communities that face different challenges and most important, i continue to make friends for the organisation during my travels. I look forward to more travels engagements in 2014.moreso with your support.

With your help and assistance, i am happy to inform you that i will be graduating with an Post Grad Diploma (Internediate) in International Trade Policy and Trade Law from The Trade Policy Training Centre In Africa (Arusha, Tanzania) on the 24th November 2013. You will remember that the primary reason i put up this project was because i had a partial scholarship with Trade Policy Training Centre in Africa and am happy that with your help, we are begining to yield results. I will continue to look out for these scholarships and with the exposure from the scholarships i should be able to continue to foster and forge worthwhile partnerships for the organisation. 

I still need support to attend the graduation and i will be happy if you can help. 

I wish each one of you a Merry X - Mas and a Happy New Year 2014. 

Nov 11, 2013

A fabulous Festive Season to you all.

The end of the year 2013 is coming closer and there can never be a better time to say Thank you to all our donors, friends adn well wishers. The children begin their end of year promotional exams in a week or two and we are hopeful that they will all advance with good grades. It has been a  challenging second half of the year but we somehow muddle through, despite the current challenges. I am glad to inform you that we are still pushing on. 

Alex and Prossy are already back from school after seating their Primary leaving examinsations. It was by Gods grace that they managed to seat for the examinations because we still owe the school some balances. I am glad the school administration allowed them to seat without clearing the full amounts. We are hopeful that we will clear the balances and also very hopeful that the two will pass their examinations and progress to secondary school. James and Krishna are expcted to pass and progress to primary Seven next year implying that we will have another set seating the final Primary Leaving Examinsations in 2014. Jane and Elizabeth are expcted to join Senior Four and they will be seating the Ordinary Level Certificate of Education come 2014. They will most likely branch off for a course. Elijah will be seating for the Advanced level Certificate of Education at the end of 2014 and if he excels, he should be able to joing University or College thereafter. Hanifa has so far gone one year into teacher training and we are hopeful that she too will be completeing her grade three certificate in Primary Teaching and hopefully be taken on by the government as a grade three teacher. The rest of the children in the lower classes are expected to perform well in their promotional examinations and advance to the respective next classes. We have managed to achieve this with your support and we pray that you continue supporting the project. 

The challenges are still on  and they sure make our work interesting. i wonder what life would be like without challenges or things to worry about - boring i guess. We have identified two more girls that we will be extending help to next year. Other than our current outstanding bills, every child expects a new dress and a new pair of shoes for Christmas. The Christmas meal at the house is usually a heavy one with plenty of rice, beef and a bottle of soda (things the children rarely consume). We also use the big Chrsitmas shopping and Xmas meal as a motivator/reward for good academic performance and good discipline throughout the year. Our 2013 Christmas plans require a very big boost from you our donors, supporters, friends and well sishers given the current state of affairs. We will certainly do very well with your support. Kindly keep the support coming. The school reports will be posted as they come through.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2014.

Oct 18, 2013

Kilembe is beginning to raise again

Greetings to all our friends, well wishers and donors. Thank you for your support and we hope you continue supporting our project. It seems like yesterday since the last report came through. I cannot believe that it is three months already. 

A lot has been happening since I last posted a report. I am happy to let you know that the government intervened and is doing work on the main infrastructure like the destroyed roads and there is a promise to reconstruct the bridges. The only hospital in the area has since opened with goevrnment support and some well wishers and other than the bare site, where some of the houses stood, life is slowly crawling back to normal. 

On the project part, fundraising has been a challenge but we are hopefully that we can persist and hopefully get funds to complete the project. Much as infrastructure is being replaced/reconstructed, it is imperative to note that the common man and woman whose everything was washed away by the runnway floods still needs our help and support. The old woman with a tomato stall in the market whose capital was less than 100 dollars, and which stall is the family business that supports some two to five people, would be happy to be suppoorted and have her tomato stall back. 

It is my humble appeal that we join hands and make a difference. Sometimes it does not take much to sustain a life especially in my part of the world. We will be happy to try and get people back to their stalls, get people back to activities that help them support their families. I see old people trying against all means to survive and appreciate that life is a struggle. It is also saddening to see a child drop out of school because their families cannot afford 100 dollars in three months. 

We look forward to your continued support. Nothing is too small to make a difference.

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