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To promote and bring about amicable change, emphasise togetherness and co operation amongst individuals in order to bring about a positive transformation of the community and as a result reducing ignorance, poverty levels, conflicts and corruption within the society, as well as introducing a healthy and manageable society within the state, and ensuring sustainable environmental management.
May 9, 2014

Cannot Wait to Travel Again

I would like to send my regards to our donors and well wishers. I appreciate all the support and assistance you extend to us. We are committed to continue working with you as you continue to help the Foundation achieve her project objectives. 

I have not had any training opportunities, either local or international since i sent the last report. I could not go to the Trade Policy Training Centre in Afrcia - Arusha Tanzania because i was offered a partial scholarship and could not raise the required contribution. I missed the March and May 2014 intake but tried to make the best of the time i would have otherwise spent at the training centre. I am glad my hard work has already yielded results.

I am glad to inform you that i managed to get a two week Fellowship to Netherland at the begining of 2015 for two weeks. It is an all expenses paid trip and i will be happy network and create awareness for the organisation while in the Netherlands. I am also expecting positive results from Singapore for a one week training scheduled for September 2014, all expenses paid trip. I equally should network and fundraise for the Foundation for the one week i will be in Asia. 

It is all exciting news and am happy that something is coming through. I am however expected to cater for my own transport to and from the airport in my country and was also asked to pay an application fee for the Netherland Fellowship after they had selected my application. 

I kindly request for your support always as we continue to strive to meet our set objectives. Thank you always for the support. 

Apr 14, 2014

One Year Gone, The Healing Goes on

Close to a year ago, Kilembe mines area was hit by devastating floods that wahsed away homes, took dear lives, destroyed property, seperated families and generally affected peoples lives forever. Like i have said before, it is amazing how time flies and one thing i have noticed is that human nature moves on even after the worst of disasters although it is hard to forget. 

As i type, Kilembe mines is preparing for a Chinese company take over and there is some renewed hope that life might come back to normal in this part of the country. The roads and some of the broken bridges have been repaired by the Government although some houses will never stand again.

The hospital is operational although the staff were recently on strike because they had not been paid in months and yet the hospital quarters were the most affected areas. Part of your donations were meant to aid the hospital and am sure any contribution can still make a difference. Much as it is true that the infrastructure is being replaced, the common man and woman, particularly the elderly, women, PWDs, vulnerable and disadvantaged children still need our help. Some need to revive their $50 businesses like selling vegetables, students need scholarstic materials etc

I am very positive we can make a difference with your support. I request that you continue to help us make that difference. We appreciate your support always.

Apr 2, 2014

Still Moving Forward

Fast forwad since i wrote the last report and it is the month of March in the "New" year 2014. It is amazing how time flies. I will start by extending my regards from Ngoma Aid Foundation. We are grateful for your support and continued working relationship with the Foundation.

I am happy to report that we made some "little" but important progress on the project since the last report. We originally thought that we would be able to work on the verander , do some plastering work on the outside of the house, feed the naked concrete pillars with mortor and generally try to complete the finishing work outside the structure for our first benefiiary. We could not do all that due to financial challenges but we did some work on the verandah so as to block run off water from entering the foundation of the house, a thing that would subsequently weaken the entire structure.

Our fundraising has been at its lowest in the recent past and yet we still need to construct two more homes for other two families that we identified earlier on and complete the project. The metal pillars in the first house are still naked, plastering work on the outside of the house is not yet complete and we also have to continue fundraising for the remaing two pieces.

The elderly grandmothers still need our help and support because of the circumstances and dilema they are in. We at the Foundation are hopeful that we will achieve our obejective. We however, will achieve our objective with your support. We are grateful always

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