Rakai Community Based AIDS Organization

RACOBAO exists to empower communities affected by HIV/AIDS and those at risk to respond to the causes and consequences of the scourge.
Dec 13, 2011

Food brings hope to the clients

Robert Kacwa as he waits to receive food
Robert Kacwa as he waits to receive food

Nakayiwa Resty is a widow with 5 children and renting a small house in Lyantonde town. She has been on ARVS since 2006. She faces the challenges of; infectious diseases, loss of energy and drug related complications stemming from lack of food.  She had never received food aid from any organization yet she is very needy with no garden to plant crops, she thrives on the little earnings she gets from digging and washing clothes for neighbors. The situation becomes more complicated when she falls sick with no body to help her and the children.

She is grateful for the food she was to receive as it would boost her immunity,  feed her family for some days and reduce the risks she gets by taking ARVS with out sufficient food. She thanked Global giving for the help rendered.

She appealed to the organization to at least have that offer twice a month and to increase on the ratio.


Robert  Kacwa is a father of 4 children. Him and the wife are HIV positive and on ARVS. Fortunately none of his children is HIV positive. He has been on ARVS for 4 years with no serious complications. He has been receiving food supplements for the past 3 years composed of maize flour, beans and sometimes oil from RACOBAO.

He appreciated the diet as it boosts his immunity, makes him more healthy and energetic and taking ARVS to him is no problem.  He was grateful to global giving for the funds and support.

He requested the organization to increase on the quantity of food supplied and to make it more regular.

Resty awaits to receive food
Resty awaits to receive food
Sep 12, 2011


Jackline with her goats
Jackline with her goats

Jackline Namande 35yrs has a family of 4 children between ages of 5-14 years. They live in Kyanika village, Lwamaggwa sub county in Rakai district where people have been worst affected by the HIV&AIDS pandemic.

With funding from GlobalGiving, RACOBAO supported this family with 4 goats of which 2 of them were under gestation and have now given birth to one kid each. She currently owns 6 goats. She has a lot of hope from her goat project.

” Am now sure that whenever my children will be sent home for scholastic materials, I will sell off the kids and cater for such basics. I will also be able to meet my medical bills” Jackline said.

We appreciate GlobalGiving for enhancing RACAOBAO’s capacity to reach such people. We plan to continue empowering these families to their fullest potential.

Sep 12, 2011

Food security promotes adherence to ARVs

Theresa with her youngest daughter
Theresa with her youngest daughter

´╗┐RACOBAOm with support from GlobalGving, supports PLHIV breast feeding mothers on Anti Retroviral Therapy.  Theresa Namusonko is one of the women being supported by RACOBAO with funding from GlobalGiving.

The PLHIV mothers are always single mothers who are solely responsible to fend for their families. " Having been assured of food for me and my family, I got the courage to effectively continue taking my drugs" Theresa said.

Theresa's story;

Theresa, 34, with a family of 5 children was widowed in 2008 after her husband succumbed to HIV and AIDS.  Theresa started Antiretoviral treatment as soon as she had started receiving antenatal services for her last pregnancy from Lyantonde hospital but her main challege was feeding her family because she was always weak and unable to fend for her family.  "What depressed me was inadequate food for me and my children yet taking my drugs required alot of good feeding for me which I could not afford.  After getting the food relief from RACOBAO my mind settled and I was able to plan for other sources of sustaining food security in my family and presently I have a cassava garden"

Theresa attributes her adherence to ART, to the food support she got from RACOBAO.  "After getting rice and maize flour I was assured of food for my family and this has encouraged me to take my drugs" a delighted Theresa says

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