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Jul 7, 2014

Youth Empowerment Program in El Salvador

Good morning Donor,

Thank you for your past and continued support of the partnership between Globemed at Penn State and ACUDESBAL. Your support is greatly appreciated by both us as a student organization and the people of Bajo Lempa, El Salvador. For the garden project in 2012-2014 to the Youth Empowerment program we were able to implement in the past year support has been greatly appreciated.

For the past six months ACUDESBAL was able to hold a large scale soccer tournament involving members for the 29 different communities that make up Bajo Lempa. In total there were 24 male teams and 16 female teams who took part in the events. A total of 558 people were able to take part in the tournament with benefits extending to their families and the surrounding communities who were able to come and see the game as well as have a revenue stream due to the fans coming to see the games and show support. In addition to this the tournament committee mandated that the players attend monthly capacity building sessions with education ranging from anger management and crisis control to sex education and safe practices. The players were also required to sign contracts dictating that they could not smoke, drink, or break the law while they were participating in the tournament or the entire team would be disqualified. These components served to lower the crime rate in the communities as well as educate the population and encourage kids to make more proactive use of their time while providing a reward for their behavior.

The winner of the Men’s tournament was Community El Zamoran the winner of the women’s tournament was Community San Juan Del Gozo.

We hope that you would continue to support the work of ACUDESBAL in improving lives and education of the youth in Bajo Lempa and the global community overall. Our work would not be possible without your support. We are close to reaching our fundraising goal for the year.

Help us empower the development of youths in Bajo Lempa. I encourage you to read more about our project, and make a small but important donation to our cause here -->

Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

Globemed at Penn State

Feb 10, 2014

Progress Report for GlobeMed at Penn State

Greeting Donors,

This project contributed to the strengthening of the Daycare centers of Amando López, Octavio Ortiz and El Presidio. Additionally, this project added an installation of a new satellite internet service in the office of ACUDESBAL to allow members to be able to effectively communicate with us as well as with other organizations. This service also extends to the surrounding community giving the population access to fast internet access and improving theirs also. Access is extended to the Health clinics in Nuevo Amanecer and El Zamoran as well as to the Renal Disease Treatment Center in Cuida Romero. The chart below outlines the things we were able to accomplish with the past project for 2013-2014 year.

Specific achievements of the project: 

1 - Improvement to the kitchen and fence in the daycare center of Amando Lopez. 

  • The improvement of the kitchen at Amando Lopez Daycare Center  
  • Improvement to the fence perimeter of the daycare center in the community Amando Lopez. 

2 - Develop a process of educating and training the parents and staff of the three centers in order to contribute to the improvement of the handling of food, sanitation, nutrition, and oral health. 

  • 3 Workshops on oral health
  • 3 Workshops on food handling
  • Acquisition and delivery of 141 oral hygiene kit
  • Purchase of two refrigerators brand 14-square foot.

3 - Install internet service for the institutional communication and access for the organization ACUDESBAL 

  • Exploration of El Salvador that offer internet service companies
  • Subscribe to the internet service
  • Installation of  the internet service

Communities benefiting from the project by municipality:  

ACUDESBAL-surrounding communities indirectly through internet and computer services.

Amando Lopez
Octavio Ortiz
The Presidio

We have expanded our partnership with ACUDESBAL to encompass more of the residents in Bajo Lempa. This project aims to support the youth of the Bajo Lempa Region, as they are one of the most vulnerable group affected by the social phenomena linked to criminality in the country.

This project seeks to develop a sports project involving more than 800 young men and women. This new project allows for the participation of the majority of families in the communities that seek to harmonize the coexistence of young people and to reduce the probability that they engage in anti-social activities through football. Similarly, the school of music will be strengthened as a dynamic element of the knowledge about our culture and which also forms part of the methodology of work with young people ACUDESBAL develops. Additionall, services of musical instruments are provided for the different musical groups and the school of music. Others will continue supporting centers of child welfare with the purpose of contributing to improve the quality of life of children through increased sanitary and food conditions.

Thanks to your support, we have been able to achieve much success in improving the health and quality of life in the Bajo Lempa Region of El Salvador. With your donations, we can continue to work in the communities and achieve good, sustainable results.

Oct 18, 2013

Thank You Letter from Mario Gueverra

ACUDESBAL and members of Globemed
ACUDESBAL and members of Globemed

Dear friends of Globemed at Penn State

It is with great satisfaction and joy that we share with you this brief but significant report of this Daycare Centers Garden Project and Healthy Environment Initiative Project that just ended. Due to this project we were are to garner significant achievements for the benefit of the children of the three daycare centers in Bajo Lempa. There is no doubt that solidarity unites people together as we work to build a world more human for all.

ACUDESBAL, is deeply grateful and excited to have this wonderful relationship and cooperation with GlobeMed at Penn State. Every day the bonds of friendship unite with humility and sincerity that characterizes a good relationship which holds the promise of many achievements for the future of not just our children but for our communities in general.

We do not want to ignore the recognition and appreciation to all those men and women who selflessly sacrifice to come visit Bajo Lempa and share the experiences with our farming families, who often have to face different type circumstances both culturally and in regards to live conditions, but the power of their good heart to help the communities that allows them to share their lives with us if only briefly. Many thanks my dear colleagues.

In the same way, we want to thank all those who gather and donate the funds which then become important projects for our communities we hope that God multiplies every effort that you partake in helping our communities.


On love and solidarity, your friend always,


Educators of the Three centers
Educators of the Three centers
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