RedR is an international disaster relief charity which trains aid workers and provides skilled professionals to humanitarian programmes worldwide, helping to save and rebuild the lives of people affected by natural and man-made disasters.
Al Zaatari refugee camp contains an estimated 144,000 Syrian refugees, making it Jordan's 4th largest city. It is on track to surpass Dadaab in Kenya as the world's biggest refugee camp.
10, Jordan
(32.32242, 36.36200)
Dhaka, Bangladesh, where the training took place
Farashganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh
(23.70087, 90.41611)
Dhaka, Bangladesh, where the training was conducted
Nabab Bari Market Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh
(23.70647, 90.40443)
Dhaka, Bangladesh, where we will be conducting training
Dhaka - Mawa Highway, Ekuria, Bangladesh
(23.65358, 90.39551)
Every day, thousands of Syrian refugees continue to flee over the border into Jordan, often with little more than the clothes on their backs
5, Syria
(32.58501, 36.05988)
Many Syrians remain in their country, displaced by the war and unable to access basic needs like adequate food, clean water, safe shelter, or healthcare because of the conflict
D48, Al Mushrefa, Syria
(34.81921, 36.84265)
Much of the conflict within Syria and the internally displaced persons are concentrated near the Western border of the country
110, Syria
(33.29564, 36.46362)
Other Syrians have fled West to Lebanon or Israel, adding another layer of complexity to an area with already an already complicated history of tension
999, Israel
(33.33604, 35.66711)
Over 100,000 people live in al-Zaatari refugee camp, near the Jordanian-Syrian border. RedR is helping these people to receive the life-saving services they need
10, Jordan
(32.59426, 35.93079)
94A Banawe Street corner Macopa Street Macopa, Quezon City, Philippines
(14.63242, 121.00342)
RedR plans to set up a training and support hub in Jordan, strategically close to the large refugee camps in Jordan and parts of Syria where help is most needed.
30, Jordan
(32.00062, 36.24390)
Savar, Near Dhaka, where the factory collapse happened
MMH Hall Road, Savar, Bangladesh
(23.87576, 90.26951)
Some refugees have fled over Syria's northern border to Turkey
Osmanl Mh., 3762. Sokak, 63000 Urfa/Sanlurfa Province, Turkey
(37.11302, 38.77625)
Still more Syrian refugees have fled as far as Egypt.
Belbes, Markaz Belbes, Ash Sharqiyah, Egypt
(30.37856, 31.60217)
Al-Thawrah, Syria
(35.34958, 38.35327)
Tacloban City, Philippines
Ninoy Aquino Avenue, Tacloban City, Philippines
(11.22272, 124.99386)
The training has taken place in Amman, Jordan, where the majority of aid agencies have set up their regional bases
Abou Al Alaa Al Maarri, Jordan
(31.95617, 35.94581)
Train Haitians to Help Rebuild their Country
(18.22935, -72.29004)
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