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The mission of Maison de Naissance is to improve health for mothers and babies in impoverished communities. Our challenge is to prevent maternal and infant deaths. Maternal and infant mortality rates in Haiti are among the highest in the world. The causes of mortality are both social and medical. We have therefore developed a model combining both social justice and medical excellence to prevent unnecessary deaths. Our strategy has been to recognize the barriers which deny healthcare to the poor and strive to overcome them. Maison de Naissance provides accessible...
Jan 23, 2014

MN Midwives Help Open a New Delivery Center

Late in 2013, we heard from our local partner, the Haitian Ministry of Health (MSPP), that they were completing the construction of a new deliver ward at the local public hospital in Les Cayes, the town closest to MN.  This was excellent news, as we occasionally had to refer a laboring mother to that facility if the delivery required surgical intervention.  The only problem, we were informed, was that they were unable to staff it.  This was in fact the perfect opportunity for MN.  For some time, we had been looking at ways to expand our patient capacity, but also needed to maintain costs.  We have always worked closely with MSPP, and one of our goals has always been to strengthen the local public health system by working with them as closely as possible.  As a result, we offered the services of our highly trained and experienced midwives to the public hospital, in return for salary sponsorships from MSPP.

The process is underway, and two of our midwives are already helping out in the new delivery ward, providing professional attended birthing services to a mostly new segment of the population that did not previously have ready access to them.  Another double win for MN - healthy mothers and healthy babies!


Oct 7, 2013

An Unofficial Record is Set by MN Midwives

Just this past August, there was a surge in the number of mothers coming to MN to deliver their babies.  While there are always month to month fluctuations, and even seasonal highs and lows for new births, August was an unofficial record setter, with over 90 healthy babies brought into the world by our dedicated and hard working midwifery staff in that one month. It seems that the public hospital in the nearby town of Les Cayes had reinstated previously waived fees for deliveries, and MN's reputation for exceptional care and no fees, ever, drew a significant portion of their patients to our facility.

People often ask why we continue to offer free services, when it appears that at least some percentage of the population in our zone of service could afford to pay at least a minimal fee? The answer is twofold: there is no way to easily distinguish someone with a little extra money from someone who has none, and in many cases, the little bit they might pay for our services would be better spent on food, cooking fuel, a child's school tuition, or any number of other important expenses. 

When you consider that our average cost for an uncomplicated delivery, US $115, is only one percent of the average cost of a hospital delivery in the USA, all of the babies born at MN in August were delivered for less than the cost of one in this country! This is not simply a reflection of the economic differences that exist between the USA and Haiti, but more importantly, the result of the efficiency, competence, and above all, dedication of our staff to our mission, to significantly reduce maternal and infant mortality rates in communities like the one that they live and work in.

Amidst the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the western hemisphere, $115 is a small price to pay for the midwifery services to deliver a healthy baby to a healthy mother and potentially save a life!


Jul 8, 2013

Pay a Haitian Midwife's Salary update 7/5/2013

A healthy baby on vaccination day
A healthy baby on vaccination day

Every day at Maison de Naissance (MN), our midwives deliver on average 2 - 3 babies.  Professionally attended births are significantly less likely to result in the death of the mother or baby, and so every healthy baby delivered to a healthy mother is a life saved. 

Relatively simple complications in unattended births (eclampsia, hemorraging) can lead to the death of the mother, baby, or both, if the mother or others present do not recognize the signs or have no knowledge of basic treatment for the conditions.  Even a healthy birth can end tragically if proper hygiene and/or sanitation are not understood or practiced during and after delivery.

Our midwives are professionally trained and certified; they know how to treat most complications, and when to call for a hospital referal if surgical intervention is required.  In eight years of operation and over 4300 deliveries, there has not been a single maternal mortality our birthing center.  The lion's share of credit for this statistic goes to our dedicated midwifery staff.

Another amazing fact is that our midwives have always kept the center open, 24 hours per day, through hurricanes and floods, when the power and water were out, no matter the circumstances or difficulties.  They have delivered babies by candlelight, flashlight, kerosene lamp, and under car headlights.  They are truly unstoppable when it comes to delivering healthy babies to healthy mothers!

A tired but content newborn with her mother
A tired but content newborn with her mother
Another happy, healthy mother and her new baby
Another happy, healthy mother and her new baby


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