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May 29, 2013

Leigh High School goes to Camp Everytown

Leigh High School students at Camp Everytown
Leigh High School students at Camp Everytown

We just completed the 2012-2013 school year! Leigh High School rounded out a school year that included 15 high schools attending Camp Everytown. 

Post-Camp survey results show the profound effect Camp Everytown had on Leigh High School students: 

  • 100% of participants said that they accept people different from themselves, after experiencing Camp.
  •  95% of participants said that they stand up for others who are being bullied or teased, after Camp.
  •  94% of students said that participating in Camp Everytown inspired them to make a difference in their community.

Here's what Leigh students had to say about their experience:

"Camp inspired me to help others and not be judgmental." 

"I now see myself as someone with a greater ability to see the beauty in everyone and to be willing to understand how and why people are the way they are." 

"I like the fact that I never felt judged, and people who I had never met became my best friends." 

"Camp Inspired me to think about what's inside people, rather than outside."

These outcomes are made possible by people like you! Thank you!!

Leigh High School students with song books in hand
Leigh High School students with song books in hand
Leigh students at Camp
Leigh students at Camp


Dec 18, 2012

Meet Camp Everytown alumna Maritza

Maritza Arreola
Maritza Arreola

Maritza Arreola was diagnosed with severe hearing loss when she was in the 5th grade. She began wearing hearing aids, which led to her being bullied by her classmates and being called names like “retard.” She soon learned that it was best to hide her hearing aids under her hair.

Maritza was reluctant to ask teachers to repeat statements she couldn’t hear.  She avoided conversations with other students because she couldn’t always hear what they were saying. And, she began to feel that what she had to say was unimportant because she was disabled and also the daughter of non-citizen Mexican immigrants.

By the time Maritza entered Mountain View High School, she was depressed and at risk. She hid her hearing impairment, was ashamed to ask for help, and was afraid to speak in class for fear of stumbling or mispronouncing her words. Her grades began to sink. She was beginning to question her sexual orientation, as well. As she states it, “I felt very flawed.”

But then, in her junior year, Maritza attended Camp Everytown.

Camp Everytown is a four-day residential program for high school students, designed to combat stereotypes, prejudice, and bullying – and in the process, develop youth leaders.

“Before Camp, I didn’t think I could be a leader; I was a woman of color with a disability and from a poor background. At Camp, I found my voice.  I discovered that my perspective was valuable and that it mattered. I realized that I wanted to be a leader.”  

When she returned to school, Maritza started wearing her hair in a ponytail, no longer ashamed of her hearing aids. She advocated for herself and got the help she needed to succeed in school.  She also began to advocate for others and speak out against bullying; prior to Camp she always thought it was someone else’s responsibility.

After Camp, her grades improved as her confidence grew, and she started to share her views and experiences with her classmates and teachers. She became more active in theater and overcame her fear of projecting her voice. She even took a leadership role in the Camp Everytown club at her school.

Maritza now attends Mills College in Oakland where she is thriving academically. She mentors youth and is an active member of Mills’ Leadership Action for Tomorrow club.

“Because of Camp Everytown,” she says, “I have shattered expectations.”

Camp Everytown transformed a young woman who felt marginalized and silenced into a confident leader who will bring empowerment and an appreciation of diversity wherever she goes. Maritza is a happier person, a more effective leader and a visionary because of her experience at Camp Everytown. 


Aug 15, 2012

Camp Everytown Outcomes

Camp Evertown - Fremont High School
Camp Evertown - Fremont High School

Eighty-three students and thirteen staff members from Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, CA just returned from Camp Everytown. After students finished Camp, they filled out surveys. Here's what students had to say:

"Camp inspired me to be myself and to help others around me."

"I feel more confident and will stand up for people who are being put down."

"I was inspired to be a better brother and to set an example and high expectations for my siblings."

"I see myself being less judgemental and inspiring people to accept and create more acts of kindness."

"I will take more time to reach out to those who are alone at school."


Not only do we measure outcomes qualitatively, we measure quantitatively, too. Results from the 2011-2012 school year show: 

  • The percentage of students who believe that “I can work with someone who has different opinions than mine” increased from 67% to 97%.
  • The percentage of students who believe that “I can stand up for myself without putting others down” increased from 68% to 95%. 
  • The percentage of students who say that “I stand up for others if I see them being bullied or teased” increased from 67% to 94%.
  • 98% of students stated that “I try to understand what other people feel and think” after experiencing Camp.
  • 97% of students stated that “I accept people who are different than me” after experiencing Camp.
  • 96% of students said that “Participating in Camp Everytown inspired me to help other people in my community.”


These results are made possible by YOUR support. Thank YOU!

Camp Evertown - Fremont High School 2
Camp Evertown - Fremont High School 2


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