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Human Development Foundation "Fighting Poverty by Helping People Help Themselves" For the past 15 years HDF has been fighting extreme poverty through a unique holistic model of development focused on lasting change. The cornerstone of HDF's efforts is our commitment to working directly with communities through our social mobilization program. In this, HDF facilitates the formation of democratic community organizations which empower individuals to have a say in the decisions that affect them.
Nov 26, 2013

Meet Fatima, an HDF Student

Fatima at school
Fatima at school

Fatima is a 5th grader at HDF Formal School in Village Ramzan Lasi Goth, Karachi. Her father works in a textile mill, while her mother tends to the household chores. Coming from a large family, Fatima’s family lives in dire poverty. She is the eldest child out of 5, and often helps her mother look after her siblings. She is a responsible and conscientious girl. In her spare time, she loves to read mystery novels and her favorite subject in school is Math. A star pupil, Fatima has high ambitions for the future and wants to become a doctor when she grows up. HDF’s school in this village has provided 200 girls in this region access to education that they wouldn’t have had before.

In Pakistan, more than 7 million girls are denied their basic right to receive an education. Their struggle goes well beyound the lack of schools and classrooms. Factor in the devastating effects of poverty and the social & cultural obstacles, the girl is often the first one to suffer.

HDF has launched an initiative, Girls-Matter, to continue providing resources and opportunities for girls in the most marginalized communities of Pakistan. Together, we have placed almost 6,000 girls in school, but our work is far from done.With less than 8% of girls pursuing a college level education, too few will enter society with the necessary skills to actively participate.

Learn more here:

Fatima with her classmates
Fatima with her classmates


Nov 26, 2013

HDF Maternal Health Ward in Mardan

Newborn Baby in HDF
Newborn Baby in HDF's Mardan Health Center

HDF’s Community Health Center in Mardan is operating a clinic that services the marginalized community of Samar Bagh. Within the past 3 months, 195 antenatal exams were held, and 1,354 lab tests were carried out. 65 women received antenatal checkups, which are provided once per month for every pregnant woman in the village. A total of 29 deliveries were conducted, one being a set of twins! 84% children (0-23 months) and 97% of women of reproductive ages were fully immunized. 100% of children under the age of 5 are monitored for growth in this village. 

Due to the high volume of services needed, a 24 hour maternity ward at the center has been created under the supervision of a Lady Doctor. A mother-child health workshop was also conducted to educate the community about proactive measurements including addressing the availability and accessibility of health-workers for children, hygiene and sanitation, preventable transmissions of diseases, nutrition, and immunization knowledge. These workshops and meetings provide appropriate support for new mothers, and prevent problems if they arise. The ideal result is to provide a positive, educational environment that supports the concerns of both mother and child, while impacting the overall wellbeing of the community.

We’re thrilled to welcome this newborn baby, who was born in HDF’s Community Health Center in Mardan! HDF's Executive Director, Fakhia Rashid, personally witnessed the birth of this beautiful child. She received her vaccinations on time. A skilled birth attendant delivered the baby and the mother received proper care post delivery. Prior to the maternity ward at HDF's Health Center, women had to travel far distances to receive proper and adequate antenatal  care.

Sep 4, 2013

Meet Tahira Bibi and her new baby!

Tahira and a Health Worker
Tahira and a Health Worker

We are proud to share the success story of Tahira Bibi, who recently gave birth to a healthy baby after suffering multiple devastating miscarriages due to lack of healthcare in her village. 

Tahira suffered her first miscarriage when she was 9 weeks pregnant in 2003. Inadequate knowledge regarding reproductive health; a poor diet; and lack of healthcare services all contributed to this tragedy.  


From 2005 to 2011, Tahira Bibi had five more pregnancies, which all ended in miscarriages. She herself was uneducated and had no means of earning. Her frequent pregnancies and the family's insufficient nutrition had taken a major toll on her health and well-being. HDF's health team began visiting her regularly and began to take preventative measures to educate Tahira and also provide her with the services she was direly in need for. 


In 2012, Tahira conceived again and this time, HDF strictly monitored her with regular ultrasounds throughout her pregnancy.Tahira received antenatal services from HDF's Rahim Yar Khan Community Health Center. HDF's Health Team also gave Tahira medical supplements, including folic acid for prevention from birth defects. HDF's team met with Tahira's husband and educated him on dietary needs for both mother and child. 


It is no surprise that maternal healthcare in Pakistan is facing a crisis.The maternal mortality ratio is about 276 per 100,000 live births (U.N Data). Less than 45% of births are attended by some sort of trained health skill personnel such as a midwife or doctor. The majority of maternal deaths are preventable by providing adequate & accessible care.

HDF's approach is uniquely holistic & comprehensive. Mothers are encouraged to take proactive & preventative measures to promote healthy lifestyles. This is about positively changing the way women and their children live.



Tahira and her new baby
Tahira and her new baby
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