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The Blind Vietnamese Children Foundation supports the health, education, and career development programs that enhance the quality of life of visually-impaired children residing in Vietnam.
Jun 2, 2014

A Dream Come True!


Chau was born in 1998 in Loc Chau, Bao Loc, Lam Dong.  He came from a poor family with three children.  Chau was the second child in the family.  His parents were very happy to have him.  Unfortunately, Chau had impaired vision since childhood.  His eyes have always been full of pus.  Due to poverty, it prevented Chau's parents from seeking treatment for him.  After the delivery of his younger sibling, his mom became ill with a serious heart disorder.  The family had to sell every possession including their land to care for mom's heart disorder.  However, she passed away when Chau was 4 years old.  After a long period of caring for his children as a widower, Chau's father passed the children to Chau's grandmother so that he can go to seek work in the city.  Grandmother was old and had to care for grandfather who has a heart disorder like Chau's mother. She prayed that one day she would find a place for her blind grandson. During this time, Chau spent most of his time alone, sitting at a corner and having food intermittently or sometime days without food.  Chau has been withdrawn and fearful of strangers. Then one day, Chau's grandmother met Sister Nhan in a market with tears flowing down on her cheeks like rain.  Grandmother asked Sister if she could help taking Chau to the shelter.  Sister Nhan made a visit to grandma's home and remove Chau to Suoi Mo Home for the Blind in 2007.  Chau never went out or far away from is home.  He cried, ran out and avoided all strangers.  The sisters tried with Chau's family cooperation to correct and rehab him day by day.  Starting first with visit by the sisters to acquaint Chau, then half a day, then a full day to help him orient.  By now, Chau has become a very good boy.  He is able to feed himself with spoon, no more eating with his fingers like he used to, able to self-care and able to talk a lot more.  He loves to engage in conversation and no longer shy and avoiding people.  He loves to play ball with friends at the shelter.  With your contineous support to Globalgivings project like "One Dollar a Meal", you will be able to assist many visually impaired children like Chau to be able to live healthy and independent life.

Chau and Lien
Chau and Lien


Nov 25, 2013

"The White Cane Day"

"The White Cane Day" was held with the slogan "Happy Walking with The White Cane" from 8 to 10:45 AM on Saturday, 10/19/13 at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities' courtyard located in Linh Trung, Thu Duc district, Ho Chi Minh City.  This was the Third White Cane Day celebration in Viet Nam.  Participating in the celebration werre 50 visually impaired youths and staff representatives of Nhat Hong Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired and Thien An Warm Shelter for the Blind, a reporter from Saigon Times Media, a professor from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities and about 200 students of the Social Workers Department of this university.

"The White Cane Day" is celebrated annually, on October 15, in many countries around the world to raise awareness to the public about vision loss, and the role of the white cane play in the daily life of the visually impaired people.  "The White Cane Day" began to celebrate in Viet Nam in 2011.  It was an effort and wish of a former orientation and mobility specialist, Le Dan Bach Viet, who passed away in January 2011.  Mr Bach Viet, who was also visually impaired, told a story regarding two of his former students who visited him from the Western Area on Teacher's Day were killed when hit by an automobile because they did not use the cane and did not have orientation and mobility lessons.  For people with visual impairment, the white cane is not only use as a safety and orientation and mobility device but also provide companionship and an identity.  As Thi Bich Tien, a 15 years old student of Nhat Hong, stated: "The white cane is a close friend of the visually impaired.  Not only does it assists the visually impaired in safety and effectively orienting the surrounding, but also it is an identification to let the sighted of the white cane holder's disability."  Another student, the white cane is a source of confidence, stated: "I was too shy to use the white long cane because I did not want to be stigmatized as "weird", or sometime pedestrians bumped into me or step on my feet, or sometime they even raised their voice and cursed.  But, since, I have learned how to use the cane, I feel more confident and no longer the sighted pedestrians complain about my walking."

Such awareness event is made possible by generous donations from BVCF and Globalgiving.  Your donation, during this holiday season, will be able to provide a student like Thi Bich Tien and her friends a sense of companionship, identity, and confident.

Aug 21, 2013

"Good News"

Do Thi Bon
Do Thi Bon

     Today, I would like to share my good news with everyone, including those love me, those that either are very familiar to me or have not known me yet, people whom I just met once or even I have never had an oppotunity to meet face to face.

     Until today, I certainly believe that I passed the college entrance exam.  Although I have known my scores with uncertainty, my heart is filled with happiness when I received the statement from the school to inform my success.  A former failure, a period of sickness, and difficulties from the daily life caused me stress, during the past year, especially when I was preparing for the exam and then waiting for the result.  I was afraid that would fail again and disappoint my beloved family, caregivers and friends.  As well, I was fearful that I would never go back to school.  Nevertheless, the total score of 15.5 for three subjects that is not very high but helps me feels relieve my last-days-pressure and nerves.

     For others, to pass the college entrance exam may be usual.  With my family, it is a big deal for an unhealthy and not good standing daughter to get into college.  When I initially informed my good news to my family by phone, my father laughed soundly, my mother kept asking, and siblings continued interrupting our conversation.  The news was so good that everyone in my family appeared to forget the fact that I used to fail and they could not stop praising me.  In reality, my family plays a role as a firmly spiritual force that I can lean on.  The nuns, who I call "moms", are my real supporters and in company with me.  Daily, they assist me with my own struggles.  Like a family, these religious sisters always take good care of me, from big to tiny problems and from general to private matters.  How they could be worried when I received the school's statement regarding the exam coincide on the same day I got my one eye - my soul's window - removed, I was still not recovering from the operation whien I started studying again.  All my important changes and decisions are under the supervision of these beloved "moms".  Now that my studying journey turns to a new turning point, I know that there will be a heavier burden on these warm hearted sisters' shoulders.  My family and I do not know what to say except expressing two words "THANK YOU" and engraving on our hearts their decication.  Also, I come to this step thanks to the support of many benefactors (Globalgivings and BVCF).  Although, these benefactors do not take care of me directly. They have been accompanying the sisters on this journey of taking care of me and my friends.

     The future is still a long run, and my dream is still ahead.  I know that I will stumble over obstacles, or even fall, but I will never stop fighting and overcoming my difficulties because of my own future and those who love me.  Once again, in order to end this sharing, I would like to say "THANK YOU"  to all individuals who help me to reach this dream.

Do Thi Bon
(8/15/1989) comes from Ha Dong, Lam Dong. Bon has been living in Nhat Hong WarmShelter since 2003. She passed the university entrance exam of Kindergarten College Central




























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