Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization (KIRUCODO)

Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organisation is a developmental organization which is committed to develop human potential for self empowerment in rural communities through day- to- day applied technologies, active hands-on-learning and Research, and promotion of better agricultural methods for social, economic and educational development. The organization is dedicated to fight AIDS epidemic, human rights abuses, source and solicit funds for children and youth who can't afford to pay for their educational expenses, increasing the knowledge on sexual and reproductive healthy as well as improving and build new clean water points in rural communities. Our goal is to promote empowerment o...
Approximate location of Kibiribiri Church of Uganda Primary School (Note acculate)
Nakanyoyi Road, Uganda
(.50355, 32.77127)
Approximate location of Nezikookorima Junior Primary School
Mukono - Kayunga Road, Mukono, Uganda
(.36498, 32.75205)
Hope Community Mbaliga Primary School
Bukerere Rd, Uganda
(.45746, 32.78852)
Kibiribiri Primary school
Nakanyoyi Rd, Uganda
(.50054, 32.79625)
Kikandwa Village where Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization - KIRUCODO operates to serve over ten villages
Bukerere Rd, Uganda
(.46712, 32.78283)