Mayama A.C.

Mission: To provide opportunities for children and families who live in poverty, abuse, violence and marginalization in order to increase their intellectual, emotional, physical, communicational and social life skills, so that they can become self sufficient members of society. Our children must have at least four of the following characteristics: Age between 6 and 12 Live in high poverty areas Work/live on the streets or are at a high risk to do so Family abuse and violent situations Parents have no schooling or have dropped out of elementary More than 5 people sleeping in the same room Family income is equal or less than one minimum wage Speaks one indigenous language Migrate to...
Jul 23, 2014

Mayama welcomes 85 new children and their families

"Iam already a Mayama girl"
"Iam already a Mayama girl"

After 3 years, Mr. José -Mayama dad-, talks about the changes in his family, especially his daughters:

"In the family, I have 4 daughters, 4 are very different [...] always want to know more, they are interested more, we relate more among us, we talked more, we go out more together. It has become easier".

[Luz María ...] "is a little bit more sociable, well, before she did not like school or got angry easily. And lately she is more sociable; she keeps a good relation with her teachers and gets better grades. "

"The most important thing for me is Mayama help we have received, and the satisfaction of seeing our children has developed more. Thank you. "

For the first time in 2010 Mayama opened the doors of its Day Centre to 120 children and their families. Due to the positive results of the program, in 2011 we admitted 90 children and their families more. Alongside these children who continue in the program, next August 4, 2014, a third generation will be added: 85 children and their families; reaching our Day Centre at full operational capacity.

Thanks to your support Mayama continues to grow, and with it, our chances to extends this Human Development Model to more people and transforms more realities.

Now more than ever, Mayama needs the participation of more people aware and responsible with their social environment as you.

Do you know someone who would like to join our mission?

Let us talk about Mayama.

Thank you again!

3rd Mayama generation
3rd Mayama generation
New Mayama family
New Mayama family
Apr 24, 2014

We believe in the child's infinite potential

Dear Friend of Global Giving;

"[...] First of all, I had an emotional change. In the past, I was very impulsive and I could not be with anyone, I was very grumpy and very loud [...] here in Mayama, they taught me about emotions. At least, the most important ones. And in my psychological aspect and I already think differently, I think further. I think not tiny, but big. I can already think more than other people. My friends, sometimes I think I'm more mature than them, thanks to Mayama" (Alex, Mayama Child).

He is Alex, a Mayama boy that we met when he was 11 years old. He is now 14 and is in Phase Change Agent. He  ended Skills Program in 5 areas of the Day Centre ( I think, I feel, I express myself, I relate  with others and I act). He had from 2010 to 2013 80 % attendance and now he continues his studies in the Regular School (He is in 8th grade). He also has an amazing academic trajectory been recognized twice for participating in a state Math Olympiad.

Regarding to his family, there is more ability to communicate and support each other in difficult situations. There is an increase of dialogue over the violence between Alex and his dad. In his plan of life, Alex wants to study Science (Mathematics) and now in Phase Change Agent Mayama he can continue with their goals, dreams and projects.

Thanks to the support of Global Giving donors, Alex continues in this phase that includes: 1) Individual sessions with support from a professional Coach, 2) group sessions, 3) Monitoring the family sessions, 4) Volunteer Program and 5) And a monthly scholarship of 400 (Mexican pesos) to continue studying (especially spent in things related to their education: teaching materials, haircut, shoes, uniforms, etc.). Thank you all.

We are very proud to conclude the trust phase (6 months), intensive phase ( 2 ½ years ) and simultaneously start the phase change agent (one year) with this first generation of 80 children who show that the model Mayama works. Also, we are attending to another generation of 90 children that continue in the intensive phase and we are currently selecting new 130 children and 70 families Mayama in order to start the program in August 2014: Children in our Day Centre and Families in the Community Program.

We believe that Mayama Educational Platform works, we believe the best way to overcome the conditions of violence and marginalization is the alternative education that allows users (children and families) to think about their environment and find ways to overcome it.

This time, we want to share our institutional philosophy. We call it "the Mayama creed."

Please do come to visit us anytime!


Jan 23, 2014

100% of Mayamas Children are street free and back to school thanks to the innovative education model

Workshop Compromise&Responsibility. Moms sharing
Workshop Compromise&Responsibility. Moms sharing

The last quarter of 2013, it was a good time to celebrate the traditional Christmas season with our children and Mayama families as well as months of progress and achievements in daily operation. In our Day Centre, The Back to School Program (BSP) managed to reinsert 6 street condition children into School.  . According to the annual report by UNICEF (2012); in Mexico 13.20% of children between 3 and 17 years, are out of school (6 million). Of these, which also work (and do not attend school) are 1, 173, 000. In this regard, it is important that programs as BSP continue, because “school dropout” is a common consequence in a context of lacks of educational, health and cultural opportunities that children of Mayama Struggle. We are very proud to tell you that 100% of Mayama´s Children are street free and back to school thanks to the innovative education model. 

Regarding the Day Center which develops Skills in 5 areas, we celebrate a HUGE achievement. With the support of Hewlett Packard Mexico and its employees, Mayama has new computer equipment that helps to works special educational methodologies in this area. “I THINK” develops cognitive skills to receive information, analyze it and solve problems. One way to achieve this is from a fun and educational software. Thank you very much to all the people through Global Giving who believe in this project.

 Parallel to that, we continue with the Community Program for children’s families of Mayama. In this quarter, one of the most important workshops was "Compromise and Responsibility". In this workshop we guide to moms in order to identify their dreams, and then, these dreams could turn them into goals and look for ways to accomplish them with a firm compromise. All this work was both, individually and collective where moms shared their stories and experience with each other.

 To end the year and celebrate Christmas season, we made a great “posada” (that is a traditional celebration in Mexico). It was especially for 180 children and their families, about 700 people. In January, we had a special delivery of toys for our children. It was a special time, not only to celebrate Christmas, but to close a successful year and receive a 2014 full of challenges and growth for Mayama. In this regard, we would like to share with you that in this month; we begin the “Coaching Phase” for children who have completed their process in Mayama for 3 years.

 What does this mean?, Is a special process to support the boys and girls who met at least 80% attendance, to receive scholarships to continue School, Evidence shows they are free of addictions, girls are free of early pregnancy, they are people who shows peaceful behavior to themselves and others, they build an audiovisual project with issues related to their community (problem statement and proposed to solve it) and have finally managed to design a life plan.

We believe that every child who comes to Mayama should have a specific life plan, in order to put into practice outside, all knowledge learned in the Day Center. We are very proud that 28 children of Mayama start the Coaching Phase to reproduce all the lessons learned, and become leaders in their own communities. We are very happy to launch this new phase, and at the same time, we can welcome new children that need the support of Mayama immediately.

Thank you very much for believing in Mayama!

Would you like to support one of our children in Coaching Phase? 

Mayama's children&team with Hewlett Packard team
Using for the 1st time our new computer equipment
Using for the 1st time our new computer equipment
"Posada": traditional celebration in Mexico
"Posada": traditional celebration in Mexico
Toys for our children on Christmas celebration
Toys for our children on Christmas celebration
The 28 children who start Coaching Phase.
The 28 children who start Coaching Phase.
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