New Latitude (IHC)

To mobilize community education initiatives that benefit people and the environment. New Latitude is spearheading inspiring grassroots programs and resilient self-sustaining conservation and development projects in Southwest Madagascar by: AaA engaging rural communities in creative vocational education and employment AaAgenerating self-sustaining income from 'natural capital' AaA creating opportunities that ensure the protection of the worlds most unique forests
Construct Community Outreach Center, SW Madagascar
9, Madagascar
(-23.00932, 43.60957)
Ho Avy and Ranobe Community Center
9, Madagascar
(-23.00938, 43.60952)
Malagasy Community Reforestation Institute
(-22.99548, 43.77502)
Ranobe, Madagascar
9, Madagascar
(-23.04531, 43.59444)
Site of Ho Avy and Ranobe Community Center Project
9, Madagascar
(-23.00857, 43.61006)