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FCDE leverages the knowledge, funds and direct personal support of global donors to empower communities to maximize economic, social and environmental opportunities, thereby reducing poverty and injustice.FCDE works to identify impoverished regions that have the drive, desire and basic tools to make positive, lasting change within their communities. By providing technical training, appropriate short-term personnel and seed funds, FCDE will becomes a partner and catalyst in making long-term positive changes within our host communities.
Jul 21, 2014

Health Center Opens!

Health Sensitization to Communities
Health Sensitization to Communities

After 3 years of relentless efforts, on June 29th, RRHS and the surrounding communities gathered to celebrate the official opening of its rural health clinic.  Hooray!!  The joy and pride of such an achievement was immeasurable and shined clearly through everyone's faces.

Over 70 people gathered to commemorate this momentous day.  But festivities were not the only items on the agenda.  Health services. The local nurse wasted no time and provided 20 women their first antenatal exam on that opening day!

Ms. Meresi, an 8-month pregnant soon-to-be mother, shared how her normal routine (at least for her previous 4 children) was to wait until delivery time to get that much needed health exam.  The 3-hour walk for her was just too exhausting.  “I decided to keep at home till I deliver because it becomes tiresome walking long distances time and again to go for antenatal checkup," shared Ms. Meresi.

Now, women like her, no longer have to walk 3 hours just to get an antenatal exam or to deliver their babies.  In fact, since the opening of the clinic less than a month ago, 35 women have received antenatal exams and four babies have been successfully delivered!

These achievements have been made possible because of the $295 fundraised so far on globalgiving; the $550 donation fundraised by the RRHS Board; equipment donations from Direct Relief International, and of course, all the sweat and hard work put in by the community members!

Yet, despite these achievements, RRHS and the five villages the clinic serves still have a long way to go. 

Kiima Charles, the Executive Director of RRHS, shared that more funding is needed for the following critical items:

  • Buy a refrigerator and power generator to keep vaccines and medicines cool
  • Install a ceiling to reduce heat from the roof
  • Help fund the nurse's salary while RRHS lobbies the local government to allocate a paid nurse to this community health clinic
  • Paint the clinic's walls
  • Buy furniture for medical storage
  • Buy patient seats
  • Ensure a sufficient supply of basic drugs and medicines (with future supplies purchased using patient fees)

Every little bit can help.  We are asking that you please take the following action:

a) Please help us spread the word and forward this project to your family and friends.

b) Make a small donation.  Even $20 can help save many lives!

Thank you so much for your continual support!

With gratitude,

FCDE and RRHS staff


Midwife at work
Midwife at work
Nurse examining patient, taking body temperature
Nurse examining patient, taking body temperature


May 13, 2014

Meet Bio Gardens; one of our Ugandan partners

Agronomy work
Agronomy work


With this quarter’s update I want to introduce you to one of our new local Ugandan NGOs, Bio Gardens. The Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment (FCDE) works with about 25 local organizations in each of its program sites. Local partners go through a two year process with FCDE that involves education, consulting and financial support with the intent of making the organizations stronger and more efficient.

FCDE's core work relates to the development and nurturing of local Ugandan NGOs. Bio Gardens represents part of a third cohort of NGOs that have partnered with FCDE.  This third cohort brings our number of partners inthe Kasese District to 25 which is our target number of partners in a program locaion.

Bio Gardens is an indigenous organization with a purpose of bringing people together to conserve their land, water, air, animals and plants while developing sustainable ways to improve local livelihoods. Bio Gardens operates alongside the hills and the low lands of Mount Rwenzori.

Bio Gardens works to promote indigenous knowledge in the Rwenzori region by respecting the wisdom and teachings of our elders’. Our elders have knowledge and practice in agriculture and conservation that can positively impact communities when properly utilized. Bio Gardens utilizes a community-based approach for integrating indigenous knowledge in agriculture, health and conservation for the protection of Rwenzori Mountain’s eco-system.

Some of Bio Gardens programs include:
1. Improved health among the poor communities:
The organization promotes the use of herbal medicines and nutritional. Communities are mobilized to establish medicinal plant gardens in their households. They are trained in how to produce and use local herbs. The organization produces herbal medicines which it supplies to the poor community members at a subsidized cost. The organization also integrates herbal medicines into modern medical services in Uganda.

2. Environmental Conservation and Food Security:
Under this program, the organization mobilizes the community to use improved agronomic practices (organic farming) and to adopt new appropriate agriculture technologies to increase crop production. The organization promotes the use of traditional foods that have proven themselves to be nutritional as well as tolerant of local growing conditions. Communities are educated on environmental conservation, recycling and applying improved methods of farming and tree planting.

3. Savings and credit for the poor farmers:
The organization mobilizes farmers to save and use the savings as loans to agricultural inputs and for investment.

Bio Gardens, like all of our Ugandan partner organizations, receives our services free of charge. Your tax-exempt contributions allow us to continue to provide these services and to expand to additional locations in East Africa.

Thank you.

Discussing this year
Discussing this year's projects
The Lush Hills of the Rwenzori Region
The Lush Hills of the Rwenzori Region


Apr 22, 2014

New Floors for Community Health Clinic!

Mother with baby outside health clinic.
Mother with baby outside health clinic.

Dear friends-

On behalf of our partners at Rwenzori Rural Health Services (RRHS), we want to sincerely thank each of you for helping RRHS advance one-step closer towards their dream of opening a rural health clinic.

Once the clinic is in full operation, 5 rural villages totaling around 3500 lives will be touched.

Imagine a pregnant woman having to walk 3 hours just for a prenatal check-up. Or worse, imagine a delivery complication, where every second counts. What if we can reduce 3 hours to just 30 minutes? That, is the reason and urgency for the creation of this health clinic.

In February, with the donations RRHS has received thus far, volunteers from RRHS and nearby communities began the flooring work. For 6 hours, the whole community came together, working tirelessly to advance the construction of the health clinic.

In addition to the completion of the clinic floor, RRHS is in the process of receiving equipment donation from another one of its international development partners- Direct Relief International. Thank you DRI!

With the flooring completed and basic medical equipment such as microscopes and thermometers on its way, RRHS is ready to officially open the health clinic. And guess what? That big day is literally just around the corner - May 15th - less than a month away!

Stay tuned for our next report; in the mean time, take a look at the new clinic floor photos below!

Thank you all again for your support!


FCDE & RRHS team

Community members constructing clinic floor.
Community members constructing clinic floor.
Health Clinic Pre-Flooring Work
Health Clinic Pre-Flooring Work
New clinic floor, no more dust - awesome!
New clinic floor, no more dust - awesome!


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