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The Red Thread Promise is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to bringing hope and healing to needy and orphaned children.
Oct 15, 2012

Turning a crisis into a miracle

Some of the many faces at St. Vincent
Some of the many faces at St. Vincent's

Imagine yourself being an active participant in turning a crisis into a miracle. THAT'S WHAT WE ARE OFFERING YOU TODAY. 

We recently found out that St. Vincent's Center for Handicapped Children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti is in dire circumstances. Simply stated, ST. VINCENT’S NEEDS FOOD. This includes the orphans and their caregivers, boarding and day students, as well as the teaching and administrative staff.

The food donor that has sustained the St. Vincent's for the past school year abruptly ended its food distributions all over Haiti at the end of September 2012. With limited resources, only two feasible options have been identified for St. Vincent's to sustain itself if a new food donor is not secured:

  1. St. Vincent’s will close the dormitory to all students except the orphans; OR
  2. St. Vincent’s will close the dormitory to all blind and deaf children from the countryside

In either scenario, children who would normally board in the dormitory will, more than likely, no longer be able to go to school due to the distance between their homes and St. Vincent's. And, many may go without food at all. This effects not only their physical well-being but also greatly limits, if not eliminates, any educational opportunities that may be near their homes as most schools in Haiti can not take children with disabilities.

YOU can be the difference for these children. This is a wonderful opportunity for our supporters to touch young lives in a critical way. 

The cost of 3 meals a day for a single person is only $2.00. That’s less than an average cup of coffee from a gourmet coffee shop. We've done the math to see how far your gift can go:

  • $14.00 – one week (21 meals)
  • $60.00 – one month (90 meals)
  • $180.00 – three months (270 meals)
  • $360.00 – six months (540 meals)
  • $540.00 – full school year (810 meals)
  • $720.00 – one full year (1095 meals)

Thank you for caring for these exceptional kids. Together, we can make sure every child has nutritious food and a full belly, allowing them to learn at their full capacity in school.

a typical meal
a typical meal


Oct 15, 2012

Challenges of young adults with autism

Tony and one of his favorite rides, Pumpkin
Tony and one of his favorite rides, Pumpkin

In September, our team visited Dallas, Georgia to follow up with the kids we support, hear about their journeys, celebrate their successes and offer additional support. One of those kids is Tony, a Jacob’s Fund scholarship recipient. Diagnosed with autism at an early age, Tony’s journey has been a hard one and life continues to throw challenges in his path.

As you may remember from a previous report, Tony’s mother was given a diagnosis of inoperable esophageal cancer when he was only 15, an already turbulent time in a young person's life. His family’s resources and energy centered on his mother's health and care, leaving Tony without a stable home life. Unable to continue his therapy sessions, Tony began to withdraw and, unfortunately, his attitude and behavior began slipping. 

That’s when Jacob’s Fund stepped in to provide continuous weekly therapeutic riding. With a lot of hard work, Tony went on to qualify for the 2011 Equestrian Special Olympics where his mother was able to watch him compete and capture medals only weeks before her death.

Shortly thereafter, Tony’s world turned upside down. Since his mother’s passing, he has become homebound, spending most of his time on the computer or just listening to music. His family is often absent and opportunities for outings are practically nonexistent as are social interactions. Thankfully, a weekend caregiver drives him to the Farm once a week for his one-hour sessions, the only consistent thing in his life. 

Tony recently completed a work adjustment program offered by the state of Georgia and successfully worked at Goodwill, TJ Maxx and other short-term jobs, with transportation provided by the state. Back at home, and without transportation, Tony is unable to hold a job, something he desperately wants and needs. He is currently on a waiting list for life-skills classes as well as for placement in a group home. 

While his body grows thinner and thinner, his hope and optimism is heartbreakingly beautiful. Tony may never be able to live independently, but his urge to take charge of as much of his life as he possibly can inspires us to find ways to help him live his life in the fullest possible way. We hope you will join us in supporting Tony as a young adult, providing continuous therapy.

During a therapeutic riding session
During a therapeutic riding session


Aug 23, 2012

500 Hearing Aids for Haitian Children

Team Canada performing hearing testing
Team Canada performing hearing testing

In an effort to bring hope and healing to hearing-impaired orphans and children at St. Vincent’s Center for Handicapped Children in Port-au-Prince, The Red Thread Promise has teamed with Team Canada Healing Hands to provide hearing / audiological services to children in need. Our partnership allows both groups to focus on different aspects of the project, capitalizing on our individual strengths, with one common goal: to give the gift of hearing to as many children in Haiti as possible.

Team Canada has spearheaded the construction of an audiology booth onsite at St. Vincent’s. Also called a sound isolation chamber, this booth is used by audiologists to accurately evaluate the children's degree of hearing loss and make appropriate recommendations for treatment and / or hearing aids. Technicians in the group make molds, conduct hearing aid testing and fitting sessions, provide follow ups and maintenance. 

The Red Thread Promise has taken on the challenge of raising funds to purchase 500 NEW digital hearing aids: enough for each hearing impaired child at St. Vincent's as well as stocking the permanent hearing clinic for the surrounding community. Children who previously had used analog aids will receive new digital aids specifically programmed for their hearing loss. Orphans who only had one aid but needed two will receive two.

Our goal is lofty—500 hearing aids by the end of 2012. To date, we have raised $5,000 to purchase 16 hearing aids. For each donation of $300, The Red Thread Promise can purchase and donate one digital hearing aid to a child in need. Such a small price for an invaluable gift!

Patients waiting to be seen
Patients waiting to be seen