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Youth Focus Africa Foundation (YOFAFO) is an independent, indIgenous, non-government organisation registered by the republic of Uganda with Registration number:S.5914/6058. YOFAFO aims to empower women and children through education, health and micro-finance programs. YOFAFO has been active in three villages in the Lugazi area since 2005, working in partnership with each community. In this time we have built a strong foundation of trust, community involvement, listening and accountability.
May 6, 2013

Successful end to our project!

The cows arrive
The cows arrive

Yofafo would like to thank everyone for the success of our project. Thanks to donations from 19 wonderful people, we were able to purchase 2 fine heifers, and hand them over to 2 women who are now our newest small business owners! It was very exciting as the cows arrived, and were driven to their new heifer shelters which had been erected in anticipation. Smiles all round, and we look forward to seeing these 2 amazing women succeed with their new ventures.

Thanks again you everyone who made this possible, and for changing a few lives in Uganda! We are now closing the project. The total amount raised was $1145, which enabled us to purchase the 2 heifers, erect shelters for them, an transport them to their new homes.

Offloading the cows: welcome to your new home!
Offloading the cows: welcome to your new home!
The first recipient with her new heifer
The first recipient with her new heifer
And the second!
And the second!


Mar 14, 2013

Kitoola Project Completion

Our new Kitoola school wing !
Our new Kitoola school wing !

This is a report about the two classroom building block that was finished as a result of GlobalGiving monies. This classroom block was built at a school called Hopeland Junior School, Kitoola. This school is owned by a nongovernmental organization called Youth Focus Africa Foundation (YOFAFO). This school is found in Kitoola village, Najjembe Sub County, Buikwe district.

In the last report, this project had stopped at the beamlevel. This was reported at the end of November. This report will therefore report what happened on site from December till the whole building was finished. In this very report, the main activities involved were purchase of materials for the main activities and the actual activities taking off. These included roofing, fitting doors and windows, plastering, flooring and painting.

Project Update.

In December, materials needed for roofing were bought. These included timber, ironsheets, steel, faceboards, nails etc. A roofing expert was contracted and he together with his team did the roofing. In roofing, a rooftop is first erected using timber first, and then late iron sheets are nailed on to the timber. This is followed by nailing of the face board around the end of the ironsheets. This whole roofing process took around two weeks.

The next two weeks of December were for fitting in windows and doors. This involved delivering them on site and fitting them in to the building.

After fitting in the doors and windows, plastering of the whole building was done. This involves covering the brick walls with a mixture of cement and sand (concrete). In this process, the brick layers are covered completely and the whole building is covered in concrete and it all appears grey. Plastering was done both inside and outside the building.

Immediately after plastering, cementing of the floor took place. This involves leveling of the floor with stones, murram and covering them with concrete. The mixtures of the concrete for plastering are different from the mixtures of the concrete for cementing. In cementing, the mixtures are done in such a way that the floor is very smooth. These are all done by technical builders. Both the inside and the verandah were cemented

After all the above was done, the next stage done was painting. This was done by another group of people who are experts in painting. These painted the whole building including inside and outside.

This was followed by the finishing stage. In this stage, the builders make sure they smooth each and every activity that was not done so well. They also clear the building and all its surrounding and clean both inside and outside of any unwanted material making it read y for use. This marked the end of the building and the building was ready for use.

This was then followed by putting in furniture both in the office and in the classrooms.


4th February was the beginning of the new school calendar. Students reported back to school on 4th and were so excited at the new classroon block. This newclassroon block has therefore been in use since the beginning of the term. The two classrooms are occupied by primary six and seven and the two offices are occupied by the school administrator and the head teacher.  

As a result of building this block, a primary seven class (Highest class in primary level) was added this year. The primary classes are therefore complete. The Nursery section (Kindergarten) was also able to get an additional classroom making them more independent instead of mixing them (All the three classrooms at kindergarten) in one classroom. This now makes learning and teaching more effective than it was before.

This could not have been achieved if YOFAFO had not got the funds from GlobalGiving. When the GlobalGiving opportunity came in, it was used effectively thanks to the people who were in charge of mass media. These people did a great job first to identify this opportunity of global giving for YOFAFO and making sure it qualified. It is through this that the money for finishing this classroom block was realized. With the monies the building was built from beam level to finishing level. It has not only added a new facelift to the school but the whole community at large.

The whole community and YOFAFO fraternity are so grateful to everyone who made this possible. Special gratitude go to the social media group for all their tireless efforts to make sure they fundraise the monies and also get the needed number of sponsors to qualify for global giving. Above all we are so indebted to the GlobalGiving team for a great job well done on their website to mobilize and communicate effectively and to uplift nongovernmental organizations that are especially doing work at the grass root. We would never have achieved this without your support.

We have attached the final expenditure report for the project. Thank you so much to all who contributed.

Mar 11, 2013

Heifer Planning

Photo of the new heifer shelter
Photo of the new heifer shelter

YOFAFO is a determined and effective organization that, since incorporation has actively created community involvement and commitment aimed particularly at children, youth, and women. Youth Focus Africa Foundation(YOFAFO) is a non-government organisation that aims to empower vulnerable women, youth and children.

It is on this background that YOFAFO started a heifer project (in partnership with the Global Volunteer Network) among the women in the village of Kitoola. Using funds from well wishers, YOFAFO then identified beneficiary who would embark on building the structure for housing the heifer. They would also plant elephant grass (feed for the heifer) before the heifer was given to her. Once the beneficiary is ready the heifer is bought and delivered. The woman then looks after the heifer until it is ready to give birth. When the calf is ready to be on its own without the mother, the beneficiary gives away this calf to another beneficiary in the line. So far, five people have received heifers and three beneficiaries have received calves. This has meant these women have been able to build sustainable futures for themselves and their children, ensuring they can afford food and education.

The Christmas Hamper was a project initiated by YOFAFO volunteer, Amy Marshall who spent three months with YOFAFO as a social media coordinator. She brought up the idea as a way of doing something for the women. It is because of the heart that she and YOFAFO have for women that this project was taken to Global Giving. So far, just more than US$1000 has been raised, which is the equivalent of 1,900,000/= Ug shillings. YOFAFO was given the option of spending this on a number of items which could benefit the children at the organisation's school in Kitoola. The directors of the organisation decided the money should further the heifer project, as this helps to ensure families can afford to send their children to school.

A meeting was held in Kitoola to identify the beneficiary and she was selected. She has already planted the elephant grass (though she is being challenged by the current weather right now as it is very hot and hence affecting the growth of the grass). At the same time she is building a structure for the cow. The procurement process is still ongoing to identify a very good pregnant heifer. With the support of the Global Volunteer Network YOFAFO will actually be able to purchase two heifers for two women. YOFAFO director Valence Lutaisire has inspected two cows already, which weren't suitable, but is looking at a cow at a farm in Kampala in the coming days.

With this heifer, the beneficiary will be able to have a source of income through selling milk and dung. She can also use the dung as a fertilizer in the gardens hence increased produce. With the little income, she can provide herself with basic needs of life. This is an ongoing project which will benefit many more families in the long run.

The YOFAFO community is therefore very grateful to everyone who has made this possible. We want to thank our former volunteers, Amy, Ralph and Jamie for everything they have done to make this a reality.

We are so very grateful to everyone who contributed towards this and above all the management of the Global Volunteer Network for their continued support.