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Vision: To see international development promote sustainability rather than dependency & empower instead of paternalize. Mission: To support intellectual & cultural exchange among stakeholders in international development, health, social & environmental initiatives & research.
May 27, 2009

Thank You!!!

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you so much for all of your support during the Global Giving Challenge. Thanks to your dedication, we were able to raise $10,940 in a three week period! That put us at FIRST Place in the Challenge and we were awarded a $3,000 bonus from Global Giving and Northwestern University! All of your donations will go toward the EDGE community development project for the people on the island of Lingira, Uganda.

We would have liked to send you all individual 'thank you' notes, but donor information has not yet been released to us. In the meantime, we have been working very hard to prepare for our upcoming project- our first group of student researchers departs for Uganda on June 23rd!

On May 30th we are hosting our first Annual "EDGE Project: High School Social Justice Conference" on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. We will be working with Madison youth to think critically about global engagement as we facilitate workshops and organize supplies for the Lingira project. Students will be working to gather Healthcare Supplies, School Supplies and Clothes as well as compiling literature, posters and lesson plans to facilitate our various projects. You can read more about our individual project proposals on our blog at: www.wisconsinedgeproject.blogspot.com Check out our Literature Links in the right side-tab to read detailed Project Descriptions, our Proposed Itinerary and Budget for 2009-2010.

Eleven UW-Madison students have committed their Spring semester and the upcoming summer to the EDGE community development project in Lingira, Uganda. Three of our student researchers will be meeting in Uganda on June 23rd to lay the groundwork for our projects. The second group of seven student researchers will be arriving July 13th to help implement projects and carry out more detailed research for our future projects. We could not be more exited or motivated to get to work- thanks to encouragement from PEOPLE like YOU!

Again, thank you so much for your support. You have truly made a difference by enabling our group of dedicated students to learn best practices for planning and co-implementing community development service projects with one of the most marginalized communities of Uganda.

We will keep you posted on our Progress.


Sincerely, The EDGE Project Team