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- To educate, inform and empower youth on global issues, inspire them to develop Pharmacy education, encourage their participation in global health issues. - identify needs of our community through Pharmaceutical and public health research and build sustainable Professional of health care in Rwanda aimed at youth development and provide young people with tools and resources for effective action. - To educate vulnerable and underprivileged community in public health and Pharmaceutical impact in the development of the country
Apr 9, 2013

Girls expressing joy

It was so long without gaining a chance to update about the project life and project activities because of the problem of the organization which has to update our information in order to allow you to continue helping our organization to support girls building income cooperative.

Our students girls are now expressing their joy after being recognized by the local leaders of the sector and the district that they are in the right way of the government to become entrepreneurs of tomorrow,this is was happened while the vice mayor in charge of gender and family promotion visited our activities and meet with girls to give the notes about the role of women and girls in the developement of the country.

The cooperative have received a promise that the advocacy from ministry of youth and ministry of gender and family promotion will be done to enable them gaining trainings and funds which enable women entreupreuneurs,this will be done after graduating and being able to run their own sewing shops so that they may working to create jobs and give employement to other women and underprivileged girls.

Currently the project has recruted new cooperative members and now the number is arriving at 30 girls who are learning sewing and 25 girls who learn traditional and contemporary dance.5 members of the cooperative of dance troupe have received an opportunity to be recruted in national recognized traditional dance troupe which work in southern province of Rwanda and which has many awards in traditional dance.the project also received a new expert dancer who have 5 years of experience in traditional dance and who has made his troupe to be awarded best traditional troupe of the year in Rwanda and who made the troupe to attend different international festivals in Rwanda,Kenya,Uganda,France,Belgium,Japan and Burundi.

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all the best,

Pacifique Ndayishimiye

May 23, 2009

update on the project

Dear all i take this opportunity to inform you on the activities we are doing related to our project Rwanda Interuniversity VCT Campaign Project where VCT means Voluntary Counseling and Testing on HIV and AIDS. To our project we have started to make contacts to the participants university students leaders and starting to meet with different companies working on HIV in order to ask them together during the preparation and implementation of that project, where we are working with LUCS which is a University league on HIV and AIDS control in the National University of Rwanda and now we are in contacts with the leaders of University Teaching Hospitals which promised us that during the implementation of that project, when the University students coalition on HIV and AIDS control will be set up that they will given them the office of work at the beginning. According to the Coalition forum of university students will be founded during the implementation of that project now i am approaching other health students such as medical students to work with us for better preparation and implementation. We take this opportunity to thank all the donors of our project, sponsors and the people who are doing the day to night for fundraising of our project and we promise all of them that the fundraised money will be used for better services of our community and voluntarism as well as weekly report to all the donors during the implementation of the project.

Thank you very Much again,

Cassien HAVUGIMANA Phone: +250788273755