The Kasiisi Project (Girls Support Program)

Since 1997, the Kasiisi Project has aided education in and around Kibale National Park in rural western Uganda, East Africa. Founded initially as a link between the research-based Kibale Chimpanzee Project and the local community, the Kasiisi Project now works with several research groups in and around the park to target critical issues for the survival of the forest and support of the local population. We support early childhood education, promote conservation and health education, provide daily school lunches, train teachers, encourage literacy through libraries and computer usage, fund secondary school and college scholarships, and address the special needs of girls.
May 19, 2011

Two big updates!

Hello Wonderful Donors!!

I have two big updates.

1) The results for 2010 PLE have come in! There is no difference in results between boys and girls at the Kasiisi Project schools. The average for all schools is Boys 20.6 and the girls 20.8 The eight other schools that are included in our Conservation Education programs that get no girl's interventions the girls did significantly worse than the boys (this difference is significant p=0.03). 

2) Girls' Peer Education Program has expanded.... from 3 schools to to 13 schools! Now included in the training and participation in peer education are all five Kasiisi Project schools and the eight schools that participate in Conservation Education initiatives. 

Thank you for helping these wonderful things happen, and please think about supporting the Girls Support Program again in the future so that these 10 schools can develop into really significant and supported initiatives.


Apr 11, 2011


Kasiisi Cafe @ Vanderbilt
Kasiisi Cafe @ Vanderbilt

Hi Everyone!

Hope the weather is as wonderfully "spring-y" as it is here in Nashville. Here for some fun updates:

  • Watch the new video in Rutooro (subtitled in English) about hand-washing for children at Kasiisi schools (made by Abigail Schoenberg and Koojo Mathew):
  • Check out FEBRUARY on this calendar and read the blurb! 
  • Minute 1:28 of this video:
  • Kasiisi Cafe, an annual event at Vanderbilt University raised over $800 in two hours. The event featured live music by Vanderbilt students and was put on by the Vanderbilt college chapter of Kasiisi Project. Special thanks to Emily Vieth and Elizabeth Garner for their hard work making the event happen this year! This money will continue to support our secondary school scholar. (If you are interested in supporting a student through his/her secondary school, visit
  • Nurse Lucy is doing well! Elizabeth Ross reports that she is still visiting the schools regularly, distributing pads, and teaching girls about their health! More to come about this later.
  • Read the Kasiisi Blog to find out more about what the entire organization is doing:

And on a personal note... I graduate from Vanderbilt in four weeks (May 13) and I would love to see if we can raise $100,000 by then!! Only $6,901 to go...

As always, thanks for your continued support and please don't hesitate to email me with questions or comments.



Feb 3, 2011

Half The Sky

Hello! Hope all is well. 

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a luncheon sponsored by the Planned Parenthood of Fort Worth, TX to hear Sheryl WuDunn speak about the the book she co-authored with her husband, Nicholas Kristof, Half The Sky. Now for those of you that do not know... we love this book. This book has created a movement and has motivated thousands of individuals around the world to join in empowering women thoughout the world. As a matter of fact, many of you have given to Kasiisi Project after Half the Sky was featured on Oprah and she opened up a registry for ways to join the "Half the Sky Movement" (we're the $30 option under "Educate a Girl"). You gave because you recognized that women are critical to overall community development and educating a young girl is the first step (to improved health, economic, and educational outcomes). 

Sitting next to Ms. WuDunn at dinner the night before the Luncheon I thanked her personally on behalf of Kasiisi Project for the incredible effect of her book and for her dedication to advocating for women around the world. I would like to thank each of you as well... Thank you for taking action!

Each of you have been motivated in one way or another to contribute to young women in Uganda because of Half the Sky, though your education, personal experiences, stories, research, etcI would love to hear the story of how you became moved to take action and become involved. So if you're interested, please leave a comment below.

I recommend watching Sheryl WuDunn's TED talk, and continuing to be involved in the Half the Sky Movement.

Thanks again!


p.s. March 8th is the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day - mark your calendars and spread the word!

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