MYC4 Foundation

The object of the MYC4 Foundation is to extirpate poverty.

MYC4 Foundation
Sankt Annae Plads 19A, 2. m.f.
Copenhagen K, Copenhagen 1250

Board of Directors

Viggo Nedergaard Jensen, Mads Krarup Kjaer (MYC4 A/S Rep.), Ole Blicher-Olsen, Jan-Ole Hansen


The object of the MYC4 Foundation is to extirpate poverty.


Africa is among the worlds most rapidly growing economic regions and represents a tremendous, yet untapped business potential. More than 380 million people have no access to funding, which is a disastrous problem for Africa's growth and prosperity as it is typically small- and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that cannot borrow money to develop, create jobs, formalize companies, pay local taxes, etc. Wealth of nations is measured by the number of growing SMEs. To help address the problem of funding of businesses in Africa, MYC4 A/S has developed 21st Century's new way of accessing capital. MYC4 A/S is, via Internet, providing businesses in Africa with direct access to capital on fair and transparent terms to develop their business as well as providing investors with access to risk/return-adjusted SME loans in Africa - an opportunity to make a difference as well as the potential to make a profit. The object of the MYC4 Foundation is to extirpate poverty by: 1. Holding funds for investors that desire to invest via MYC4 A/S's platform until those investors have made an investment in Africa or any other geographical area, and when those investors subsequently receive return on investment. 2. Investing the funds of the Foundation, including gifts, etc., in Africa or any other geographical area via MYC4 A/S's platform.

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