GlobeMed aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the health of the impoverished around the world. Each chapter is assigned an international partner grassroots organization which they directly work with and fundraise for.
Jan 18, 2013

HIV/AIDS Art Festival

Festival Stage
Festival Stage

It has been a while since our last report but in that time GlobeMed at Cornell and CEPAIPA have been busy working on exciting projects!! As mentioned earlier, the students at CEPAIPA have been involved in traveling the region to educate and inform the community about HIV and AIDS. In late November, the students planned and held a festival in Santa Elana, Ecuador in support of World AIDS Day. The festival included musical performances to keep the community entertained and maintain active participation. Attached below are the pictures of the eventful festival!

Another initiative Dr. Alexandra has taken on is to get the parents of the kids who volunteer for CEPAIPA more involved in their lives. Since these are more at risk children she is trying to facilitate more dialogue within the family and more respect for parents to increase family unity as these kids are at high risk for drug use and gang involvement. She has been organizing meetings for parents to come to to talk about conflict resolution strategies and has also been doing in-home one-on-ones.


During Cornell's winter break, four of GlobeMed Cornell students traveled to La Libertad, Ecuador to FINALLY visit and meet Dr. Alexandra and the students of CEPAIPA! After spending over a week with Dr. Alexandra and the amazing people at CEPAIPA, the bond between GlobeMed at Cornell and CEPAIPA is stronger than ever! Check out the blogs of the students' experience at the links below.

Community enjoying the performance
Community enjoying the performance
Student Involvement
Student Involvement


Sep 18, 2012

Direct Connection

We are ecstatic to announce that a GlobeMed at Cornell staff member was able to visit CEPAIPA and see first hand the amazing work that goes on there. Olivia Winokur, a second year staff member, spent part of her summer traveling in Ecuador. As a committed and passionate staff member, she made time to travel to La Libertad and visit CEPAIPA. Dr. Alexandra introduced Olivia to the people at CEPAIPA and showed her around the area. An essential part of our partnership is direct communication and firsthand experience, which is why it was HUGE that Olivia stopped by for the day!


An exiting aspect of our partnership with CEPAIPA is what is called a GROW trip! GROW stands for Grassroots On-Site Work. This aspect of the partnership truly strengthens the relationship between students and our grassroots health partner, CEPAIPA. After talking to Dr. Alexandra, we hope to send a group of staff members this December! By this time the lab should be up and running, and our staff members would be able to work in it the week we are there. We would be learning how to perform the tests right along side the students. At the same time, we would be teaching the students how to use familiar lab equipment, such as pipettes, microscopes and centrifuges. Dr. Alexandra hopes to buy a machine that performs automated blood tests and prints the results very quickly. The initial cost would be about $1,000, but it will pay off in the long since an extra employee would not have to be paid to run the tests all the time.

Teen Pregnancy Workshops

CEPAIPA is still continuing to do an AMAZING job in educating the community on safe health practice. Another successful and educational teen pregnancy workshop was held in mid-July. Improvements are continuously being made to the curriculum that is taught, such as inclusion of gender equality. The views of what the roles of men and women are in society are directly connected to HIV transmission, unwanted teen pregnancies and abuse of women. To further improve the workshops, surveys will be handed out before and after each session in order to get feed back on the effectiveness of the workshops. We are hoping to be directly involved in the development of these surveys!

Future Projects

Our major focus right now is raising funds to equip the lab to be a long term, sustainable lab. In order to accomplish this task, more expensive, high-quality equipment needs be purchased. These higher quality machines are the best solution to assure sustainability!

A HUGE GlobeMed at Cornell thanks to YOU and YOUR SUPPORT! Stay tuned for more reports on our progress in helping CEPAIPA reach their goal to build a sustainable lab and on the impact of the teen pregnancy workshops on La Libertad’s community!! 


Jun 20, 2012

CEPAIPA 101: A Brief Overview of our Partner

A huge thanks from everyone at GlobeMed at Cornell and CEPAIPA for helping us reach our goal of $4000 from 50 unique donors to win the Global Giving Challenge. It is because of your support that we are able to remain on the Global Giving site and provide continuous funding for CEPAIPA’s Rapid HIV Testing Lab. We would like to extend our gratitude and tell you a little more about the organization whose programs you are helping to support.

A Brief History of CEPAIPA

CEPAIPA was founded in 2004 by Dr. Alexandra Tamayo, as an initiative to provide basic health care to a wider population in the area surrounding La Libertad, Ecuador. Prior to 2004, only the students in the area had access to healthcare, which was facilitated by just one doctor. Dr. Alexandra aspired to have more general and specialist doctors accessible to all people in La Libertad. Her initiative would engage high school students by providing them with training as peer health educators, which would enable the organization to have a broader impact. 

Since then, CEPAIPA has had over 2100 students and community members working for the organization, including five Peace Corps Volunteers. Students who have served at CEPAIPA go on to become lawyers, engineers, doctors and public sector leaders and cite the leadership skills they learned at CEPAIPA to be crucial to their success. Some even return to CEPAIPA to continue to provide their expertise in any way they can. 

Recent Challenges

From 2005 to 2007 CEPAIPA was able to receive sufficient funding from the Ecuadorian government and Plan International to begin building their laboratory clinic. However, these funds were soon exhausted and the lab’s equipment has since been used up or become outdated. The donations received from the Global Giving campaign will be used to get the lab and clinic up and running again. Upon completion it will, once again, be able to provide basic diagnostic tests including rapid HIV tests.

Recent Initiatives

We are very excited to begin working closely with CEPAIPA on this project and to see its impact on the people of La Libertad. We hope to begin working on the project within the next couple of months. In the meantime, CEPAIPA continues to do incredible work in La Libertad. Just recently they were able to send 4 students out to the most remote areas surrounding La Libertad, where lice and parasites are common among children in overcrowded schoolhouses. Within just one week, the 4 students were able to reach over 1,000 children with a basic hygiene program that taught children ages five to eight good health practices and distributed anti-lice and anti-parasitic products.

In May, CEPAIPA reached out to the local community with a two-part workshop targeted toward high school students. Part One focused on topics including making healthy decisions and planning for the future. Part Two’s theme was how making smart decisions regarding their sexual health, including waiting to have children, directly impacts their future goals. The workshops included motivational speakers, psychologists, OB/GYNs and general doctors who provided guidance to the attendees. Since the workshops were met with an overwhelmingly positive response, with twice as many predicted attendees, CEPAIPA is currently planning 4 more in nearby communities.

We thank you again for your generous support, and we hope you stay tuned for progress on the project and more on CEPAIPA’s work in La Libertad! In addition to receiving our newsletters, you can stay updated by liking CEPAIPA’s, and GlobeMed at Cornell’s Facebook pages. 

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