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Provide education for orphans and other vulnerable children. Equip women and female youth with vocational and handiwork skills. Develop social support systems for orphans, other vulnerable children, and women. Foster prevention education about communicable diseases, such HIV/AIDS and hepatitis, as well as care and support for those afflicted with long-term illness. Research children's and women's rights, adult education, and literacy training. Investigate policies covering orphans,
Jul 25, 2013

Creating new partnerships

Micro-loans would help women to start trades
Micro-loans would help women to start trades

We sincerely thank you for your donations to this project during the June Bonus Day! 

In June, we have been seeking out new partnerships to revitalise our project to assist impoverished women in Ghana to access working capital, receive training and start new businesses.

Myself and our board Secretary (Mr. Amponsah) met with the Operations Manager and Projects Manager from the Hopeline Institute at PAAJAF's office at the The Church of the Pentecost. At the meeting Hopeline requested PAAJAF to submit a board's resolution to work with them, which we have done. It is our aim to work together and receive support from Hopeline. We will keep you informed of progress.

The Hopeline Institute assists the marginalized populations of Accra, Ghana, especially women, by offering training in microfinance management and preventative health. Please see more about them at their website

As a project, we have also created a suite of new policies to implement including a background check form so that participants can provide references and to perform basic name and address checks, an affadavit and group lending agreement which clearly shows how the micro-loans and repayments are planned. This will assist in the monitoring and evaluation of micro-loans. 

Jul 15, 2013

Keep our After School Program dreams alive!

Class 2B need help to fund teachers
Class 2B need help to fund teachers

State schools in Gbawe are overcrowded, at Gbawe Methodist Junior High School there are up to 65 pupils per class and teachers struggle to attend to individual students’ needs. We have one aim to help young people to meet their educational goals - every child deserves an education and bright future.

We link to our youtube video and photos of our recent generous stationery donation received from the UK - the children send heartfelt appreciation! 

In Ghana, computers and the Internet is part of children’s natural environment. There are wide gaps in the use of ICT between rural and urban schools in Ghana. There is a severe lack of adequate computers and other ICT tools especially in rural schools. At Gbawe Methodist School there are no computers or any available IT literate teachers to provide computer literacy classes to students.

Our project is currently stalled because of lack of funds to support the salaries of qualified teachers and purchase of IT equipment and educational materials to run a 6 month program for up to 70 students from the local Junior High School.

However, children have written articles to YOU about Child Education, Chastity and Human Rights. Together we created Nkabom! Children of Ghana online magazine which features articles from 11 students, they are very proud of putting their writing together to share with you! It would mean a lot to them to share our magazine with your friends and family! 

An injection of funds would allow the below to proceed;

The vision for the After School Program is to meet the educational needs of young people in the Gbawe community by:

Focusing on children from homes experiencing difficult financial situations (e.g. single parent with no income), and those from the local school who have a low level of literacy;

Tutoring by qualified teachers in computing, English and math using an online portal (Nkabom) to discuss  homework assignments (in the aforementioned subject areas) and media and creativity projects;

Providing healthy snacks to supplement children’s diets and improve their health. 

Finally, supplying educational materials such as access to computers, pens, pencils and books to students for use during and after the program.

This will be monitored monthly and evaluation reports produced on project expenditure and assessment of children's progress. Thank you for your kind support, please pass our message on.

Children gratefully received pen donations
Children gratefully received pen donations


Jul 2, 2013

Summer term, Erica continues to progress

Erica attends Empet Academy
Erica attends Empet Academy

We have been fortunate to have been given a unique opportunity to raise additional funds and support our amazing kids through GlobalGiving’s June Bonus Day.  Two generous donors came forward and the following school children will benefit from your recent donations of GH¢ 250 – GH¢ 280 (Ghanaian Cedi). 

  1. Erica  - GH¢ 60 full school tuition this term
  2. Vira  - GH¢ 50 to support her mother to purchase food to take care of Vira. 
  3. Lauren  - GH¢ 100 part tuition (Lauren’s school  fees are GH¢220 per a term)
  4. Nidaar  - GH¢60 full tuition for this school term

In July, the children continue to develop and progress. Erica and Vira are in class one and in the second term of the academic year and are learning English Language, Ghanaian Language, math, science, social and cultural studies. Being able to go to school this term means Erica and Vira are engaging in all school activities including this term physical education (PE) and worship service classes.

Nidaar and Lauren are in nursery school. The four children are in good condition and happy for the support they are receiving from you our passionate donors and from your continued support.

Our next goal is a September fundraiser - where fundraisers themselves can earn prizes from their amazing effort - please contact!

Here is more detailed background about our wonderful children. As an orphan, Erica relies on the help of PAAJAF otherwise she would be thrown out of school.

Lauren has a single mother, her father died, and currently her mother has no job and finds it difficult to take care of her and the brother Kwaku.  A donation means we can step in to part-pay this term’s fees and support her education.

Vira has a single mother who has not seen her father since her birth.  Her mother is employed to teach nursery school with small take home pay that could not take care of Vira.  Your donations provide support her mother so she can provide nutritious food to Vira

Through a generous sponsorship donation Nidaar's school fees can be paid in full this term helping her remain in nursey, we have stepped in because Nidaar’s father is only able to secure casual labor and her mother remains at home to look after children, making things difficult for Niddar to meet her educational needs.

Once again, thank you for your kindness and support across the world. We continue to campaign to local residents about our children and raising awareness at a local level.

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