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Jul 15, 2014

Let us tell you about the lives you changed...

Erica attends Class 2
Erica attends Class 2

All the children have a voice, a new voice filled with confidence, self-esteem and joy and they say THANK YOU for your generous support and care about their lives. We are pleased to bring you our latest update about the lives you changed for the better.

This school term, the following children received support:
1. Erica  2. Mary  3. Abigail  4. Christpher  5. Josephine  6. Stephen  7. Vira  8. Nidaar

Erica is in Class 2 and she is doing well in school, her school reports all say good and excellent for her progress. She was happy to see her school fees fully paid, school lunch and classes’ fee for the whole term this reduced much stress in the family and in Erica. When the school term started, the first month I had phone call from her auntie who takes care of her, “Mr. Kyei, the school has begun again, please, your child’s school, how are things going on?” And I told her, not a problem, we can pay the school fees, on behalf of her donors.

Erica is dual orphan (no mother and father) and she is under the care of her auntie who four children in addition to her. The aunty is unemployed and a single mother also this makes

Mary is a very cheerful and brilliant girl and THANKS to YOU she is attending Class 1. She is a paternal orphan (the father has passed away). Currently Mary’s education is being financed by people like YOU. If it wasn't for previous donors/sponsors and their help, Mary would have stayed home. But Mary is currently in school with all her fees and other expenses paid!

Please keep a look out for GLOBALGIVING BONUS DAY on 16 July beginning at 9am EDT and for one day only, donations received will be matched by our partner Global Giving by 40% this means for a $20 donation we receive an additional $8, this helps children like Erica and Abigail to stay in school. Countdown with us here! Please keep in mind that even $10 can go a long way!

Abigail is a Junior High School student, has just completed school this month – June 2014. The completion of her education as a JHS graduate has been possible with the assistance of selfless donors like YOU. Currently she is at home waiting for her result which would be in on September 2014. YOU have made one achievement in her life now.

Your support is helping Stephen aged 10 years, I met Stephen in front of the school gate crying for been missing classes since his father has been unable to settle his fees, after checking their situation, funds are used to settle his school fee this term. Christpher - a preschool student who will move to nursery 1 next term. Nidaar, Josephine, Vira and Stephen, are all in school and doing well. They have had their school fees been paid and they are happy to receive your support.

Josephine was unable to go to school for 3 weeks due to there being no money for her school fees and her brother Kelvin. Josephine is already on the record of PAAJAF. So with your generous support we stepped in and YOU have put a smile on Josephine’s face by helping her to return to school.

THANK YOU for your efforts and belief in these children's potential, we look forward to the new school terms with hope and gratitude.

Abigail attends school this term
Abigail attends school this term
Stephen age 10 now attends class
Stephen age 10 now attends class
May 5, 2014

Thank you! Our lives better, we are at school!

Abigail at Acropolis Schools
Abigail at Acropolis Schools

Wow, it's been an amazing few months and we sincerely thank you for your immense contributions to our scholarship students lives! From January to April 2014, we are happy to report that in fact, the children that you are sponsoring are in the school and school fees are fully paid for this term. These children you are supporting are Gilbert, Mary, Abigail, Erica, Ebenezer with full or part payment of school fees and Christpher, Benjamin, Vera and Nidaar with at home food support, health insurance and uniforms. The children are aged between 2 years old and 19 years old.

Gilbert is still waiting for application from the University, your generous donations through this project and the micro-project raised $1115 so that he can make an application and I have told him that as soon as he get admission the fund will be disbursed to support him and this would be done only if he gets admission into a University.

Abigail's school report shows a good performance, and that Abigail one she rejoined school is performing quite impressive but with room for improvement. Her best grades are in social studies and home economics, where Abigail scored 'excellent' in recent exams. In fact, she feels happy and the family too since trying to find enough funds for school fees was a burden to them because they didn't know where they could get money to pay the fees through lack of permamnent jobs and only temporary work. Since Abigail is in her final year now at the Junior High School, she leaves home before 6am each day for classes before school lessons start.

Erica and Mary continue to progress well at school and are attending all their classes.Erica has $347 raised for her scholarship fund which covered her term, however, we will still seek assistance for the remaining terms this year and feature Erica in our microprojects once more to help her. Mary is fully funded and her family are experiencing much positive results with increased help Mary's health and wellbeing is improved and she is also helping her younger sister Miriam with reading.

Ebenezer thanks you for your support to his University fund, which raised $110, this is not currently enough to pay his tuition fee of $400, so it will be held for Ebenezer until the full amount is available. We have launched a new nicro-project and will be campaigning for Ebenezer to help him get to University and study marketing!

Thanks to YOU all this progress has been possible, we and the children express a heartfelt gratitude for your support.

Josephine's mother approached me three days ago that she needs help for Josephine and her brother Kelvin that they  both have been sacked for school fees for 3 weeks now that they have been at home missing classes. Therefore there are more children we will help in the coming months, we have created fundraisers on PAAJAF's website and will be doing the same at GlobalGiving.

We thank you for your generous support, please contact me, Philip for more information at

Abigail at school
Abigail at school
Mary has books and uniform
Mary has books and uniform
Jan 14, 2014

Abigail gives heartfelt thanks for new school year!

Abigail "Thank You"
Abigail "Thank You"

Abigail, what do you want become in future?  Abilgail said, "I would like to become a Doctor."

With your gracious support, Abigail now has a scholarship fund that will enable her to attend Acropolis School in Gbawe, Ghana for the new school year (during 2014). Every year children that want to attend good quality schools need to pay school fees, without this impoverished teenagers like Abigail are forced to go to work or study at the local school run on a shift basis, in unsafe conditions with unqualified teachers and lack of classrooms, books, toilets.

Abigail is a bright and brilliant girl at school, her school reports show that she is top of the class and above her peers in all subjects. She is very responsible both at home and at school and Abigail looks after her younger brother Joshua. She is very diligent and her future in education looks promising. Her dream to become a doctor is only held back by access to good quality education, because her attitude is very hardworking and she is fiercly determined and energetic with her studies, which she enjoys a lot.

Abigail is now at the tender age of 13, and with the $1000 total funds PAAJAF will use the funds for the following for Abigail;

  • School Fees per year      $680
  • School Meals                 $200
  • School Supplies              $100
  • Exam Fees                     $10
  • Health Insurance              $10

Before she received help, there have been many hardships with unemployment and financial difficulties faced by her parents, this meant Abigail could not afford school books, including a school uniform. As a result, Abigail had frequent gaps in class attendance that then required her to study alone, this meant she did not receive help with her understanding and had to work very hard to keep up with her peers. Despite this, she remains incredibly bright. Abigail sincerely thanks you for the kindness and support to her education, you have brought a happy smile to her face and she sends her heartfelt appreciation.

You have brought a clear future to Abigail and made an incredible difference in her life. PAAJAF recognizes that Abigail needs urgent help and is looking for sponsors for her following school years, until she finishes junior high school. We thank you for being a part of her wonderful new year.

Abigail and her brother Joshua
Abigail and her brother Joshua

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