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Provide education for orphans and other vulnerable children. Equip women and female youth with vocational and handiwork skills. Develop social support systems for orphans, other vulnerable children, and women. Foster prevention education about communicable diseases, such HIV/AIDS and hepatitis, as well as care and support for those afflicted with long-term illness. Research children's and women's rights, adult education, and literacy training. Investigate policies covering orphans,
Oct 22, 2012

Project Progress report - October 2012


We are happy to report some great news - we have a new sponsor for Nidaar! A school in the Czech Republic is helping to sponsor Nidaar each year with a contribution towards her food, clothes, vaccines and school fees.

Nidaar is 2 years old. Her family income is only around $15 – $20 per month. Her father is a stone mason that only gets temporary work. PAAJAF have identified her as a child in need. With your sponsorship, Nidaar will have new opportunities to learn and grow. We want to provide Nidaar vaccines to prevent infant diseases, clean water and food.

The month of September we raised $102 in donations, this has helped to buy food and contribute to school fees of the children we help.

As we approach Christmas we are increasing our campaign work to find sponsors for 20 of our most desperate and needy children, contacting organizations and media.

We also need your help to spread the word – through Facebook, Twitter, email or fundraising activities, with your help we can support these amazing kids. Here are some fun(d)raising ideas to get you started:

Your recent contribution to our project has enables us to settle school fees for the following poor children – Gilbert, Ebenezer, Lauryn, Erica, Vira, Christpher to attend school.

Profiles of the above children can be found by clicking on the link provided:


PAAJAF is appealing to you to support and help spreading the word to look for sponsors for our 20 children.  PAAJAF want to help pay schools fees, buy books, bags, shoes, and school uniforms.

Please, join PAAJAF in making a difference in the life of a poor child in Ghana.

If you want to join our campaign team, please contact

Thank you

Sep 28, 2012

After-School Program - Adding Values :PAAJAF

NKABOM Networkers
NKABOM Networkers

Our Children Networking project is adding unique values into the lives of our networkers. NKABOM Media group of Gbawe Methodist School, the networkers have engaged in article writing which is to helps children practice their reading and writing skills. The children are developing new friendships and social skills also seeing each one's views and to think outside of themselves and writing letters develops patience and empathy.

We would like to use this opportunity to share Mercy Sam's story: "Mercy Sam is my name. I attend school at Gbawe Methodist '2' basic school. I am a member of PAAJAF foundation club, which is also called Nkabom club. I'm writing on a topic which is based on "Child Education". I would be very grateful, if you could allow me space to air my view on child education which has eaten deep in our society. In fact, Ghana is a country with good resources such as Gold, Diamond, Cocoa, and Tourist sites etc. these make the country nice and attractive and attract foreigners to visit the country.

But there is one particular problem that disturbs the country and this is about child education. But one may ask, what is child education? This is where the problem lies. Child education is a continuous process of sending children who are of school age to school to gain knowledge and to be trained for them to become a responsible people in future. So that one can gain respect from each other. So it is good for one or every individual to be in a form of education or educated. This is because when one is not been put into education; they may be ignorant about their right and how to fight for their right. And this is all about low education. In fact, the level of education is very low, which has become a chronic problem to the society and it has eaten deep our society and in government it has eaten deep in the finance of the government. This is because, education service has inadequate teaching materials and less infrastructures. Eg. Teaching aids which will help to teach the children, desks, text books etc. Some people/students walk a long way from their towns/houses to school and they get there late and have to miss a lesson.

So schools must be built in the nearby towns and villages, so that it will enable students to get to school early. Some also had to wake up early and do lots of work before they go to school, and by the time they gets to class, they are already exhausted, weak and tired. So when lesson is going on, they always sleep in class without paying attention on what the teacher is teaching/saying. And this also makes learning difficult for some students. So child labour should be reduced so that students can put more effort of learning and it can also improve upon their learning. I am appealing to the government to put more effort to help improve upon child education to make Ghana full of brilliant and intelligent people, to be able to gain respect without being abuse and cheated by other countries.

I would like to appeal to general public to support PAAJAF. This organization is doing good things in our community and making great difference in our lives. Now I am thinking outside my community. Thank you!


Mercy Sam
Mercy Sam
Sep 28, 2012

Education is critical and way for upward mobility

Consultation began with local churches and schools in starting Family and Adult Education services. Feedback was very, very encouraging since there is high illiteracy in the community. Based on requests from churches and schools PAAJAF started the Family and Adult education program in one of the public schools at Gbawe in 2007. Within 3 years PAAJAF has supported 500 individuals through adult literacy education and an after school program for children.

We here at PAAJAF said today: “School Programs for literacy and education need more support. They benefit by stopping the cycle of poverty. Young people need access opportunities through programs like ours and can find advancement.”

Hanna, aged 28, helped through PAAJAF’s Education for People in Ghana –Family Learning project says “I have been educated by the foundation to read the English language and my own dialect, Twi. I am very grateful to the PAAJAF Foundation for making me literate. I can now read and write, which helps me with my bank transactions and I can now understand my child’s report card.”

Unfortunately, this program that was adding values into the lives of adults who could not get chance to attend school but now wanted to learn is now on hold due to lack of funding to pay the program facilitators stipend.  PAAJAF intends to resume the project on Jan 2013 and calling for your support to recruit 3 facilitators.

$60 for each facilitator per a month for 12 month and from now till the Christmas PAAJAF is seeking for your support!

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