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Conservation through Poverty Alleviation, International, a US-based 501(c)3 organization, helps subsistence farmers displaced by the formation of national parks establish new livelihoods that restore and sustain protected habitats.
Mar 11, 2010

The latest news: Farmer numbers growing

CPALI entrepreneur Marie Jean and her new nets
CPALI entrepreneur Marie Jean and her new nets

Mamy's latest news Denis (CPALI entrepreneur farmer and now team trainer) told me that he got the list of 19 new farmers interested to join the team. Those farmers are waiting for the pot plastics. We are continuing to look for serious farmers ready to work immediately and replace the unserious farmers. So now we have 26 serious farmers in Ambodivoangy; 5 in Ambalamahogo, 13 in Marovovonana, + Denis and Marie jeanne= so now we have 46 serious farmers in the coba (community managed forest). Jaonary jean (CPALI entrepreneur farmer) said that he met 6 farmers in Andaparaty very interested to join the team and they will visit Jaonary jean's site. About the rearing: both of Denis and Mario (CPALI project employees) have new larvae and also many eggs, so they are focusing there work on raisins larvae until I come back to Maroantsetra. I plan to come back to Maroantsetra on next week. Update from Cay Craig, CPALI CEO Being in the US I have been working on developing our market as well as our non-spun textile. Thanks to the skill of Sylvia Weber, we now have a beautiful, unique textile that is sewn using our suraka cocoons and the stitching is invisible. The textile, (it is the background of the CPALI webpage, is generating a lot of market interest. Next week I will be presenting it to George M. Beylerian at the Material Connexion in New York ( a center that maintains 5 libraries of unique and new materials world wide that are accessed by various industries. This is a great opportunity and I hope our textile is selected for display. As a head up, the librarian has already told us he thinks it is "cutting edge". March 16 is a fund raising day at Global Giving - the will provide a 30% match for all donations but they donation must be made on Tuesday.

Marie Jean shows off her first crop of cocoons
Marie Jean shows off her first crop of cocoons


Feb 1, 2010

News from the field

Joanary Jean
Joanary Jean's demonstration site

I have decided to go to Ambodivoangy again with DEnis. Denis trained Jaonary jean and Bernard about how to take care of eggs and new larvae, so right now, Jaonary jean is starting to rear 500 larvae on his tree near the village.

Also Jaonary jean has decided to make his farm as a demonstration site, he will copy Manamby and Maroantsetra, and now he is working on that. He is starting to build a small house for the eggs on his land and he will set up every thing that may interest the visitors. that`s a great idea.

Also I met the mayor of Ambinanitelo in Ambodivoangy and I invited him to visit the TMA`s nursery and also Jaonary jean`s future demonstration site and all of that have been done. Even the mayor will visit Maroatsetra site on this coming week.

Also, one of the purpose of my trip in Ambodivoangy is the meeting with the new farmers, I was so sad about that because they did not work seriously. so a new list of interested farmers will be publish on next week. I tryed to meet a new farmers to replace the person who did not work seriously.

I reveived a news from marie jeanne also, and I heard that she is raising many Larvae on her land and already produced many cocoons, using DEnis`s instructions.

Sincerely, Mamy

Bertrand and Mario at CPALI House
Bertrand and Mario at CPALI House
Dec 22, 2009

Thank you and Happy Holiday

Dear members of the Global Giving

The CPALI team in Madagascar and all the farmer`s associations ( TMA, FTA, ATF, FTM/TM) who work with CPALI want to thank The Global Giving for your funding and support to CPALI program in Maroantsetra- Madagascar.

As a CPALI field director , I want to extend my deepest appreciation for your support . The global giving`s funds allow us to improve the wildsilk production and the forest restoration in the border of Makira protected area. After 3 years work, CPALI is well known in the community, we are in the best position to persuade farmers and link them to the conservation program through the silk production. Now 50 farmers in the 4 communities of Makira protected area are ready to work with us. Each farmers will plant between 250 to 1000 food plant trees until June 2010.

CPALI malagasy team and the 50 farmers wish merry christmas to all members of the Global giving.

Thank you for your support to this program and best wishes

Mamy, CPALI field Director.

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