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Women and Girls free from Sexual Exploitation. Protect women and young girls from trafficking and sexual exploitation through enhancing knowledge and socioeconomic status.
Oct 7, 2013

Completed Major Activities by the Organization

Group photo of the women and girls
Group photo of the women and girls


Raksha Nepal, since last 10 years, has been actively working for vulnerable girls, women and their children. Its target groups are the victims or those vulnerable to sexual exploitation, domestic violence, trafficking, victims of polygamy and neglect, etc.  RN also raises voices in favor of its target groups targeted to respective institutions so that the victims could get justice.

In the same context, since 2011, RN has been implementing “Prevention Against Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking” (PAST) project in support of KFB/DKA.  This project is targeted towards those girls and women who work in the informal entertainment sector (dance bar, massage parlor, cabin restaurant, and small snack and tea shops). After forming groups, RN staff has been motivating them through regular meetings, discussion programs, encouraging them to join in the RN saving and credit cooperative, try and find solutions to their problems. It also has been providing awareness programs and skill training for the alternative livelihood opportunities. Through its other training on the women’s rights and legal rights, these girls and women have become capable to fight for their rights. RN has been providing all these services in an integrated manner. Moreover, RN transit home has been set up for keeping the target women’s children while they get skill training and get settled in alternative jobs. Likewise, they can get access to loans with minimal interest against their savings through the cooperative. These girls and women who wish to join non-formal education are provided free education through its women’s school. RN coordinates with different health institutions and doctors etc. to organize free health check-up camps for the target women from time to time. 

Major Activities 


  1. Conduct awareness classes for the target women in various subjects at their workplaces
  2. Conduct W/S for the purpose of sensitizing girls and women about media and its role in their lives.
  3. Regular meetings with the Women's Network 
  4. Conduct meetings with the related stakeholders for the purpose of building strong relationships with them


Activity Details

1. In the last quarter we conducted awareness classes for seven of the network groups. These classes took place at the women's workplace, the same place where they regularly hold their meetings. They covered subjects such as traffiking, sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and domestic violence, and counseling. After the classes the women had a better understanding of these subjects and their existence in society.

2. We conducted one workshop with both the media and selected members from the Network groups. In the past the women tended to be very scared of the media because the media has portrayed them in bad lights. We set up this workshop with both sides to explain where the media comes from, and where the women are coming from, and allowed both sides to express their views and experiences. This allowed the women to learn more about what the media is doing and is there for, and for the media to learn more about and realize the reality of the lives of the women in this sector, and the situations that they are in.

3. We conducted the regular meetings two times in the last quarter. These allow a forum for the women to come together to discuss issues and problems that they are having in the workplace or in their daily lives. Additionally, we discussed the peer educator trainings that we are preparing for later in the year, and selected subjects to base the trainings around. 15-18 women from the different women's groups were present at these meetings. We also discussed the present situation of a rising number of police raids in the sector, and how to stay safe throughout these. This included discussing the laws and their rights pertaining to this.

4. We are continually working on building relationships with stakeholders as a way to work together to address the situation of the women in the sector. In August we conducted one meeting with the local NGOs, police, media, target group members, and other likeminded agencies. Through this we had a discussion about the women's situation in the sector and possible solutions, as well as the role we can all play in these solutions. There were 25 participants present at the meeting representing the various stakeholders.


Dear Donors and Supporters,

We are currently working to support these regular activities through the continued donations that we recieve. All these donations are vital to keeping our programs going, and to helping to provide better lives for these women and children. We greatly appreciate your continued support and suggestions as well.

Awareness raising activities
Awareness raising activities


Jul 18, 2013

Recent program report

Practicing tekwando...
Practicing tekwando...


Women in Nepal have low status within the family and society. Illiteracy, early marriage, poverty imposes the greatest hindrance to enhancing equal opportunity and status for girls and women. The decade long armed conflict in Nepal escalated the status of women to more vulnerability. These influences underlie the migration process in Nepal and increase their vulnerability of young women and girls to trafficking and sexual abuse.  The girls and women, to save their lives were compelled to leave their home places and migrate into cities, especially Kathmandu to seek sustainable livelihoods and secure future. Lacking education, skills and knowledge, these ignorant girls and women from villages are pushed to the entertainment sector and are obliged to perform any tasks they are asked to, for the survival imperatives. The dance bars, massage and cabin restaurant opened in an unmanaged way in different parts of Kathmandu has the higher trend of involving these girls as sex workers for profit making.

Raksha Nepal (RN) in its working year of 9 has done several activities for the protection and dignified survival of these girls and women working in the dance bars, massage parlors and cabin restaurants. RN when established a women shelter in 2009, has always been realizing the need of shelter for the children of these women too.

Raksha Nepal in its own initiation has started the shelter home for the children of women working in the so called entertainment sectors as well as who are sexually harassed and exploited. These children are born without the recognition of their fathers and have no appropriate place to live and food to eat. These mothers are not even capable of fulfilling the fundamental requirement of their children the other educational rights of the children are still to be touched by them. Realizing this scenario of children and keeping the main goal of the organization to protect the target group from the trap to prostitution, RN has been providing capacity building training to the girls and women from this sector.  Moreover, by providing the safe transit home to their children as well as those girls who have been victims of rape and sexual abuse, RN is keeping them safe. In its home, RN provides them with food, shelter, education, health services. Currently, the number of children has increased to 30 from 25 who are from 2 to 14 years of age. Out of them 20 are girls and 10 are boys, who are studying from nursery to grade 10.

This child safe home does not have any regular donor, but is run with the individual donations. Some of the donors support them with school fee, some with uniforms and some with stationery and food, etc. That is the reason why RN is always in search of donors for sustainably running of this safe transit home.

Progress Report

  • With start of the new session of the school, 30 children were re-enrolled. In the beginning of the class, those who got first, second and third place in the previous exams, were awarded with small gifts from the school.  About 10 from the RN transit home were amongst those who received the award.
  • At the time of this report, children have already completed their 1st term exams. with good results.
  • Two national volunteers have started to give tuition to all the children, which is also helping them with their day to day studies.
  • The day for the children in the safe home begins with meditation followed by taekwondo basic training lasting 1 to 1 and half hrs. In the same context the these children received the best march past award organized at the district level taekwondo competition in this quarter.
  • 7 children’s birthday was celebrated during this quarter. Two well wishers celebrated their birthday with the RN safe home children.
  • During the children’s school break, they received Art Therapy class organized by the volunteers of different nationalities in Raksha Nepal. This process helped children to express their feelings through the artwork.
  • Various traditional and cultural festivals are also celebrated in the safe home so that the children understand the value of such occasions, such as mother’s day was one of them.

Dear Donors/Supporters

Greetings from Nepal

We would like to thank you very much from the organization and all children at safe home. We are very pleased to get support from your side. It's very valuable for all children. Currently they are regularly going to school and are staying at shelter safely. But due to irregular donations, we are struggling to give a better life these children.  Hence, we still  are seeking for regular support from the donors.  Your small donation can change some children’s life for better.  Please help us to help them in future as well.

Thank you very much for your great support.

Best regards,

Rabin Malla and Raksha Nepal Team

Birthday celebration...
Birthday celebration...
Birthday kids with traditional scarf...
Birthday kids with traditional scarf...
Children meditating....
Children meditating....


Jul 17, 2013

Recent Activities

celebrating moments in shelter
celebrating moments in shelter


Raksha Nepal (RN), has been dealing with issues of girls and women working in the dance bars, massage parlors and cabin restaurants for the past nine years. It’s significant working experience in the field has enhanced the organizational capacity to work more effectively with targeted groups as well as with other stakeholders. The ultimate goal of this project would be to create decent working environment by enhancing the capacity of young girls and women in so called entertainment sectors and make free from risk of exploitation and trafficking.

Once the target groups are capacitated with knowledge on their rights and roles, aware of legal aspects they will be able to form an association of their own. This Union ultimately will be acting as an advocate for workers in the entertainment sectors. To reach to its goal, RN has to follow several steps in parallel with the programs mentioned below.


Regular Activities with the target groups


As in the past, this quarter aslo Raksha Nepal conducted counseling program for 85 girls and women working in the entertainment sector.

In the next quarter, Raksha Nepal plans to hold more group counseling programs in the 20 groups formed during the past program, so that these groups are motivated to remain in the group activities.

Legal support:

Raksha Nepal has been supporting the victims of rape, domestic violence and sexually exploited as well as victims of polygamy.  those who are unable to fight legal battle are supported by this organization through providing lawyers to look into their respective cases. 

In this quarter, 5 domestic violence victims were supported.

Raksha Nepal is also regularly conducting awareness programs on human and women rights in its target groups.

Radio Program:

Raksha Nepal has been conducting one hour per week radio program through the local FM station. Most of the episodes focus on the experience sharing by the target group individuals or experts from different walks of life are also invited as interviewee. This program is heard not only in Kathmandu but also 5 other districts connected with it.

In the last quarter, it aired 12 episodes, where 10 women from the groups shared their experience on the struggles. One international and one national volunteers shared their experience in Raksha Nepal.

As this program has good impact which is evident in the volume of victim women visiting Raksha Nepal, this will be continued for another year.

Saving and Credit Cooperative:

This cooperative has been established with the membership of the target groups to support the them by micro saving and credit. Raksha Nepal's all 20 group members are saving their small portion of the income regularly.

In this quarter, 6 women received loan in minimal interest to establish their own small business or expand their existing business. All these women had received skill development training from Raksha Nepal.

Emergency Support:

Under this support, Raksha Nepal has been supporting victims of rape, domestic and sexual violence with rescue, shelter and legal battle.

In this quarter, it facilitated to release 33 girls and women who had been in the police custody with this and that charges. All of these women were brought to Raksha Nepal and were oriented to be aware of rules and regularions on their profession.

Training program:

Raskha Nepal in coordination with different organizations has been supporting women to build their capacity. In the last quarter, 18 women received different training on bakery, handicraft making, cafeteria managing.

Raksha Nepal is planning to provide training to 25 women on sewing cutting, cookery and beauty parlor. 


Dear Donors/Supporters

Greetings from Raksha Nepal Team

We would like to thank you all and would like to share our organizational activities in summarised version. We have been conducting various activities through different wings. We are very excited to share you with the same, for the women and girls for awareness raising program and capacity building program.

We still are struggling to include other women and girls who are at risk in this sector, so we would like to humbly request to you to please support us, as we want to conduct more capacity building trainings for the needy girls and women.

We hope you all will support us as in the past.

Thank you very much for your kind support.

Best Regards

Girls having fun in shelter
Girls having fun in shelter
International Volunteer with the Girls
International Volunteer with the Girls
Project Leader with children....
Project Leader with children....


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