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International Childcare Trust (ICT) believes that all children, regardless of socio-economic background, have the right to enjoy their childhood and reach their potential. We partner with local grassroots NGOs in Africa and Asia - managed and staffed by local people - that protect children's rights. We combine the delivery of practical assistance with capacity building and advocacy initiatives because we take responsibility for building sustainability into the projects/partners we support.
Feb 24, 2014

Empowering Children and Teenage Girls at Risk - Y2

Read about what the project with our partner Shalom (Tanznaia) has achieved in the past year with your support!

In collaboration with the community and local authorities, another 100 children at risk of dropping out of school were identified for support in Ngaramtoni Ward and a total of 217 children have been supported to stay or re-enroll in primary education, of whom 18 live with disabilities.

“I am very happy for the opportunity to join school like other children through support from Shalom, I am now attending school well, after school hours I help my guardian with home chores. I will work hard in school and one day I will become a teacher so that I can help my children.” Irene, aged 13

“Things have changed in my school. Attendance has increased from 65% to about 85%!” Emaio Primary School Head teacher

Shalom has also worked with community leaders in Ngaranaro and Unga Ltd Wards, to identify 25 girls sexually exploited or at risk of exploitation for support through the project. The girls were supported through counselling, entrepreneurship and business skills training, training in life skills and reproductive/sexual health education. They have started vocational skills training and 10 are now employed (teachers, hairdressers, catering and hotel industry), five are self-employed (tailoring, hairdressing, restaurant), one is still in secondary school, and eight are searching for employment having completed their field attachments. Shalom continue to follow up on their progress.

For those girls who are now working, their lives have changed significantly. They are no longer exploited and their self-esteem and confidence have visibly improved and they are generally much happier.

“My life has really changed a lot since I am now busy doing something meaningful with my life, and have as well gained respect with the surrounding community. I now have hope of a better future than ever before.”, Mary

In addition to all this, through community education and awareness raising, three girls have been supported to leave exploitative child marriages and have been reenrolled in school; six children were supported to leave exploitative labour; three cases of sexual abuse to children were addressed; three children were provided with legal support, and 19 children working on the streets returned to school.

Based on feedback from children, local government leaders, parents and community volunteers, Shalom decided to facilitate parents to form a parents committee, which helps families within the community to resolve conflicts at home, address issues affecting children, and identify children for more specialized support, in close collaboration with community volunteers and, when required, Shalom staff.


Thank you for your great support, which has helped us achieve these great results and change the lives of many childen. Please keep supporting us in the coming months, when we will be also greately focussing on empowering families and communities in protecting children's rights.

Aug 6, 2013

"One day I will help girls who face the kind of challenges I have faced in life."

Girls at the centre unable to continue education
Girls at the centre unable to continue education

Jacqueline O Kisambu is 20 years old and lives in the town of Ngaramtoni. Jacqueline struggled to further her education because of her relationship with her father. With the help of Shalom Centre for Street Children she is now able to continue her education and hopefully gain employment within the course that she is now studying. Here is her story:

"I am the first child in a family of 35 children and the only girl to continue my education to secondary level. In 2001 my aunt took me in and enrolled me into primary school where I did well in my standard seven national examinations.”

“My aunt struggled to take me to school since my father did not believe in educating girls especially since I wanted to further my education. I studied up to form four though my father always wanted to force me into early marriage. He always tried to find ways to forcefully take me back to his home but my aunt refused so that I could finish my studies.”

"My father forced me to go back to live with him and my aunt allowed it as she couldn’t put up with his behaviour towards her anymore. One day when I was at home my father brought in an elderly man, of his age, who had four wives and said that he had made plans for me to get married to him. I refused and told him that I wanted to continue with my studies. My father made living with him very difficult as he would mistreat me for refusing to marry.”

“I stayed at home for many months and concentrated on the household chores and church activities. At church a friend gave me an admission form for a  college to study development studies, but when I showed my father he still dismissed the idea for me to continue with my studies. I decided to take on manual work where I could save money to go to college. Shortly after I met with my former principle from primary school who introduced me to Shalom centre. Shalom centre had been conducting some activities in her school at Ngaramtoni and that is how she learnt about the organization.”

“I am so happy that I can now further my studies. I will work very hard in the course I am undertaking which is Community development so that one day I will help girls who face the kind of challenges I have faced in life. I plan to later do a diploma in the same field, and then one day I will pursue nursing which is my dream course.”  

May 16, 2013

Day Care Centre Established!

Children at the centre
Children at the centre

MUWODA, the local partner in Sierra Leone, has so far focused on setting up the project, particularly a day care centre for young children. 

Establishment of Day Care Centre
MUWODA has established a fully operational day care centre having purchased teaching materials, classroom furniture, uniforms, and play equipment.  The centre now provides childcare for up to 30 children aged 1-6.  Having to stay at home to care for their children, a number of mothers were previously unable to find work; other mothers left their children alone or in the care of older siblings.  Now mothers can find work to improve their socio-economic status safe in the knowledge their children are receiving proper care and attention. 

Every day, mothers drop their children off on the way to work and collect them in the afternoon.  As well as expert care by experienced and qualified staff, the centre offers nutritious meals, early childhood education, and a wide range of stimulating activities for children.

Outreach and Awareness Raising
The project also raised awareness on child rights throughout the community through a number of workshops and meetings in schools and the community, as well as radio panel discussions.  In total, 750 children, 25 community leaders, and 25 law enforcement officers have been reached so far.  The meetings and radio programmes aimed to raise awareness about issues affecting children and increase the community’s involvement in providing support to these children.  MUWODA also bought to two motorbikes to enable its field staff to carry out outreach visits throughout the community.

MUWODA has trained 12 Peripheral Health Unit (PHU) staff members on nutrition education.  The Peripheral Health Units (PHUs) are designed to be the delivery point for primary health care in Sierra Leone. This training aimed to improve the skills and knowledge of the PHU staff in order to better educate local community members on health and nutrition.

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