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VISION: To see all children enter adulthood with holistic skills and abilities necessary to contribute effectively to the development of South Africa ORGANISATION MISSION: "Our mission is to assist children to overcome difficult life circumstances by building resilience, physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, using a Right's based framework, so they are able to realize their full potential and contribute to the building of South Africa."
Jul 18, 2014

July 2014 Keep The Dream196

Journey of Life with parents
Journey of Life with parents

Dear Friends, welcome to our news update. Firstly let me say thank you for donations and ongoing support. It makes a huge difference. I just want to share some of the wonderful outcomes of the program and your investment in the work we are doing.


Our program of interventions continue to grow and have wonderful impact for example:

  • 192 parents attended training on Journey Of Life and Parent Committee Training. We work with the parents of the children to create positive relationships within the families to promote cohesion: “Before my child joined KTD196 he was always out late at night and being a bully. I always thought he was going to turn out like most youngsters who have given up on their dreams and are wasting their lives away. Since joining KTD196 he no longer drinks and his behavior has also changed. I‘ve also learned to communicate with my child and not yell at him,” explains one parent, Maite Mametja.
  • “I have realized that as parents we also have our own problems and we don’t know what to do to help ourselves and end up taking out all our frustrations through our children. I am not a perfect mother and have been treating my children very badly. The training is very good and has been an eye opener for me. I will try and stop shouting and swearing at my children and treat them with respect. I would be very harsh with my children; I never realized the importance of listening. I am going to ask for forgiveness from my children and God. Thank you so much for coming and sharing this information it is truly is a blessing” Nelly Nkambako

Post training Focus Group discussions were held with 19 parents.
“Before Scouts my child used to be very secretive and isolated herself, she didn’t want to do anything which she was asked to do and she had no sympathy for others. Since going to Scouts she now listens to me and is free to tell me anything. We have a good friendship and she now is sympathetic towards others. Since the Journey Of Life training I have learnt to listen to my child and have learnt the importance of showing children love.”

Many parents have not finished primary school and often do not have the skills to discipline their children or even communicate with their children effectively. We have not only been changing the children but also through the parents we are changing families for the better. The parents are so proud to receive a certificate of attendance it is usually their first and only source of encouragement and a treasured possession.

Other impacts include:

1) Limpopo Province is one of the worst for matriculation rates

  • In 2008, 100% of matriculants in our program passed their matric.
  • In 2009, 100% passed.
  • In 2010, 100% passed.
  • In 2011, 89% passed and those who didn’t, returned to school to try again.
  • In 2012, 54% passed but all have continued on to technical colleges, tertiary education or returned to improve their marks in secondary school.
  • In 2013, 77% passed

The decline in our pass rate is accredited to the general decline in the South African Education system and the very poor primary school preparation experienced by the children and change to Outcome Based Education system implemented years ago.

2) 70% of rural university students drop out in their first year. 10% only graduate their 4yr degree. Our first group of graduates graduated in 2012, all are employed in the private or government sector. Limpopo has a youth unemployment rate of 48.8%.

3) Limpopo Province has a teenage pregnancy rate of 13% we have reduced that rate to 0.072% for 11yrs. We should be seeing approximately 170 pregnancies a year.

4) Limpopo also has a HIV rate of 21.5% with the worst affected being females aged between 15-25yrs. With this pregnancy rate the youth are either abstaining (which they assure us they are) or are protecting themselves from unwanted pregnancies and HIV in the process

5) 10% of all natural deaths for children aged between 0-18yrs is suicide related. We have had no suicides in 11yrs

6) Non of our children, once they have joined the program and remain the program have been involved with crime or the police

7) Non of our children, once they have joined the program and remain active in the program use alcohol or drugs

8) We are currently working with 2,000 Children aged between 5-18yrs

9) We have now trained over 30 young adults who grew up in the process who have now decided to return as young adult leaders to be a role model and mentor other children.

10) We work into 86 different sites around Greater Tzaneen Municipality

11) Every child under the age of 18yrs has a birth certificate or Identity Document. This allows them to access free government services ie schooling, health services and also enables them to gain employment for the future.

Voice of the Child

My name is Rivoningo Mboweni, I am a grade 8 learner and I am 14yrs old. Scouts has changed me! Being a scout has had a huge impact because joining scouts has changed me from a bad girl to a good girl. Even keeping me busy as always and it has changed the way I have behaved. The way I look and the way I look at myself. The way I think because since I joined scouts ideas flow in my brain. Being a scout is not about what you do with others scouts but it becomes apart of your life style. Being a scout is a decision that one makes because you want to change in different ways: firstly you gain confidence, secondly you learn how to interact in different ways and with different people and lastly you discover your abilities. JOIN Scouts and you will change FOREVER!


As you can see our reach is vast, our impact solid over the years we have been operating and it is due to the investment of people like your self who have donated and partnered with us over the years. Thank you. All of this is made possible through your contribution to our work.

We are wanting to start a new project and fundraise $200,000 to purchase a farm that can double as an office, self sustaining farm and camping ground so we can take the children away at our convenience (currently we are limited to the one camp ground in the area and we can only really access that ground in winter). The camps are integral, we teach the children leadership skills, democracy, conflict management, negotiation as well as the adventure of going camping which none have had the privilege to do prior to being involved with KTD196. We also want to be less dependant on donors and more self sustaining through the farm. Please consider making a contribution. It IS a huge amount but if we dont have a goal we dont have anything to aim for.

Thank you for your support and ongoing committment to our project.

Warm regards

Louise Batty

Rivoningo Mboweni
Rivoningo Mboweni


Apr 21, 2014

Discipline & Integrity

This postcard is written by Chi Nguyen, our In-the-Field Representative for Southern Africa. Chi is traveling to the nine countries of Southern Africa, visiting and assisting our partner organizations, for the first half of 2014.

On Tuesday, April 15th, I had the privilege of visiting Keep the Dream196 in Tzaneen, South Africa, and was pleasantly surprised to witness the immense amount of changes KTD strives to achieve in the community. KTD works with over 2000 kids every week in 65 different villages in Tzaneen. They work to instill physical, social, emotional, and spiritual confidence in the children, with the Children's Rights framework in mind. They strive to lead the children away from alcohol and drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, and other behaviors that may be harmful to their futures. Louise of KTD informed me that the shabeens (local pubs) do not enforce any kind of age restriction in admitting their customers, and so it was not an uncommon sight to find children at the age of 9, 10, and 11 helping themselves to a drink or two, three, or four in a local pub. KTD works to instill discipline and integrity into the children they work with to discourage this behavior and to encourage healthier behaviors that can contribute to their futures instead, such as doing their homework together, recycling and keeping their community clean, and working together to improve their communities whichever way they can.

This discipline is evident in the way the children conduct themselves. The day I came to visit, they were all good posture, good manners, and efficient movement along their activities for the day. They first engaged in a steam-release actiivty, where they all played a quick game outside to release some of their excitement before proceeding with the rest of the day's activities. They then reconvened back inside, out of the unforgiving sun's heat, to learn about the importance of recycling and keeping the community clean. Throughout it all, they demonstrated their mantra of being children who are "clear in word, in thought, and in deed."

Keep the Dream196 involves the parents of the children as well - on the walls of the classroom, you could see charts on which the parents had brainstormed during their last parent committee meeting. These parent committees and groups help remove traditional roadblocks in parental attitudes towards children, sensitizing them to their children's needs. They learn how to show their children that they love them, and they learn how to keep an open mind in the new sources of information and learnings their children bring home with them from school every day, even if these learnings may contradict their traditional beliefs in subjects such as HIV/AIDS.

The program ended that day with the children receiving chocolate Easter eggs from a local preparatory school. Delighted, the children ripped off the wrapping and enjoyed their treat after a long day of lessons - a treat well-earned.

Feb 18, 2014

Superstar - here we are!!


Dear Friends and partners,

Firstly I must apologise to you all, we reached SUPERSTAR status in the middle of last year but I was remiss of informing you and I wanted to apologise because you helped us get there. SUPERSTAR status allows us to access funding from Global Giving donors and participate in special giving days, to keep this status we need to have a people donate monthly, however I just wanted to say thank you for your committment and support.

We had a very tough year last year with 3 key staff becoming ill and requiring hospitalisation and operations but what was particularly wonderful throughout the whole drama, which lasted 6months, KTD196 did not skip a beat. We are a small organization with only 3 fulltime staff, the loss of one staff member for a season could have been catastrophic never lone 2 fulltime staff and another part timer however all of the staff stepped up and covered for those on the sick list. All activities were completed and the children didnt notice. This is a real testimony to our sustainability for the future and our succession planning in the present.

Other success's include:

  • In 2013, we had 47 students sit matric

             - 14 received Bachelor level entry to university

             -13 received Diploma entry to university

             - 9 received certificate level entry to university

             - 11 unfortunately failed

All of these student have managed to access further education even those who failed are attending Technical College through our support and direction they also have been able to access bursary's. Those with degree level entry are doing a variety of courses including: Law, Medicine and Business studies. By going on to tertiary studies this will assist the children/young adults to break the cycle of poverty which has plagued their lives.

  • In 2013, we still had a 0.07%/pa teenage pregnancy rate where the provincial rate is 13%
  • 10% of all children's natural deaths (excluding murders) in our province are suicide related - none of our children have suicide because of our support interventions, however it is a different story once these kids leave the program. One young lady who left our program for a year tells her story below. For Nosiswe's privacy I will not include a photo.

Voice of the Child:

I have made a lot of bad choices and decisions after leaving Scouts at aged 17. I did things that I wouldn't have done if I was still a scout. I decided to stop going to scouts early last year and since then life became hard for me in some ways. Scouts helped me get where I am today, if it weren't for 1st Shiluvane Scouts I wouldn't be in university. Scouts disciplined me, gave me focus and enabled me to have dreams.

I decided to enroll myself with the university that best offers law degree (LLB) University of Limpopo. After quitting Scouts I lost focus, my mind was all over the place, I neglected my studies and I would stay in my room whenever I didn't feel like going to class. I didn't know why I was studying, I lost interest and just wanted to have fun. At least I managed to pass 8 out of 10 courses, it was not bad at all but I know I can do a lot better than that. I just needed to focus and I know that at Scouts that’s where I’m going to get motivated, that’s why I decided to go back.

Keep The Dream196 is the best campus one can ever have.

My mother is never around, her life is in Johannesburg, I have been growing up alone, I had no one to guide me but KTD196 gave me all the guidance I needed. Scouts helped me make wiser decisions about my life. I even started drinking which was the most stupid move I have ever made, I would drink to get intoxicated because that was my way of having fun. Intoxication lowers thinking and reasoning capacity, so I did crazy and stupid things due to intoxication and some of those things nearly cost me my life. I reached a point where I felt that life was just not worth living. I then decided to commit suicide by taking an overdose of pills.

Fortunately I was hospitalized in time and decided to keep this a secret from my family. Life was just hell for me last year but I brought this on myself. After all this I sat down and did some introspection. I realized that I got lost the moment I left KTD196 and stopped living like a Scout.

I finally decided to go back to Scouts and joined 1st Shiluvane Rover Crew. I’m doing much better than last year and this year, with the determination that I have, I'm going to bring out the best in me and I know that with the Scouts and Rovers in my life I will achieve anything I want to achieve. Scouts is definitely the way to go! Once a Scout always a Scout. Nosiswe - A returned Rover

Our work is very impactual at so many different levels. We are bringing parents closer to their children and children closer to their parents. Our kids are having good success at school and we are seeing our young adults return as leaders to assist the next generation.

As an organization we have been working for 10yrs now changing the lives of so many children. We have been able to have that success because of you our supporters. On May 7th 2014 Global Giving is holding a bonus day, any donation on this day will be doubled. Please if you are thinking about making a once off donation try and remember this day. If you would like to change your status from once off to monthly please go to our donation page. Every dollar/rand counts and we are grateful for all the help we receive.

Voice of the Child

I am Nkhensani, I live in Burgersdorp. I am going to turn 20yrs on 5th November 2013. I am currently studying information technology in Phalobowra. The reason I joined was my mother pushed me because she knew something about this organization and she knew I would need Scouts in the future.

Now my life has changed because of Scouts. I have realized Scouts is fantastic. I know how to respect people, how to plant and grow vegetables and how to help people when they are sick. The most important thing I have learned is to take care of my family. I remember when my mother died, I was supposed to take care of my younger sister. I did that because I was knowing how to take of some one and I thank Louise, Akela Zabe and Akela Catherine for supporting me and for teaching me lots of things concerning my life. I like to encourage young children to join Scouts because scouts helps people at all times for example teaching you things you wont learn at school but it is part of your life.

Nkhensani - Assistant Troop Scouter 1st Burgersdorp Troop & Rover with Marula Rover Crew.

Nkhensani's food garden for her and her sister


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