Ba Futuru / For the Future

To contribute to peace-building and sustainable human development by facilitating the psychosocial recovery of conflict-affected, vulnerable and at-risk children and youth, and by developing the knowledge, skills and values of community leaders, young people and their care-givers in the areas of human rights, children's rights, child protection and non-violent conflict transformation.

Ba Futuru / For the Future
Peace Center, Golgota, Comoro Road
Dili, Dili
East Timor

National Director

Juliana 'Lica' Marcal

Management Team

Sierra James, Laura Ogden, Joana Camoes, Vidal Campos, Helio dos Reis, Maria Elisabeth Chan, Vidal Campos, Nivea Saldanha

Board of Directors

Melissa E Wingard-Phillips,James P Coy,Daniel Wilde,Juliana O Marcal,Flavio S Martins,Sierra E James,Megan Lavelle,Danielle Heinecke

Project Leaders

Sierra James


To contribute to peace-building and sustainable human development by facilitating the psychosocial recovery of conflict-affected, vulnerable and at-risk children and youth, and by developing the knowledge, skills and values of community leaders, young people and their care-givers in the areas of human rights, children's rights, child protection and non-violent conflict transformation.


1. Youth Integration and Development Initiative - This initiative takes place at Ba Futuru's Peace Center, which provides outlets and activities for young people that enhance personal and social development. Courses on offer include: language courses, creative arts classes, drama, sport activities, as well as human rights and civic education training using the TAHRE and Positive Discipline curriculums. Additionally, Global Fund for Children is supporting Ba Futuru through the Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) project which aims to empower youth in underserved communities across the globe with real-world experiences and 21st century tools, to help them communicate ideas, exhibit their potential and take action in their communities. AYV engages talented youth educators of middle- and high-school-age in a year-long professional development and support program. Educators enhance their teaching strategies, gain new skills, and collaborate with like-minded educators and youth media experts in other countries in order to enable young people to express themselves using digital tools and to create media with a personally meaningful purpose. Educators from participating sites join a global network and exhibit and share youth-created media projects, including videos, documentaries, photojournalism, animations, websites, and multimedia. 2. Community Peace Building Support Network - Since 2009, this project has helped to build capacity in the areas of non-violent conflict resolution and prevention at the grassroots level, supporting a peaceful future for Timor-Leste. Six at-risk areas in Dili and Atauro Island are involved in the project, which is currently funded until December 2011. Twelve Community Response Team (CRT) members (two from each community) identify participants and work with Ba Futuru to deliver the training in their communities. This project also entails monthly meetings between CRTs and key leaders in their communities and regular meetings between CRTs and Ba Futuru staff. In 2011 Ba Futuru will have provided 24 trainings in the area of conflict mitigation, conflict analysis and conflict transformation with the community leaders, members of the national police force, martial arts and gang members and other key actors in prone-conflict communities in Dili and Atauro Island. 3. Youth Empowerment and Peace Building Project - As part of this project Ba Futuru, with the support from 8 Community Response Team (CRT) members, will have held 20 conflict mitigation trainings and corresponding follow up evaluations, engaging approximately 30 youth (ages 12-30) in each round of training on the TAHRE curriculum in four conflict-prone areas of Dili District. 4. Strengthening Peace in the Lives of Children Project - This project addresses two key issues: a widespread lack of understanding of how to identify and address child protection issues; and teachers and parents' limited understanding of the negative impacts of the use of violence with children and of positive discipline methods. Ba Futuru will have worked in three schools in 2011 bringing thousands of children in high-risk areas as well as their parents, teachers and school faculty skills that will assist them in protecting and promoting children's rights and child protection. Project activities include: Peace building (TAHRE) training for 30 students in each school, introductory workshop in human rights, conflict resolution and access to justice with all the students in each school; child protection and positive discipline training with the teachers and parents; and bi-monthly meetings involving students, teachers, and parents. 5. Community Development and Peace Building Project for Atauro Island - This is a two-year project in which Ba Futuru is working to build local capacity in the area of child protection as well as provide skill building on conflict mitigation, and support early childhood education and participatory education on Atauro Island (the most remote part of Dili District). Ba Futuru's partner organization on this project is the local NGO on Atauro Island, Roman Luan (ROLU). Ba Futuru supports the staffing of ROLU's five kindergartens, two early literacy schools and library, provides training on early childhood education and participatory education strategies and on-sight mentoring for the teachers while they together implement principles of the training. Ba Futuru also engages community leaders, teachers and police on Atauro Island in positive discipline and child protection training, developing a child protection network, which will feed into the national protection mechanism that already exists, referring cases both to the Ministry of Social Solidarity's Child Protection Unit and to the Vulnerable Persons Unit of the Police. A participant from one Child Protection Training in Suco Makadade on Atauro Island, said, "From this training I now know what is gender-based violence and the impact it has on the victim and the family. I understand the circle of violence and ways to give support to victims. This training has reinforced how I can help my family and other people." Another participant in the same training said: "The material I've learnt I can apply to my life and especially my work as a local leader (lia nain). I feel more confident that when I face problems in my community, I can work with others and we can use our knowledge and understanding gained during the training to resolve such problems. I recognize that during my time as a lia nain, some problems have occurred in our community that we've resolved through the traditional system 'closing the shame'. From this training we are encouraged to open our thoughts and our understanding and this enables us to better define what is a crime that needs to be taken to the formal justice system." 6. Advocacy Theatre for Women's Participation in Politics - In September of 2011 Ba Futuru began performing short theatrical pieces at the request of UNWOMEN. Over the next year Ba Futuru will perform "Voting Day" in 13 districts throughout Timor-Leste, to help to raise awareness about women's right to vote and to encourage women, particularly first-time voters, to vote in the upcoming elections in 2012. Ba Futuru will also perform a second play, yet to be named, throughout 13 districts in Timor-Leste. This play will help to awareness on political priorities for women and the roles and responsibilities of political candidates to their constituents, and encourage women to be involved in political parties. 7. Child Protection Project - In October of 2011 Ba Futuru started a project with Plan International which focuses on building the capacity of NGO partners in Aileu and Lautem districts in the areas of positive discipline, child protection, peace building, and conflict resolution. This project forms part of Sweden International Development Agency's (SIDA) efforts to strengthen child protection throughout Timor-Leste. 8. Empowering Women Project - Ba Futuru is very excited to be embarking upon a new project, Empowering Women and Establishing Grassroots Protection Networks, in November of 2011, which will run for 3 years in the following target areas: Dili, Atauro and Ermera. This project's overall objective is to improve grassroots protection for vulnerable populations through the empowerment of women in Timor-Leste. It will assist in stopping human rights violations, and work for the prevention of violence, against women and children by establishing local protection networks. In addition, it will provide hundreds of key actors and community members with skill-building on protection, human rights and conflict resolution issues. This project will increase linkages between state and non-state actors at the local level for the prevention of violence against women and children, and will ensure women's meaningful participation in peace-building and post-conflict governance. This project has three specific objectives: Reduce violence against, and abuse of, vulnerable populations Empower local female leaders as key agents for protection Improve the government's awareness of grassroots protection needs to introduce strategies to address these needs.

Statistics on Ba Futuru / For the Future

Financial Statistics

  • Annual Budget for 2012: $772,496
  • Maximum Annual Budget: $772,496
  • Other funding sources: International NGOs, Foundations, Corporations, International organizations, Government, Religious organizations, Income generating projects, and Sales.
  • Religious Affiliation: None
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