Our mission is simple: We clean water for kids. Safe drinking water is the most essential life-sustaining requirement. There is no substitute - not at any price. In this day and age, in such a plentiful world, clean water should no longer be the privilege of some, but the basic right of every child.
Dec 6, 2012

Our 500th Site in China!

500 Sites in China
500 Sites in China

On November 1, 2012 we completed our 500th active installation of clean water systems in China. The 500th installation was at Ganjiaping Elementary School located in Badong County, Hubei Prefecture, China. This school has 310 students and 16 staff.

Help us get to 503!

This project is almost completely funded, and very shortly we will begin installation in three pediatric hospitals in China. Imagine taking your sick or injured child to a hospital that is functioning without clean water! This should not be so, and it is a simple problem to fix!

With your help, we will install water purifications systems and drinking & hand washing stations at three more sites, and we will provide 10 years of spare parts, maintenance, training, and support, positioning each site to take ownership of its own system by year 11.

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We would never have been able to achieve these results in China without the dedication, commitment, perseverance, and grit of a lot of folks. We are so proud of our entire China team, but we also owe a lot to the China Association of Social Workers and to the China Charity Federation for their belief in us when we were a very small and unknown player in the water sector.

But first and foremost, we were able to reach this goal because of supporters like you. Today, thousands of children in China and over 225,000 children in cities and towns around the world are enjoying safe, clean water.

Ganjiaping Elementary School 1
Ganjiaping Elementary School 1
Ganjiaping Elementary School 2
Ganjiaping Elementary School 2
Ganjiaping Elementary School 3
Ganjiaping Elementary School 3


Oct 15, 2012

A Childs' Right is Moving Forward as Splash

Cambodian Kids & Clean Water
Cambodian Kids & Clean Water

Before we update you on our work in Cambodia, we have some exciting news to share: as of October 10, 2012, A Child’s Right is operating under a new name: Splash. We want to assure you that, even though our name is different, nothing about who we are or what we do is changing. Our mission, values, core work model, partners, staff, and plans for future growth remain the same. To learn more, visit splash.org/achildsright.

Why Splash?
In one powerful word, Splash illustrates the potential of clean water to make a difference in children’s lives. Kids need clean water to be healthy, to grow and thrive, to attend school regularly, and to fulfill their potential. Splash is a bold yet playful organization meeting this compelling need of kids globally. We are confident that this change is going to help move our work forward!

Cambodia Update
We're making a lot of progress on the ground in Cambodia. Our hiring process for new Health and Hygiene Promotion staff is also in full swing. Amelia, our Health & Hygiene Director, is sorting through the first round of candidates. We also are in the process of beginning two new site installations in Phnom Penh. In September, our SE Asia Regional Director traveled to Cambodia offices to meet with in-country staff. Together they visited recently constructed water stations and began annual water testing as part of our regular monitoring and evaluation program. They also spent some quality time planning for 2013. One of the things we're really excited about is establishing a sustainability savings fund program for our partners. For the first 10 years of a project, they would contribute money to this fund so that by year eleven they would have enough resources to own and care for their own water systems and stations. They would also know, first-hand, how to sustain clean water beyond 20 years.

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Sep 5, 2012

We've chosen our first pediatric hospital!

Since our last project update, we have been conducting site visits at several hospitals we’ve identified as potential partners. We met with staff at each hospital to discuss working together and to assess their specific water needs and challenges. We have three sites we’re feeling very confident about, and one in particular we think is perfect. While we can’t release the name of this site until we’ve formalized agreements and obtained necessary permits, we couldn't wait to tell you about it!
This particular pediatric hospital specializes in the treatment of children with Cerebral Palsy (CP). Their approach is a blend of traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture and massage as well as speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. The hospital has 300 in-patient children and treats about 100 out-patient children per day. There are also 100 orphans, primarily abandoned children, being cared for at the hospital.
Water is currently sourced from a 40-meter deep well and is stored in a large tank on the 7th floor. The water is very hard and also contains a lot of sediment, requiring the tank to be cleaned at least every two months.  There are two potential locations for installation, and both should have water purification systems. Also, each floor of the hospital has an area where they heat water, and ideally we’d like to pipe filtered water into each of these areas. The main challenge would be the re-plumbing that would be required.
We’re very excited about the prospect of working with this and other sites, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on our progress.
Thanks for your support!