Our mission is simple: We clean water for kids. Safe drinking water is the most essential life-sustaining requirement. There is no substitute - not at any price. In this day and age, in such a plentiful world, clean water should no longer be the privilege of some, but the basic right of every child.
May 15, 2014

Clean Water, Appropriate Hygiene, Better Health

Chamroeun Phal School
Chamroeun Phal School

 Clean water makes a HUGE difference to kids -- Imagine if YOU had to drink water with e. coli or fecal coliform in it. (Yuck!)

Many kids don't have a choice.

In Cambodia (both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap) Splash is making sure that schools have clean water and hygiene education services, plus also orphanages and shelters.

Our latest report is that we have water flowing in Cambodia for over 62,000 kids. For a closer look, please see: http://www.splash.org/where/country/cambodia

For examples of specific sites, please see:

Chamroeun Phal Primary School


Thank YOU for making such a difference in kids' lives!


Jan 9, 2014

The Kids Asked Us to Tell You "Thank You!"

Several Splash staff recently travelled to Cambodia to visit the children supported by your gifts! They were full of smiles, and eagerly toured us around their facilities (whether an orphanage, a center for street kids, or a school).

We promised we'd tell you "Thank you!" (The photos here are from those very conversations.)

Here is what is most exciting now: Having secured clean water in many sites in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, Splash is now augmenting the impact of clean water through hygiene education (for example, teaching kids to wash hands after using the toilet, and before meals) because clean hands + safe water have a far greater positive effect than clean water alone.

Thank you for your support - Clean water for kids in Cambodia is possible, it is increasing, and you are part of the solution!

P.S., You can always follow Splash in Cambodia at this link.


Sep 10, 2013

Update from Cambodia

Waterborne illness is the single largest threat to children’s health globally, and it is a huge obstacle for children in Cambodia. So we’re working with kids and caregivers to teach clean and healthy behaviors that limit the spread of disease, alongside providing them with clean, reliable, safe water. In our last notes we introduced you to Sea (pronounced SAY-uh), our Health & Hygiene Coordinator in Cambodia. At this point, Sea wants you to know that we're approaching completion of our first five pilot projects (in schools) for hygiene education.
Following these first five schools, Splash plans to expand hygiene education to all of our 63 partner sites in Cambodia. Each of the first five schools has a child-led group of six students, led by one teacher. They learn about everything hygiene—from hand washing to tooth brushing to germ transmission. Then they share what they learn with their peers, in fun and creative ways (as in, very creative)!

Sea reports that the pilot projects will soon be complete (by October), so we are ramping up planning for how to extend this newfound knowledge to the full complement of 63 sites in Cambodia.

None of this would be possible without the generous support of people like you! Thanks for supporting Splash and clean water (and hygiene!) for kids.