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Mission To encourage girls of any age of any background to consider and pursue math and science-related studies and careers by introducing them to the world of science in fun and exciting ways Objectives To increase the number of women in math and science occupations (science, math, engineering & technology = STEM) To create a network of girls so that they meet one another and form future friendships that will encourage them to reach their potential To create a link between girls and real scientists and mathematicians so they can explore dreams and possibilities for the future To provide an outlet for professionals, with particular emphasis on females in math, science and technology...
Oct 14, 2013

Your second report on our activites!

g4g day in Athens!
g4g day in Athens!

Dear all donors

We are pleased to update you on our activities since our last report 3 months ago. We have been very busy in the last months and have held 3 greenlight for girl’s days since we last spoke to you: one in the SouthCoast, US and a second one in Ouro Branco, Brazil and for the first time ever we launched in Athens, Greece, just yesterday on October 12th. All three events were a complete success and if you would like to see some pictures of the girls please visit our Facebook page or sign up for our monthly newsletter. 

We also have 2 upcoming greenlight for girls days: the fourth annual one in Brussels, Belgium on November 16th and for the third time in Kinshasa, DRC on December 7th! Once again we are looking for volunteers, workshop leaders and sponsors for these events so please contact us if you would like to be involved. 

If you are in any of these regions we encourage you to get in touch with us and come see what we do first hand, and find out where your donations have gone. It is a day where you can be inspired and feel fulfilled with your efforts in helping these girls. 

We are however, still a long way away from reaching our goals. Despite the fact that we keep holding activities and events we lack a big source of funding and have been fighting to keep going, thus your donations are truly appreciated! 

Please share our work with friends and family and we will keep brining you more exciting news and events!

All the best from the g4g team. 

Sep 24, 2013

Our next report on the scholarship girls!

Dear donors and friends.

We would like to take this opportunity to update you on the latest from the scholarship girls and also to call on your help once more to complete our entire goal. We have now raised just less than $9,000 for this project. However we have another $15,000 to go for all the girls to complete a full three year degree. There is still plenty of work to be done in raising awareness and money for these girls who have so far not let us down and have progressed greatly in their studies. 

We have a couple of projects aimed at helping the girls along further. One such project, and one which you could forward to your friends, colleagues and network is a project started by a volunteer. Leslie and her partner will be racing in a rickshaw around India for 2 weeks to raise money and awareness for our scholarship girls! You can visit their site on: and you can donate through their GlobalGiving site as they are a g4g fundraiser - At the end of their trip, they will meet the 8 chosen scholarship girls in India, so we are looking forward to that meeting and be sure to follow them on social media, because the more 'likes' they have the more chances they have to receive sponsorship!

You could also give strategically by utilising the GlobalGiving Bonus Day: On Tuesday October 15th, GlobalGiving is giving away $15,000 in matching funds, they will begin at 9:01pm EDT and will end at 8:59 pm EDT on Wednesday, October 16th or until funds run out. Matching is applied at 30% up to $1,000 per donor per project (for example, a donation of $1,500 will receive a $300 match). Only donations made by unique donors per project will be matched, so those who have already donated, your further donations will not be eligible for matching so please forward this great deal and help us spread the word! Additionally, the project that has the most unique donors on Bonus Day will receive an additional $1,000 from GlobalGiving. This is an excellent opportunity for us to boost our donations and help us reach our goal of reaching $24,000 to put all the girls through university! Remember to spread the word and save the date: Tuesday October 15th! 

How are the girls?

In our last report we informed you that Chandana will be taking the girls to the Bosch factory for a learning experience. The date is set and on October 5th, Chandana will take the girls around the factory and give them a perspective of the industry from the factory floor. We are looking forward to hearing how it went and seeing the pictures. We are also looking forward to announcing which studies the next 4 girls chose and update you on their first days at University. 

Let’s work together to help these girls and enable them to help others!

Our Best Regards

The g4g team


Jul 15, 2013

Our first report on the g4g project!

greenlight girl testing out science for herself
greenlight girl testing out science for herself

We are happy to give you the first update on our "give girls a greenlight for science" project. 

We are still at the fundraising stage for our project through globalgiving as well as some independent fundraising social events. Thus far we have recieved some donations from both channels and are organising activities to raise more. 

The money raised through these activities will go directly towards the following activities which we are very happy to announce! The first is our second annual greenlight for girls day in Ouro Branco, Brazil on August 13 - 17, the first ever greenlight for girls day in Athens, Greece on October 12th and the fourth annual greenlight for girls day in Brussels on November 16th! We are pleased to bring these events to the relevent regions through the hard work of the g4g team and network as well as the generous donations from individual donors and organisations. 

In the next report we will update you on how our g4g days in Brazil and Greece went but for now we leave you with pictures of our events last year. We look forward to updating you again soon and thank you for your generous donations!

Our Launch in Brazil - 2012
Our Launch in Brazil - 2012
Our Launch in Brazil - 2012
Our Launch in Brazil - 2012


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