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The Women's Employment Network (WEN) was founded in 1986 to assist women in raising their self-esteem and achieving economic independence through sustained employment. Our vision is to advance positive change in the lives of women, their families, and the community, one woman at a time.
Sep 18, 2012

Learning from each other

New Graduate
New Graduate

On Friday, September 14, WEN hit a huge milestone. Our 250th class of women completed their 5-Week Intensive Training Program! Nine women completed the whole course and one was hired her second week into the program. Congratulations graduates!

We even heard back from one of our graduates today that she will be beginning a job as a Specimen Collector in a laboratory this Thursday. Two of the other women have interviews this week and we hope that the job offers keep pouring in.

Many of WEN's alums are active on our Facebook page, and several shared pieces of advice for this newest group of graduates. Their tips for the job searchers included:

  • Keep your relationships and networks fresh and relevant.
  • Go after what you want!
  • Keep your friendships alive! They can be a source of strength.
  • Take good care of yourself and your health. When you're strong you can take care of others.

We wish these women the best of luck and hope that in the coming years they will be able to pay it forward and help other women with their own advice and support.


Jun 19, 2012

Invest in YOURSELF... great things will happen!

CAK and Client
CAK and Client

Meet Joyce* (her name has been changed). She is an unemployed mom of two school-age children. Joyce had been unemployed for four long years. During that time, Joyce tried out a few local employment-prep programs and courses, but she never saw or felt their value. They left her disheartened, uninspired, drained  - and worst of all, still without employment.

Then, one evening on-line, she happened upon WEN’s website. It seemed different. She called, came in, had her assessment and enrolled. The turning-point.

Joyce learned that WEN’s program would deliver, but she also realized she couldn’t just sign up and go through the motions. Joyce found that, at WEN, she had to invest in herself and commit to working hard on her process, that WEN expected a great deal from its clients. Invest in yourself – there will be a return.

Joyce showed up at WEN every day for the five-week curriculum. She did some real soul-searching, developed a realistic action-plan for her job-search and goals, created a strong resume and cover letter template, polished up her interview skills, got a new suit from the WEN clothing bank, and was ready to hit the pavement and find employment.

She identified her “dream employer.” And, with the help and support from the dedicated staff – and from the other women in her WEN class – Joyce was ready to make things happen. And she did. Within 3 weeks after graduating, Joyce was hired by her dream employer.  She did not get her “dream job;” but she seized the opportunity to get her foot in the door. The job she accepted offered her the flexibility she needed to manage her family’s schedules and needs, a paycheck that would support them, and the opportunity for her to grow within the company for which she most wanted to work.

Joyce came back to WEN a few weeks later to speak to the new WEN clients. She addressed the class and told them the importance of having realistic goals – that where you start is not where you will end up, to always believe in yourself. Joyce actually put her foot in the doorway of the classroom to demonstrate her point. The message resonated!

Joyce’s story does not end here. As it turned out, Joyce would not receive her first paycheck until 3 weeks after she started. Joyce needed, but could not afford, supportive shoes for her new position – a moderate expense for some, but untenable for Joyce. Thanks to a Special Assistance Fund at WEN, we were able to purchase these shoes for Joyce so that she could manage and succeed in her new position.

Joyce is still employed with her “dream employer.” And she’s well on her way to her “dream” job there as well. Most importantly, Joyce is taking care of herself and her family.  This is not the “end of the story” for Joyce; it’s just the beginning of a new and happy chapter. All of this is possible because of Joyce, her hard work and her diligence. But none of this would be possible without WEN.

Big, systemic change can start by helping one woman secure employment and become financially and emotionally self-sufficient; WEN is the agent for this change. WEN’s core program endeavors to awaken, increase, and maximize our clients’ abilities to earn and maintain a living. WEN believes – and has proven – that, through our programming, helping women help themselves greatly improves the communities in which we all live, one woman at a time.

Apr 2, 2012

She Found Her "Inner Super Woman!"

Inner-Superwoman Workshop 3/12
Inner-Superwoman Workshop 3/12

A young woman, *Kate* (name changed), in her late twenties, came to WEN. She was determined to change her life, make improvements, and take steps that would lead her to success and opportunity. She had held jobs and done just fine, but the bulk of her work experiences had been at Wendy's and McDonalds. She thought this -- and that she herself -- was not good enough, "less than." This was faulty thinking, it was self-defeating, and it was wrong. The women at WEN helped her understand, appreciate and realize that she had experience with customer-service, money-handling, and most of all, she had proven herself to be a reliable, trustworthy, and honest employee. She was someone who could be counted on. To this young woman, this truth that seemed clear to others was news to her. And it felt good when she learned it - and even better when she believed it and owned it.

Part of WEN's 5-week Employment Preparation and Career Transition Training involves attending workshops on various personal and professional development topics. One such workshop offered is "Finding Your Inner-Super Woman." Kate attended. And, no joke, the next day, she came into class and the WEN receptionist truly did not recognize her. Kate sat down in the WEN classroom, and the Program Director had to do a double-take because she too "saw" someone totally different. It wasn't just that Kate had changed her haircut (yes, dramatically, she had gone from a long-haired brunette to a red-head with a shoulder-length style). But it was that she was shining from within. Kate told the class - and our Program Director - that she had been listening, taking in, and contemplating all that she had learned over the past 4 weeks, and that it all just "crystallized" during the SuperWoman workshop. She was going to let that SuperWoman, who had been hiding in herself for so long, fly free. She was going to make way for changes, for good things, for a future to open up and happen.

The Graduation ceremony just concluded. Kate was there, proud of herself, happy - Super Woman on display. And she is poised and ready to take her new attitude, new sense of self, new resume and interviewing skills into her job-search-process and find herself that next employment opportunity that she deserves, can ably handle, and will love.

Another WEN success story. Way to go, Kate.

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