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The Center for Digital Inclusion (CDI) is a global NGO that implements educational programs designed to expose disadvantaged groups and impoverished communities to new technologies. We promote social inclusion of vulnerable populations by using education and technology to fight poverty, stimulate entrepreneurship, strengthen communities and empower them to transform their realities. Today, CDI has operations in 10 countries: Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Portugal, Spain, US and UK.
Mar 8, 2012

Discovering talents in the community

My name is Marcos Gabriel Moreira de Oliveira and I am 14 Years.

The CEACA village became part of my life when I was 10 and my hand that works there to this day I signed up at the Cultural Center of the Child - CCCria.
When I turned 12 years spent CEACA to another project, the Office of knowing where he was receiving tutoring schools and cultural and recreational activitieswhen I turned 14 years I signed up for Winning the Future program, was there that I learned assembly and maintenance of computers and thanks to my interest and enjoyment in this courseI was invited to be part of the technical support CEACA.
Thanks to CEACA got my first professional opportunity and my desire to move on to become a successful professional.
I thank the CEACA who has done for meand that is why we need donations, so that more people may have opportunity to change your destination and find your way.


Dec 8, 2011

Transformando a vidas atraves da tecnologia

My name is Alessandro Neves Rodrigues, I am 27 years old, I am an analyst in the company ALL.
A year and seven months that I am part of this wonderful company. Gain more than three minimum wages per month and I'm in college (IT) technology in the 5th period. This is all thanks to the wonderful work done by the NGO-ECAC in which Dona ANA VILA MARCONDES is the president.
                 It was not always so, before my life was very painful, my mother, mother of three sons worked as a cook in the family home, the money he earned was only for the household expenses, and almost never enough to buy toys, clothes , SHOE for us. This situation made my brothers seek a financial solution faster, "crime"! Unfortunately the way without success, and saw him coming the pain of losing two brothers killed in clashes related to drug trafficking. The days spent on productive activities without slabs, at a time when almost consumed drugs and participated in the sale of them. That was my world. Until you reach the institution, age 19, with no prospect of life, attending the 4th grade of elementary school, and grace the magnificent work done by the institution ECAC-VILA, I had the privilege to learn computer, go to college. Analyst and I am now as a customer, the largest call center in Latin America: "Contax".
This work has been developing the ECAC to 28 years, offering our community an opportunity to various courses for all ages, of course, I am a living example. My life changed dramatically after I met this institution, today I am very grateful for everything you gave in my LIFE!
I ask the help of donors through the Global Giving to continue this work and make a difference in the lives of other young people as it did in mine. The ECAC Digit @ l is the path to change the outlook for the community and needs your help to continue.

Sep 27, 2011

CEAC@ Digital presents a winner

Wellington Ribeiro
Wellington Ribeiro

My name is Wellington Ribeiro, 25 years, and I am the father of a beautiful boy who is also called Wellington, now 4 years old.
I'm born and raised in the community of Monkey Hill, where I learned many things.
When I was 2 years, my mother put me in the nursery of Dona Anna, which was still in the Residents' Association. I went through a lot in my life. At 6 years old, I had to have surgery for appendicitis; thank God everything went well and not anything more serious happened. I grew up watching the activities of the ECAC, taking courses in carpentry, design, etc. school of futsal. When I moved away after 15 years of the ECAC to take the course at Camp Vila Isabel, which was prepared and sent to the labor market, I got my first job as office boy and after one year spent my time working in the personnel department of the company When I turned 18 years, I left to serve in the army, which was a childhood dream and was a unique opportunity. Served for 1 year and 2 months. After six months without an occupation, the ECAC came into my life again with the help of my sister who was then secretary of the institution. That was when Miss Anna gave me the opportunity to start a new life in training in information technology, learning to do maintenance on computers and always learning new things, winning a purse of only $ 60.00. But what was most valuable was the knowledge that I acquired. After two months spent working with children in the seat of the ECAC, at the same time I discovered I would be a father; I was a little nervous because I still was not able to raise a child and my happiness was to be named for educator Computer Children's Cultural Center where I began formal work with it was more quiet and safe to give a healthy life for my son, who was born in May 2007. From then on I was doing more courses by the ECAC and always append and acquiring new knowledge in informatics.
Today I am still at the Cultural Center of the Child computer acting as educator, I also work at the headquarters of the ECAC area computer maintenance, project manager of HP and also starring in Life ECAC Digit @ l
Our goal in ECAC Digit @ l is the implementation of a mini graphic to enlarge the core service. Thus increasing the income of the community and open new opportunities for professional growth for young people like me.
I thank the ECAC and Mrs. Anna for all I know today and the opportunity they gave me, without the ECAC do not know what my life could be today, because everything I learned here was to learn outside the community would have to pay dearly Especially in the IT area.
I am very happy today to be part of the team's ECAC Village and be a reference for children and adolescents in the community.