Center for Digital Inclusion

The Center for Digital Inclusion (CDI) is a global NGO that implements educational programs designed to expose disadvantaged groups and impoverished communities to new technologies. We promote social inclusion of vulnerable populations by using education and technology to fight poverty, stimulate entrepreneurship, strengthen communities and empower them to transform their realities. Today, CDI has operations in 10 countries: Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Portugal, Spain, US and UK.
Dec 14, 2012

The transformative power of training for building a successful career

Luiz Carlos da Silva Payer
Luiz Carlos da Silva Payer

A resident of a favela since he was 10, Luiz Carlos da Silva Payer, 25, is an excellent example of the transformative power of training for building a successful career. In 2005, when he was 16 years old, Luiz Carlos had his first contact with a computer through a digital inclusion course at the NGO CEACA- Vila. The course, however, was not free. Unable to pay the course fee, he was forced to quit during the first module. Nevertheless, due to his superior work-ethic, his professors eventually found a way to invite him back to the course free of charge.

His teachers´ initial impression proved accurate and he quickly demonstrated superior talent in IT. Realizing his potential, the NGO CEACA-Vila later invited him to be a part of the newly created IT Nucleus, developed in partnership with CDI. There, Luiz Carlos, was a part of the technology support team, working specifically with the assembly and maintenance of the organizations’ computers. In 2007,  in addition to his first full-time job at the IT Nucleus, Luiz Carlos also enrolled in college studying IT.

In 2010, after graduating from Celso Lisboa University (Faculdade Celso Lisboa), Luiz Carlos left CEACA-Vila and accepted a position at CDI as a Support Analyst, leading a team of 6 people. This year, Luiz Carlos was invited to join the team of an American market-research firm, Mobile Metrix, to work as the technology coordinator. As one of Mobile Metrix core team members, he works on projects throughout Brazil.

With a model resume and excellent references, Luiz Carlos is also working on many individual pursuits. He has already begun to develop his own business within the area of technology. “One day, I would like to be my own boss and reach even higher levels”.

There is no greater reward than visualizing the success of Luiz Carlos and the other individuals currently in training at CEACA Vila.

Sep 18, 2012

Patinho Feliz pre-school is already a finalist of Premio Crianca contest 2012

The awards, realized by Abrinq Fundation, happens every two years and have as goal to identify and recognize the good social practices turned to children between zero and six years old. And the community CEACA’s pre-school, Patinho Feliz, that works on Morro dos Macacos for more than 20 years, is already considered one of the top 10 projects on this line in Brazil.

Efforts all over the country, participated of the contest and the number of attendance, the pedagogic proposes and the children’s activities was rated, between another points. “It`s amazing be recognize as one of the finalist. It’s a quality certification that brings credibility to the project, helping with the found-raising”, says Jacqueline Cruz, the pre-school coordinator.

The awards will happen in São Paulo on November 29th, in a solemnity where only four winners will receive a statuette that symbolized the recognition for the good work, besides good media visibility.

Jun 26, 2012

Course design graphic opportunity for young

Young working on a design project
Young working on a design project

The Digit@l CEACA initiated the project to train young people with the intention of forwards them to the labor market. The course for technical qualification that offers young people working the program content (Gimp, Inkscape and Movie Maker) which deals with entry and processing of digital images and colors (histograms, balance and color correction), selecting parts of an image, masks layers, filters and artistic finishing and special effects for text, vectorization and digital design.

Qualified young people end up having more opportunities in the labor market, thus the end of 06 months the parties will be participating in selection for entry into the nucleus of informatics, which works by providing printing services to the community, such as clothing of cards for different topics, invitations, banners, folders, CD music and video, print for blouses and other services. Initially to carry out these services need to multifunction printer, auto cutter, stapler, picotadeira, flatbed scanner and digital camera, plus the necessary material for the manufacture of products such as: white blouses, photo paper, printer ink cartridges. Initially Ceaca Digital has a partnership with Global Giving that has given strong support to the capture feature to leverage the project, but the expectation is to increase the number of vacancies and meet much younger.

This work is of fundamental importance because it indicates the path to be followed. With a training and a work environment full young people can feel as a company really works, and his work increase their profile and their employability.

We rely on donations in order to keep this job that is working, continue helping us and making a difference.