Nicaragua Children's Foundation

The Nicaragua Children's Foundation believes that: Every child has a right to an education and to the tools that will enable him/her to learn. Each one of us has the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of others We take direction from the community in which we work to create and support projects that are appropriate for the people in the area. We are accountable to our supporters; all donations go to providing help to children in Nicaragua.
Aug 23, 2012

Our latest visit to Los Pipitos

Hi to all of you!

We've just come back from a visit to Nicaragua. While we were there, we went to Los Pipitos to see how everything was going. We're happy to report that the school has made a lot of progress in the last six months. They have a classroom schedule containing large group activities as well as individual work for each student according to their needs. They are receiving regular visits from a physiotherapist as well. Some of the students painted a mural on the front of the school which really adds to the cheeriness of the place. Everyone there, both staff and students look happy and healthy! The older students are making really beautiful pinatas to see in the town as well, with proceeds going to the school. All in all, we're really proud of this place and all that everyone has accomplished here.

A few years ago, we met Oliver through Los Pipitos. Oliver is in a wheelchair due to a fall from a tree as a child. We helped Oliver finish his degree in accounting and business administration. He now works for our foundation as the volunteer coordinator for Los Pipitos. Last week, we found out that he may walk again! However, first he needs an MRI diagnostic exam, which costs about $750 in Nicaragua. We have started a fund for him as this does not fall within the parameters of our foundation. If you know of anyone who would be interested in helping a very nice guy walk again someday, please let us know!

Jun 2, 2012

Thanks to all of you, we made it!

A child from Ojochal
A child from Ojochal

Hi everyone, 

Thanks to all our supporters, we now have just over $6,000 for scholarships and bursaries for the children in Nicaragua. We know that this will make a very big difference to the lives of these children and to their families. The money raised will be enough to sustain the scholarship program for the first five years. Although we originally began with a target of $4,000, we surpassed this very quickly and decided that the project could use more funding. The funds donated above our first target level will allow the scholarship program to go longer. Scholarships will be awarded to children based on financial need and academic performance. We think that they will also help to underline the value of education and will provide recognition of the hard work and achievement of the children.

Apr 23, 2012

A Successful Challenge!

Riley and his Nicaraguan friend, Alvarito
Riley and his Nicaraguan friend, Alvarito

The Challenge was successful! Thanks to your generous support, the NCF has secured a permanent place on the GlobalGiving website. This gives the NCF enhanced visibility and the ability to provide tax receipts to both Canadian and American supporters.

The Challenge required the projects be supported by at least 50 donors, raise at least $4,000, all within one month. The NCF project raised $5,400 from 66 donors within the first 2 weeks. Thanks to everyone for donating and for spreading the word!

The funds raised will be enough to sustain the scholarship program for the first 5 years.The funds donated above our original target level will give this initial scholarship program a longer duration than we had originally anticipated. Scholarships will be provided to families based on a combination of financial need and academic performance. In a country where the average labourer earns $5 per day, the scholarships will make a difference to the ability of families to keep their children in school. We think that they will also help to underline the value of education and will provide recognition of the hard work and achievement of the children.

We will consult with the teachers and principals to develop a clear and fair set of eligibility criteria and an objective selection process. We hope to be able to personally attend at the first awards ceremony this fall ( the end of the Nicaragua school year). The scholarship program builds on a wide range of activities undertaken by the NCF - please check out our website for more information : If you would like to get more involved - we have got lots of ideas and we would love to hear from you.

Thanks so much for your support. Mona, Allan and Riley Donovan, NCF