Our Team

James Beresh

James Beresh - Controller

James joined GlobalGiving full-time in 2012 after eight years developing and supporting the organization's back-office functions as a contractor. He now handles financial systems and all things related to accounting and disbursements. Essentially, James ensures your donation gets to project(s) you're supporting as efficiently as possible. He has nearly 20 years of accounting experience working with several nonprofits and small businesses in manufacturing and retail. James was born, raised, and educated in the great city of Akron, Ohio until he decided to chase his now wife, Erin, all the way to D.C. He now lives in Fairfax, Virginia with Erin and wonderful daughter, Ava.

Acacia Betancourt

Acacia Betancourt - Senior Graphic Designer

Acacia is responsible for the visual integrity and growth of the GlobalGiving brand, and uses her love of design to create awesome media that resonates with our audience. Prior to working at GlobalGiving, she was galavanting around North America, getting a bachelor of fine arts from the University of Arizona in her hometown of Tucson, and working with brands like National Geographic, Newseum, WTOP, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Harry Potter Exhibition. After honing her branding, print, web, user experience, packaging, advertising, and video editing skills, Acacia has joined the ranks of the non-profit world to continue using her experience for good. When she's not obsessing over fonts, she can be found kayaking, hiking, buying yet another houseplant, or playing this game.

Phil Black-Knight

Phil Black-Knight - Senior Software Engineer for Good

Phil carefully orchestrates the upkeep and smooth operation of GlobalGiving's website. He also adds new functions and features to improve the site and user experience. Prior to GlobalGiving, Phil worked with Kevin Conroy on next-generation television user interfaces at Hillcrest Labs and has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park. When he isn't protecting globalgiving.org from the code-adulterating forces of evil, Phil enjoys all things outdoors with his wife, Liana, son, Reese, and dog, Kairi, who doesn't so much "enjoy" adventuring as he tolerates it.

Donna Callejon

Donna Callejon - Chief Business Officer

Donna is responsible for development of corporate and other strategic partnerships for GlobalGiving. She has worn several hats since joining GlobalGiving in 2003, and currently loves working with companies to help them and their stakeholders contribute positively to communities around the world. Donna also serves on the Boards of GlobalGiving UK, Washington Area Women's Foundation, and Water for People. She previously was on the Boards of Business for Social Responsibility and Women's Funding Network. During her first chapter, Donna was a senior executive of Fannie Mae having led business units as varied as strategic planning, negotiated transactions, international consulting, marketing, product development, and customer technology. She holds a B.S. in Managerial Economics from UC Davis, but is most proud of her high school basketball team's CCS championship in 1980.

Alison Carlman

Alison Carlman - Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications

As Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications, Alison has the privilege of telling GlobalGiving's story and the stories of GlobalGiving's inspiring nonprofit partners. She's also on a team working to understand, measure, and articulate GlobalGiving's social impact. What keeps her up at night (if she's not already up with her baby girl) is thinking about communicators' roles in international development. A Colorado native, Alison studied communication at Pepperdine University, was a Kiva Fellow in Kenya in 2009, and received her graduate degrees in community development and monitoring & evaluation from South Africa's Stellenbosch University. Alison is based in Denver and works out of the Posner Center for International Development. Follow her on twitter for musings on nonprofits and social media, maternal health, first-time parenting, and storytelling in development.

Juan Casañas

Juan Casañas - Systems Ninja

As one of GlobalGiving's Ninjas, Juan monitors and maintains our networked infrastructure. With over 15 years of experience in the technology industry, he came to us after he spent 9 years as an IT support analyst in the TV news industry. Outside of GlobalGiving, Juan geeks out on his own tech projects, like building radio controlled flying devices, radios, and anything else that requires a soldering iron. He also never misses an opportunity to travel home to Puerto Rico.

Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy - Chief Product Officer

Kevin leads GlobalGiving's Product team - a talented group of programmers, system administrators, designers, communicators, marketers, and champions for customer bliss that work tirelessly to improve our website so that donors can support more projects and projects can get more donors. Before joining GlobalGiving, Kevin designed next-generation television user interfaces and did research for a major consulting company until he realized his skills were being wasted on things that weren't making the world a better place. Kevin graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a B.S. in Computer Science with Honors and a B.A. in Economics. On the weekends, Kevin loves making delicious food from scratch with his wife and two children. Kevin chronicles his culinary adventures on his food blog, MakeBetterFood.com.

Barret Cope

Barrett Cope - Operations Analyst

Barrett improves systems and processes to help ensure that GlobalGiving does everything we promise and more. You can think of him as the stork that delivers GlobalGiving donations safe and sound to projects all over the world. Barrett also loves teaching members of staff new skills and techniques to enable them to be more self-sufficient. He graduated from the University of Tennessee with a B.A. in Classical Civilizations. Barrett was born and raised in Nashville but moved to DC on a whim after a week of visiting friends. In his little spare time, Barrett enjoys the therapeutic rigor of woodworking, or alternatively, undermining the composure of situations that seem too serious.

Paige Creigh

Paige Creigh - In-the-Field Senior Program Associate

As GlobalGiving's In-the-Field Senior Program Associate, Paige manages and supports the In-the-Field program, which sends representatives to monitor and evaluate GlobalGiving's nonprofit partners on the ground and to interact with our global community face-to-face. Previously, Paige was GlobalGiving's Champion for Customer Bliss. Before joining GlobalGiving, she was a marketing specialist at the Santa Catalina Island Co and, at age seven, the official taste tester at her parents' candy store on Catalina Island. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in International Relations. She also spent a semester studying in Cairo and, after graduation, she traveled and volunteered in eastern and southern Africa. A California native, Paige is an avid horseback rider, beach lover, and photographer; she's been chased by monkeys on three different continents thanks to her determination to get the perfect shot.

Ingrid Embree

Ingrid Embree - Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships

Ingrid works with prospective corporate and institutional partners to help them meet their global citizenship goals. GlobalGiving's Corporate Partnerships Team assists with cross-border grantmaking, disaster relief, employee engagement, and cause-related campaigns. Ingrid loves the fact that there's a job that so perfectly melds global corporate strategy, social impact, and technology. Before joining us, she was chief development officer at Hispanic College Fund and worked in software and public affairs. She has a BS in Marketing and International Management from Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business. Ingrid is the child of refugee immigrants from Latvia, and sings ancient Latvian folk songs in an a cappella group. Her own kids are now young adults, so Ingrid can often be seen carrying other people's babies around the office.

Courtney Eskew

Courtney Eskew - Senior Partner Services Associate

Courtney works with the Partner Services Team to guarantee all new members of GlobalGiving's community are vetted to meet the highest standards in grantmaking. Prior to joining GlobalGiving, Courtney managed volunteer fundraising and outreach initiatives at World Food Program USA and taught elementary education at a start-up charter school. Courtney is a graduate of Rhodes College, where she double majored in International Studies and French. While at Rhodes, she had the opportunity to pursue Arabic language training with the State Department in Jordan; study cross-cultural mediation in Marseille, France; and work on international education projects in Rwanda and Cameroon. Courtney is an aspiring DC Roller Girl and believes slow cookers are magical.

Will Frechette

Will Frechette - Digital Marketing Specialist

Will has the privilege of sharing stories from GlobalGiving's nonprofit partners, donors and staff with our online audience. He joins our team after more than a decade of organizing on behalf of environmental and public interest campaigns, both online and on the ground. After growing up in Massachusetts, he studied political science and journalism at The Evergreen State College. He can currently be found poking around suburban Maryland's myriad thrift stores and despairing over the plight of the Boston Celtics.

Michael Gale

Michael Gale - Senior Program Manager

Michael manages GlobalGiving's efforts to grow our network of global do-gooders by helping more world-changing nonprofits join the GlobalGiving community. Before becoming a GlobalGiver, Michael supported grassroots nonprofits in Latin America as a program officer with the Global Fund for Children, and he has also dipped his toes in the fields of immigrant legal services and indigenous South American languages. Michael earned bachelor's degrees in international studies and Spanish studies from American University and his master's degree in Latin American studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Outside the office, you're likely to find Michael on stage or in his garden.

Nick Hamlin

Nick Hamlin - Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

Nick uses GlobalGiving's data to answer strategic questions, with a special focus on our nonprofit partner data and social impact tracking. In addition to designing and maintaining GlobalGiving's effectiveness algorithm and fraud protection tools, Nick lives to make GlobalGiving's data accessible, understandable, and actionable for everyone. Prior to joining GlobalGiving through the ProInspire Fellowship, he worked as a reliability consulting engineer for Fortune 500 companies around the world and held NSF research positions in China and Thailand. Nick earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a B.A. in History from the University of Rochester and also completed a Take 5 Fellowship year in Ethnomusicology. Outside the office, he is a proud folk music street performer, amateur haiku poet, and worm farmer.

John Hecklinger

John Hecklinger - Chief Program Officer

As Chief Program Officer, John leads the group that finds effective nonprofits around the world and helps them make the most of GlobalGiving. John's team makes sure GlobalGiving is open and useful to any nonprofit seeking to access ideas, information, and money. An information industry veteran, John also heads up GlobalGiving's effort to improve the global philanthropic information ecosystem through a variety of somewhat wonky efforts like the Basic Registry of Identified Global Entities (BRIDGE) Project. John originally joined GlobalGiving in October of 2005 and led corporate partnership efforts as Business Development Director. After receiving English degrees from the University of Virginia and the University of Florida, John served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bangui, Central African Republic.

Sarah Hennessy

Sarah Hennessy - Feedback Labs

Sarah is part of the team that manages Feedback Labs, of which GlobalGiving is a founding member. This means she thinks a lot about constituent feedback loops, which explore how we can do a better job of involving local communities in the development, implementation, and evaluation of global aid projects. After graduating from Stanford University with a degree in public health, Sarah somehow managed to leave behind the palm trees and 70 degree winters to return to the east coast, where she got her start in DC at Ashoka learning about social entrepreneurship. Off the clock, Sarah enjoys rock climbing, trying new flavors of decaf coffee, and laughing at Dave Barry books.

Mari Kuraishi

Mari Kuraishi (倉石真理) - Co-Founder and President, GlobalGiving

Mari co-founded GlobalGiving with Dennis Whittle, and currently leads the organization. In 2011, Mari was named one of Foreign Policy's top 100 Global Thinkers for "crowdsourcing worldsaving." Before GlobalGiving, she worked at the World Bank where she managed and created some of the Bank's most innovative projects including the first ever Innovation and Development Marketplaces, and the first series of strategic forums with the World Bank's president and senior management. Mari also designed a range of investment projects in the Russia reform program, including a residential energy efficiency project, structural adjustment loans, and legal reform project. She currently serves as chair of the board of Guidestar US as well as of the Global Business School Network. She also serves on the board of Benevolent and DataKind. In addition to her native Japanese, Mari also speaks Russian, Italian, and French. She has an undergraduate degree in history from Harvard University and did graduate work in Russian and Japanese history and politics at Harvard and Georgetown Universities. Mari also completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School.

Britt Lake

Britt Lake - Senior Director of Programs

As Director of Programs, Britt oversees relationships with over 2,000 nonprofits, including managing all of GlobalGiving's impact measurement, capacity building work, and disaster relief grantmaking. In addition to her six years at GlobalGiving, Britt has worked at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and with a variety of non-profits in Sierra Leone, South Africa, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. Britt holds a B.A. in International Studies from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, a Master's in International Relations from the University of Cape Town (South Africa), and a Master's in Public Affairs from Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School.

Adrien Lamoureux

Adrien Lamoureux - Software Engineer for Good (Contractor)

Based out of Victoria, British Columbia, Adrien has been helping out with GlobalGiving's software engineering needs since 2008. Before that he was a senior software engineer at Boats.com and Lead Programmer at FeedStream Inc. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Laurentian University and has over 15 years of experience in building web applications, specializing in content management and search indexing. In Canada, Adrien is an active hiker, kayaker, and nature photographer. For meetings at GlobalGiving's D.C. office, Adrien prefers to take the form of a roving Double robot.

Jacqueline Lee

Jacqueline Lee - Senior Program Associate

Jacqueline is responsible for supporting the nonprofits on GlobalGiving that are included in corporate partner campaigns. As a member of the Program Team, she also supports GlobalGiving's grantmaking related to natural and humanitarian disasters. After working as an in-the-field representative for GlobalGiving in Southeast Asia, Jacqueline became a permanent member of the GlobalGiving team, bringing domestic and international experience in communications, business development, project management, and public-private partnerships. A Texas native, Jacqueline holds a Master’s in Global Affairs and Management with a specialization in global development from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a B.A. in International Studies with a minor in Spanish from the University of Oklahoma. Jacqueline is passionate about exploring the world and is committed to leaving the world a better place than when she entered it.

Sonja Lehner

Sonja Lehner - Senior Program Associate

Sonja started as an intern GlobalGiving right out of college as a nonprofit novice. Since then, she's attached herself to GlobalGiving like a barnacle to a ship's hull and never looked back. As she guides our online fundraising newbies through the perils of strategy building, donor relationship management, and even the occasional computer hiccups, she experiments with ways to make the process easier, better, and more fun! When Sonja is not hard at work doing what she loves, you can find her getting run over in an attempt to play ultimate Frisbee (with scars to prove it!) or cooking up some of her own experiments in the kitchen. If you are brave enough to try the cooking, you can join the weekly strategy board game nights in Alexandria, VA with her and her husband, Micah.

Cathy Maher

Cathy Maher - Partner Services Associate

Cathy's favourite thing about her role on GlobalGiving's Partner Services Team is helping trustworthy organizations through the application process to become part of the GlobalGiving community. As a Partner Services Associate, Cathy gets to apply her vetting skills (acquired in her former life as a Government of Canada immigration analyst) and knowledge of the global nonprofit sector (picked up while studying international relations at Cornell University). Cathy grew up in Hong Kong and Toronto and firmly believes in keeping the 'u' in her spelling. When she's not disagreeing with her computer's spell check, Cathy is most likely found in a park, reading under a tree with her mini husky, Loki, by her side.

Starlyn Matheny

Starlyn Matheny - Champion for Donor Engagement

As the Champion for Donor Engagement, it's Starlyn's job to protect the interests of GlobalGiving donors and help them stay engaged with both the marketplace and the communities which they support. Starlyn’s story began atop a smoky mountain in North Carolina. After abandoning her childhood dream of becoming a mermaid, she went on to graduate with a degree in Public Policy from Duke University and moved to DC shortly after. Her passion for supporting small, grassroots nonprofits began when she volunteered for an HIV/AIDS awareness organization in an urban slum of Accra, Ghana. Off the clock, she enjoys discovering the best holes in the wall, getting lost in post-apocalyptic fiction novels and writing about herself in the third person.

Marc Maxmeister

Marc Maxmeister - Innovation Consultant

Marc Maxmeister is a PhD neuroscientist who helps coordinate the GlobalGiving Storytelling project, an experiment to provide all organizations with a richer, more complex view of the communities they serve. His title reflects our focus on learning from experiments. He was formerly a Peace Corps Volunteer in The Gambia (1999-2001) and did a Fulbright research project around the impact of computers and the Internet on rural education in West Africa. He loves to teach, and has taught graduate-level Neuroscience at Kenyatta University in Kenya and Python to middle school students in London, UK. He blogs at chewychunks.wordpress.com and is the author of several books, including Ebola: Local voices, hard facts (2014).

Nicole Morrissey

Nicole Morrissey - Senior Business Partnerships Manager

Nicole is responsible for maintaining corporate partner relationships and facilitating new partnerships at GlobalGiving. She enjoys helping companies develop employee and corporate giving strategies, cause marketing, and global corporate responsibility programs. She also specializes in supporting partners on their international grant programs, ranging from program design to implementation. Prior to GlobalGiving, Nicole worked for Washington Mutual as a partnership marketing manager and regional leader for the company's employee engagement program. She holds a Global MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management and a B.A. in Social Sciences from the University of Arizona. On the weekend, Nicole can often be found happily baking sweet treats for friends and family.

Alexis Nadin

Alexis Nadin - Program Manager

Alexis is an enthusiastic advocate for GlobalGiving's nonprofit partners, for whom she provides training and support. In her role as Program Manager Alexis gets to invent new programs like GlobalGiving's Online Fundraising Academy and the In-the-Field Program, which trains field representatives to visit projects around the world. While completing her B.A. in International Studies and Political Science at American University, Alexis worked with several international nonprofits, including a small grassroots organizations in eastern Uganda. This work helped shape her belief in community-based development. Since joining GlobalGiving in 2008, Alexis has visited partners and conducted workshops on four continents. Alexis lives for dance parties, dark chocolate, and a good adventure.

Linda Shaffer Oatley

Linda Shaffer Oatley - Director, Partner Services Team

Linda leads the team that vets and monitors grants to all new organizations for GlobalGiving. She brings more than 10 years experience in grants management and engagement with governments and citizen groups to promote good governance in international development. Prior to joining GG, Linda worked as a consultant for the World Bank and spent eight years at World Resources Institute managing the largest global network of citizen groups promoting access rights. Linda holds an M.A. in International Studies from the University of Chile, and a B.A. in International Relations from American University. She and her husband live in Washington, DC.

Alli O'Connell

Alli O'Connell - Partner Services Associate

Alli helps organizations join the GlobalGiving platform and has the pleasure of administering domestic and international grants which support fantastic social projects. Before becoming a GlobalGiver Alli worked on innovative international development projects in Guatemala, Mexico, Argentina, El Salvador, South Africa, and the United States. From artisan-crafted bikinis to government-sponsored education programs, Alli believes that smart development can have a variety of forms. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she studied International Studies and Social Entrepreneurship, and spent a semester at the UNC of the global south, the Univerisdad Nacional de Cuyo in Mendoza, Argentina. You’re most likely to find Alli planning her next adventure, dancin’, drawing, or exploring Shenandoah National Park.

Rachel Roa

Rachel Roa - Transaction Czarina

Rachel presides over the general accounting functions at GlobalGiving. As Czarina, she makes sure that bills get paid, donations get sent, and staff bring home the bacon. When she moved to D.C. with her B.A. in Accounting from Misericordia University, Rachel traded the quiet, rural areas of Pennsylvania for the District's sweltering heat and bustling streets. But she couldn't be happier about the decision. Passionate about social justice issues, Rachel spends her free time volunteering in the D.C. area and she's fanatic about up-cycling anything she can get her hands on.

Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers - Senior Director of Engineering

Steve has been responsible for the software engineering, web development and operations,information technology, and security at GlobalGiving since 2005. Prior to joining GlobalGiving, Steve successfully led the engineering team of an internet startup company from its conception, through the initial product launch, to several rounds of funding and sale. Steve holds a B.S. in Computer Science, an M.S. in Technology Management, and an MBA from the University of Maryland, and has wide ranging computer and systems experience. Steve enjoys skiing, playing ice hockey, and occasionally attempting half-marathons without training (which means living with the resulting pain).

Caroline Roper

Caroline Roper - Business Partnerships Associate

Caroline helps maintain corporate partnerships, focusing on reporting and operational activities. Before she joined GlobalGiving, Caroline worked in the marketing analytics line-of-business at MarketBridge. She received her B.S. in Economics and B.A. in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University. In her spare time, Caroline consults international social enterprises on a pro-bono basis with Development Solutions Organization. She enjoys karaoke, flash fiction, and swimming.

Justin Rupp

Justin Rupp - Senior Systems Ninja

Justin navigates the complex and dangerous world of servers and networks with the stealth and accuracy of a true ninja. He uses his mystical powers to keep everything running, as well as works with the rest of the team to develop new features and enhancements for GlobalGiving.org. Before coming to GlobalGiving he worked at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland where he wrote code for and helped manage a large server cluster used for scientific computation. In his spare time he likes to build trains with LEGO® bricks and spend time with his wife and daughter.

Katherine Sammons

Katherine Sammons - Senior Program Associate

Katherine manages GlobalGiving's fundraising campaigns and promotions. She also works with nonprofit partners to make sure their GlobalGiving experience is WOW-worthy. In order to combine her two favorite things, travel and people, Katherine studied International Social Work, earning her master's degree in Social Work from Boston College. These interests took her to South Africa where she worked with Jesuit Refugee Service in Johannesburg before joining GlobalGiving. In her free time Katherine can be found laughing at a good pun, hanging out with her dog Ramsey, and telling her favorite joke. What did the townspeople say when they found out that Oxygen and Magnesium were dating?

Jennifer Sigler

Jennifer Sigler - Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer is responsible for the overall functioning and efficiency of the organization, including oversight of finance, business intelligence, human resources, and governance. She also steers the organization's strategic planning process. Prior to joining GlobalGiving, Jennifer was the CFO & COO of an education and financial literacy focused nonprofit, where she worked with the CEO and Board of Directors to expand the organization nationally. Jennifer's other professional experience includes work in the private sector as a marketing analyst/programmer at Time Warner, Inc. and a management consultant for IBM. She also holds an MBA and M.Ed from Stanford University and a B.S. from James Madison University. She is one of twelve people selected nationwide as an American Express/Independent Sector Next Generation Leadership Fellow. More importantly, she can take anyone down in a meat-eating contest!

Nick Violi

Nick Violi - Senior Software Engineer for Good

Nick channels his passion for new technology and user-centered design into making the GlobalGiving website easier to use, prettier, and hopefully more fun. Nick holds an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, and a B.S. in Math from Bates College. He spends as much of his spare time as possible being outdoors - biking, rock climbing, hiking - and traveling. Before joining the GlobalGiving team, Nick and his wife climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, stuffed their faces with street food in Hanoi, drove across South Africa, and skied in Patagonia during an around-the-world trip of 21 countries in one year. If you run into him on the street, be sure to ask him about his opinions on narrative structure in postmodern literature.

Dennis Whittle

Dennis Whittle - Co-Founder

Dennis Whittle is co-founder of GlobalGiving, where he was CEO from 2000 though 2010. Currently he is Executive Chairman of Ashoka Changemakers and a co-founder of Feedback Labs. He is also President of The Whittle Group, an advisory practice that helps organizations and companies invent the future. During 2011-2012 he was Visiting Lecturer at Princeton University and Professor of the Practice/Global Social Entrepreneur in Residence at UNC-Chapel Hill. From 1997-2000, Dennis was part of a troika that led the World Bank's Corporate Strategy and Innovation units, where his team created the Innovation Marketplace (1998) and the Development Marketplace (2000). From 1992-1997, he ran a variety of initiatives in the Bank's Russia program, including housing reform, energy efficiency, and structural adjustment programs. From 1987-1992, Dennis was an economist in the World Bank's Jakarta office advising the Indonesian Ministries of Finance and National Development, and managing projects in the agriculture and forestry sectors. Before joining the World Bank in 1986, Dennis worked in the Philippines with the Asian Development Bank and with USAID. Dennis graduated with honors in religious studies from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, where he was a Morehead Scholar, and did his graduate work in development studies and economics at Princeton University. Dennis also completed the Executive Development Program at Harvard Business School.

Scott Williams

Scott Williams - Project Manager for Good

Scott works with GlobalGiving team members to define and execute brilliant ideas that enhance the donor, nonprofit, and corporate partner experiences on GlobalGiving.org. In his former life, Scott was a 6 Sigma green belt at Caterpillar, an implementation manager for an enterprise software solutions company, and the digital media manager for a management ethics nonprofit. He holds an MBA-GM from Thunderbird School of Global Management, a B.S. in International Business and Marketing from Illinois State University, and is actively pursuing his PMP certification. Outside of work, Scott can be found making a mess in the kitchen, tipping over in canoes, expertly packing a bag for a weekend getaway, or just drinking a Manhattan.

Angela Wu

Angela Wu - Senior Business Partnerships Associate

Since childhood, Angela has harbored a fascination for stories and their power to inspire social change. Continually astounded by how interconnected our world is, she is grateful to work on GlobalGiving's Business Development team, where she helps connect companies, and their generous support, to nonprofits that are creating positive change in their local communities. A creative spirit, Angela is delighted by design projects such as creating reports that communicate trends and impact to corporate partners. Angela is a D.C. area native and a graduate of the University of Virginia. When she's not documenting life in photo and film form, you can find her swaying her shoulders at Indie Folk concerts.


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