Donate to the Oklahoma Relief Fund
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Help Tornado Victims in Moore, Oklahoma

Time seems to have stopped for many of us as we hear the stories and see the harrowing images from Moore, Oklahoma. Perhaps you, as I do, have friends or family in Oklahoma. It's nearly impossible to continue life as usual today knowing there are still people trapped under rubble; many of them children.

Thousands of people will need support as they struggle to survive and eventually to thrive again. That’s why we've created the Oklahoma Tornado Relief Fund, supporting immediate and long-term rescue and recovery for those affected.

Donate to the Oklahoma Relief Fund

Some of your donations to this fund will help create safe, child-friendly spaces where children will be able to play and begin the recovery process. Others will go to provide emotional recovery programs for families as they cope with the loss of life, home, and livelihood.

We’re working with our partners in the Oklahoma area to determine which needs are most vital. We’ll see survivors through the hours, days and weeks to come; even after the tornado stories cycle out of the news.

As you know, GlobalGiving works with thousands of nonprofits all around the world. We will quickly and efficiently get your funds to the projects that need them most. As always, you'll receive updates about how your donations are used.

Donate to the Oklahoma Relief Fund

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you for your generosity.

Alison Carlman and the GlobalGiving Team

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