Year-End Giving Made Easy

Hi there. We know we've sent you a lot of emails the past few weeks, telling you about holiday gift options and thanking you for the incredible impact you've helped make.

Before we return to our normal frequency of one email per month, we wanted to send you a friendly reminder that today is the last day to make a tax deductible donation for the 2010 tax year in the United States (and where applicable).

Not sure how to help? Here are some ways you can start 2011 with a bang!
Want to make an impact all year long? We have two ways you can budget your generosity all year.

Join Project of the Month Club and you'll help a different earth-changing project automatically every month. We'll send you updates about the projects you and other club members are supporting.

For all those times you've thought about donating again, but forgot: consider making your donation to your favorite project a recurring donation (look for the monthly recurring tab on the project page). Choose an amount that fits your budget and by the end of the year your imapct will be amazing!

Thanks again for your loyalty this year. We've funded more projects around the world in 2010 than any previous year and we're excited about ringing in the new year and helping even more grassroots projects and earth-changing ideas in 2011.

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Best Wishes,
Mari Kuraishi and the GlobalGiving Team

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