YAHOO Global - Release Notes 2.2.2 * No change 2.2.1 * YAHOO.lang.isObject returns false for null * YAHOO.lang.isArray no longer generates an error when the argument is null/undefined * Better error messages for YAHOO.lang.augment/extend failures that are usually due to missing dependencies. 2.2.0a * Fixed a typo that prevented the proper detection of multiple YAHOO_config listeners 2.2.0 * Added configuration of the library via a YAHOO_config object defined prior to the reference to the library. Currently it supports a listener parameter that will execute every time a new module YUI module is loaded. * Added YAHOO.register & YAHOO.getVersion for version stamping modules. * Added YAHOO.env which is the home for the information about the loaded YUI modules, and will host more info later. * YAHOO.util.Lang was relocated to this package and is now YAHOO.lang. YAHOO.extend and YAHOO.augment have moved to env (the original functions still work). 0.12.2 * No change 0.12.1 * No change 0.12.0 * Added YAHOO.augment, which copies all or part of the prototype of one object to another. * YAHOO.namespace now can create multiple namespaces. * Added an optional third parameter to YAHOO.extend: overrides. It takes an object literal of properties/methods to apply to the subclass prototype, overriding the superclass if present. 0.11.4 * Changed window.YAHOO = window.YAHOO || {} to if (typeof YAHOO == "undefined") YAHOO = {} because the previous statement contributed to a memory leak in IE6 when the library was hosted in an iframe. 0.11.3 * Changed var YAHOO = window.YAHOO || {} to window.YAHOO = window.YAHOO || {}. This fixes an issue in IE where YAHOO would get overwritten if previously defined via array notation (window["YAHOO"]). 0.11.0 * Added YAHOO.extend, which provides an easy way to assign the prototype, constructor, and superclass properties inheritance properties. It also prevents the constructor of the superclass from being exectuted twice. 0.10.0 * Added YAHOO.log that provides a safe way to plumb logging statements in code that will work if the logging component isn't available.