TreeView - Release Notes 2.2.2 * No change 2.2.1 * Fixed the default value in the documentation for the nowrap property in Node (the default value is false). 2.2.0 * Node::insertAfter properly nulls the nextSibling attribute when the inserted before the firstChild. * MenuNodes inserted at the root level will no longer lose the menu behavior. * TextNode::setUpLabel sets the data.label property as well as the label property. * TaskNode example: made the logger optional, and moved the creation of the logger instance to the proper location. * TaskNodes added to a node that is in a fully selected state will update the parent to a partially selected state. * TaskNode example fixed to propagate the labelClick event 0.12.2 * removeChildren will now work properly on the root node. 0.12.1 * Added custom events for expandComplete and collapseComplete. These events are needed in situations where the implementer needs to resize or reposition something based on the new offset. * Added a "nowrap" property to Node, and set the default to false. Specifies whether or not the content area of the node should be allowed to wrap naturally. * Added additional HTML elements to preserve the tree presentation when constrained by a parent element. 0.12.0 * TreeView now augments EventProvider, and has custom events for expand, collapse, animStart, animComplete, and labelClick. Existing implementations using abstract methods for these events (if they exist) will still work. New events can be plugged into the tree by the Node implementation. For example, TaskNode adds a checkClick event. EventProvider makes it safe to do this because implementing code can call subscribe() prior to the event creation. * YAHOO.util.Event is now a requirement for the widget * TreeView::removeChildren no longer expands and collapses the node. * Documented the moveComplete property * createElement("DIV") changed to createElement("div") 0.11.4 * Fixed a javascript error on the HTML node example page. 0.11.3 * popNode now clears the tree, previousSibling, nextSibling, and parent properties of the node that is being removed from the tree. * Fixed the paths to the images in the tree.css file that is included in build/assets. 0.11.0 * Added TreeView -> popNode, which differs from removeNode in that the node's children are preserved so the entire branch can be re-inserted into another part of the tree, or another tree. * Added TreeView -> getNodesByProperty, which differs from getNodeByProperty by returning an array of all nodes that have the specified property rather than just the first one. * Added Node -> insertBefore, insertAfter, and appendTo. These method can be used to reorganize the tree. * removeChildren properly resets the node icon when executed against a collpased node. * Moved depth assignment from the constructor to appendChild so that the value is set properly if the node is moved within the tree. * Fixed broken loop in removeChildren. * RootNode -> loadComplete calls tree.draw for hot-wiring the dynamic load feature for the top level nodes. * The treeview constructor will accept an element instead of an id. 0.10.0 * If the child collection changes prior to a refresh(), the icon is now changed appropriately. * Added TreeView removeChildren(node). This will recursively purge the node's children, and reset its dynamic load state. * previousSibling and nextSibling are now adjusted correctly when a node is deleted. * expand()/collapse() now will not expand/collapse the node if false is returned from the onExpand/onCollapse event handlers. * The onExpand and onCollapse events now fire before the node is expanded or collapsed so that the implementer can modify the node's child collection prior to display. * The childrenRendered property previous was used to indicate both that a dynamically loaded node has received its data, and also to indicate that the children html has been created. This has been split into two properties. dynamicLoadComplete and childrenRendered. * Implemented the renderHidden flag. If set to true, the html for the entire tree will be created when tree.draw() is called, not just the html for the visible nodes. * Added an onLabelClick listener to TextNode * TreeView.removeNode no longer automatically refreshes the tree. It has an optional parameter to perform the refresh. * removeNode can now be executed on nodes that have not been rendered. * You can now delete top-level nodes. * Added onCheckClick listener to the TaskNode example * Added Node.iconMode, which is a property that configures the way dynamically loaded nodes are displayed when they are expanded and contain no children. * TreeView/Node.setDynamicLoad now accepts an optional second parameter to set the iconMode property. * Fixed an issue in the TaskNode.js example that prevented setting the checked state of a node through the constructor. * Fixed an issue in HTMLNode that caused rendering issues when hasIcon was set to true. * Added TreeView.removeNode * Added Node.refresh