Slider - Release Notes 2.2.2 * No change 2.2.1 * No change 2.2.0 * Added the missing "force" parameter to the signature for setRegionValue * deprecated the moveComplete flag 0.12.2 * No change 0.12.1 * Removed unneccessary getXY calls that were contribuing to slower performance in FireFox when the slider was deeply nested in the DOM. 0.12.0 * Added "slideStart", "slideEnd", and "change" custom events. The abstract methods these will eventually replace still work. * The default animation duration is 0.2 seconds (reduced from 0.4 seconds), and is configurable via the animationDuration property. * Keyboard navigation is now built in. The background needs a tabindex for keyboard nav to work. Keyboard nav can be disabled by setting enableKeys to false. The number of pixels the slider moves when the arrow keys are pressed is controlled by keyIncrement, and defaults to 20. Note, Safari support limited to background element types that support focus in that browser. * Fixed broken doctype in examples/index.html * Catching an unhandled script exception in FF that could occur when attempting to focus the slider background while a text field without autocomplete="false" has focus 0.11.3 * No change 0.11.0 * When the thumb is clicked and dragged, the click position delta is properly applied. * The slider background can be disabled by setting backgroundEnabled to false. * Added SliderThumb->clearTicks * Incorporated updated drag and drop performance improvements 0.10.0 * Drag and drop's autoscroll feature is now turned off by default in the slider. * The slider no longer sets its initial value upon initialization * RGB slider example fixed for IE7. * Updated to work with the onAvailable feature in Drag and Drop. * Updated the basic slider example page to make the control more accessible to non-FF1.5 browsers. * Split the examples into separate pages