*** version 2.2.2 *** Fixed the following bugs: ------------------------- + "toString" method of MenuItem, MenuBarItem and ContextMenuItem classes will no longer throw a JavaScript error when using the debug version of the Event utility. + "toString" method of Menu, MenuBar and ContextMenu classes will no longer attempt to output the instance's id if it is not available. + Logger statements output by debug version of MenuManager are now properly categorized as "MenuManager" *** version 2.2.1 *** Added the following features: ----------------------------- + Added the following methods to YAHOO.widget.Menu: - "focus" - "blur" - "hasFocus" + Added the following Custom Events to YAHOO.widget.Menu: + "focusEvent" + "blurEvent" + Added the following methods to YAHOO.widget.MenuManager: - "getFocusedMenuItem" - "getFocusedMenu" + Added "hasFocus" method to YAHOO.widget.MenuItem Fixed the following bugs: ------------------------- + Menu instances no longer set focus to themselves by default when made visible. Menus only receive focus in response to the following events: - The user mouses down on a MenuItem instance - The user tabs into a MenuItem instance + Application of the "maxheight" configuration property is now correctly deferred until the "render" event fires when Menu instance is being lazy loaded. + The "maxheight" configuration property can now be set multiple times without a Menu instance restoring itself to its original default height. + The "maxheight" configuration property can now be set on hidden Menu instances that use lazy loading. + Menu instances with a "width" configuration property set will now render at the specified width rather than shrink wrapping to their contents. + Menu item help text no longer wraps to the next line in Opera 9. + Immediate submenus of a Menubar instance will no longer shift their position to try and remain inside the confines of the browser's viewport. + Lazy loaded ContextMenu instances now appear in the correct position when they are made visible for the first time. + MenuBar instances no longer throw JavaScript errors when navigating items with submenus containing no active items using the keyboard. + Replaced use of native "hasOwnProperty" method with YAHOO.lang.hasOwnProperty. + Rendered Menu instances will now update their width when items are added or removed. + Mousing over a Menu instance in an IE window that does not have focus will no longer cause the window to receive focus. Changes: -------- + "activeItem" property of YAHOO.widget.Menu now returns a reference to the Menu's currently selected item. + Added a "visible" CSS class that is applied to visible Menu instances. + Refactored the Menu family to improve performance, especially when working with a large number of instances in IE6. *** version 2.2.0 *** Added the following features: ----------------------------- * Added two new methods to YAHOO.widget.Menu: * "getItems" - Returns a flat array of the items in a menu. * "clearContent" - Removes all of the content from the menu, including the menu items, group titles, header and footer. * Added three new configuration attributes to YAHOO.widget.Menu: * "submenuhidedelay" - Number indicating the time (in milliseconds) that should expire before a submenu is hidden when the user mouses out of a menu item heading in the direction of a submenu. The value must be greater than or equal to the value specified for the "showdelay" configuration property. * "maxheight" - Defines the maximum height (in pixels) for a menu before the contents of the body are scrolled. * "classname" - CSS class to be applied to the menu's root
element. The specified class(es) are appended in addition to the default class as specified by the menu's CSS_CLASS_NAME constant. * Added new constants to YAHOO.widget.MenuItem: * COLLAPSED_SUBMENU_INDICATOR_TEXT - String representing the text for the element used for the submenu arrow indicator. * EXPANDED_SUBMENU_INDICATOR_TEXT - String representing the text for the submenu arrow indicator element () when the submenu is visible. * DISABLED_SUBMENU_INDICATOR_ALT_TEXT - String representing the text for the submenu arrow indicator element () when the menu item is disabled. * CHECKED_TEXT - String representing the text to be used for the checked indicator element (). * DISABLED_CHECKED_TEXT - String representing the text to be used for the checked indicator element () when the menu item is disabled. * Added two new configuration attributes to YAHOO.widget.MenuItem: * "onclick" - Object literal representing the code to be executed when the button is clicked. Format: { fn: Function, // The handler to call when the event fires. obj: Object, // An object to pass back to the handler. scope: Object // The object to use for the scope of the handler. } * "classname" - CSS class to be applied to the menu item's root
  • element. The specified class(es) are appended in addition to the default class as specified by the menu item's CSS_CLASS_NAME constant. * Added an "id" property to YAHOO.widget.MenuItem that represents the id of the menu item's root
  • node. Although not a configuration attribute, this property should be set via the object literal of configuration attributes passed as the second argument to the constructor. If no value is specified, then one will be generated using the "generateId" method of the Dom utility (YAHOO.widget.Dom). * Added a "trigger context menu event" (YAHOO.widget.ContextMenu.triggerContextMenuEvent) that fires when the DOM "contextmenu" event ("mousedown" for Opera) is fired by one of the elemeents defined as a YAHOO.widget.ContextMenu instance's trigger. * Added a "cancel" method to YAHOO.widget.ContextMenu that can be used to cancel the display of a YAHOO.widget.ContextMen instance. This method should be called within the scope of a "context menu" event handler for one of the context menu's triggers (YAHOO.widget.ContextMenu.triggerContextMenuEvent). Fixed the following bugs: ------------------------- * Users can now move diagonally from a menu item to its corresponding submenu without the submenu hiding immediately. * "destroy" method of YAHOO.widget.Menu now unsubscribes from the "text resize" event (YAHOO.widget.Module.textResizeEvent). * Browser progress bar no longer flashes when hovering over checked menu items or menu items with submenus. * Menu item submenu indicator image no longer jumps to the next line in quirks mode. * Mouse events no longer fire in Firefox if a YAHOO.widget.Menu instance is moved by script into a stationary mouse pointer. * Modified "toString" method of YAHOO.widget.ContextMenuItem to return the correct class name, as it was reporting as YAHOO.widget.MenuBarItem. Changes: -------- * Default value for the "showdelay" configuration attribute is now 250 * Modified code so that all Menu images are added via CSS background images. As a result, the following constants and properties have been deprecated: * YAHOO.widget.MenuItem.SUBMENU_INDICATOR_IMAGE_PATH * YAHOO.widget.MenuItem.SELECTED_SUBMENU_INDICATOR_IMAGE_PATH * YAHOO.widget.MenuItem.DISABLED_SUBMENU_INDICATOR_IMAGE_PATH * YAHOO.widget.MenuItem.COLLAPSED_SUBMENU_INDICATOR_ALT_TEXT * YAHOO.widget.MenuItem.EXPANDED_SUBMENU_INDICATOR_ALT_TEXT * YAHOO.widget.MenuItem.DISABLED_SUBMENU_INDICATOR_ALT_TEXT * YAHOO.widget.MenuItem.CHECKED_IMAGE_PATH * YAHOO.widget.MenuItem.SELECTED_CHECKED_IMAGE_PATH * YAHOO.widget.MenuItem.DISABLED_CHECKED_IMAGE_PATH * YAHOO.widget.MenuItem.CHECKED_IMAGE_ALT_TEXT * YAHOO.widget.MenuItem.DISABLED_CHECKED_IMAGE_ALT_TEXT * YAHOO.widget.MenuItem.IMG_ROOT * YAHOO.widget.MenuItem.IMG_ROOT_SSL * YAHOO.widget.MenuItem.imageRoot * YAHOO.widget.MenuItem.isSecure *** version 0.12.2 *** * No changes *** version 0.12.1 *** Fixed the following bugs: ------------------------- * Placed the call to the DOM "focus" method used by the MenuItem class inside a zero-second timeout to resolve a race condition between menu positioning and focusing of a menu item that resulted in the browser viewport scrolling unnecessarily. * Switched to JSMin for JavaScript compression to resolve issues with the minified version. * Disabled menu item instances will no longer display a submenu if the item is clicked or moused over. * Can no longer select more than one item in a menu if using the keyboard and mouse simultaneously. * Calling the "destory" method on a menu will now unregister all of the menu's submenus from the MenuManager. *** version 0.12 *** Added the following features: ----------------------------- * Added the YAHOO.widget.MenuManager singleton class. * Added two new methods to YAHOO.widget.Menu: * "addItems" - Adds an array of items to a menu. * "getRoot" - Returns the root menu in a menu hierarchy. * Added two new events to YAHOO.widget.Menu: * "itemAddedEvent" - Fires when an item is added to a menu. * "itemRemovedEvent" - Fires when an item is removed from a menu. * Added two new properties to YAHOO.widget.Menu: * "itemData" - Array of items to be added to the menu. * "lazyLoad" - Boolean indicating if the menu's "lazy load" feature is enabled. * Added new configuration properties to YAHOO.widget.Menu: * "hidedelay" - Hides the menu after the specified number of milliseconds. * "showdelay" - Shows the menu after the specified number of milliseconds. * "container" - The containing element the menu should be rendered into. * "clicktohide" - Boolean indicating if the menu will automatically be hidden if the user clicks outside of it. * "autosubmenudisplay" - Boolean indicating if submenus are automatically made visible when the user mouses over the menu's items. * Added a "toString" method to YAHOO.widget.MenuItem, YAHOO.widget.MenuBarItem and YAHOO.widget.ContextMenuItem that returns the class name followed by the value of the item's "text" configuration property. Fixed the following bugs: ------------------------- * Setting a YAHOO.widget.ContextMenu instance's "trigger" configuration property will remove all previous triggers before setting up the new ones. * "destroy" method of YAHOO.widget.ContextMenu cleans up all DOM event handlers. * Clicking on a menu item with a submenu no longer hides/collapses the entire menu. * Clicking an item's submenu indicator image no longer collapses the entire menu. Changes: -------- * Deprecated the YAHOO.widget.MenuModule and YAHOO.widget.MenuModuleItem classes. The Base classes are now YAHOO.widget.Menu and YAHOO.widget.MenuItem. * "addItem" and "insertItem" methods of YAHOO.widget.Menu now accept an object literal representing YAHOO.widget.MenuItem configuration properties. * "clearActiveItem" now takes an argument: flag indicating if the Menu instance's active item should be blurred. * Switched the default value of the "visible" configuration property for YAHOO.widget.Menu to "false." * Switched the default value of the "constraintoviewport" configuration property for YAHOO.widget.Menu to "true." * Overloaded the "submenu" configuration property for YAHOO.widget.MenuItem so that it now can accept any of the following: * YAHOO.widget.Menu instance * Object literal representation of a menu * Element id * Element reference * "hide" and "show" methods of statically positioned menus now toggle the their element's "display" style property between "block" and "none." *** version 0.10.0 *** * Initial release * Known issues: * Some Firefox extensions disable the ability for JavaScript to prevent the display of the browser's default context menu. These extensions can cause the YUI ContextMenu to stop working. If you encounter this problem, you can reset the context menu preference in Firefox back to the default by making sure the "Disable or replace context menus" preference is checked: Mac Firefox 1.0: ------------------- Preferences > Web Features > Advanced... > Disable or replace context menus Mac Firefox 1.5 ------------------- Preferences > Context > Advanced... > Disable or replace context menus Windows Firefox 1.0 ------------------- Tools > Options > Web Features > Advanced... > Disable or replace context menus Windows Firefox 1.5 ------------------- Tools > Options > Context > Advanced... > Disable or replace context menus *** version 0.11.3 *** Added the following features: ----------------------------- * Added a "target" configuration property to the MenuModuleItem object that allows the user to specify the target of an item's anchor element. Items that make use of the "target" configuration property will require the user to click exactly on the item's anchor element to navigate to the specified URL. * Items without a "url" property set will automatically hide their parent menu instance(s) when clicked. Fixed the following bugs: ------------------------- * Items in a submenu should now navigate to their specified URL when clicked. * Removed MenuBar's use of "overflow:hidden." This fixes an issue in Firefox 1.5 in which submenus of a Menubar instance cannot overlay other absolutely positioned elements on the page. * Submenus of a Menubar instance will now automatically have their iframe shim enabled in IE<7. * Statically positioned Menubar and Menu instances will now render with the correct position and dimensions in Safari. * MenuModuleItem's "focus" method now checks to make sure that an item's "display" style property is not "none" before trying to set focus to its anchor element. * A ContextMenu instance will now hide all other ContextMenu instances before displaying itself. * Removed the dead space in front of an item's submenu indicator image in IE. This space was causing an item's submenu to flicker when the user hovered over it. Changes: -------- * Moved the DOM event handlers for every menu from the root DIV node of each instance to the document object. This change reduces the number of DOM event handlers used by Menu to eight, improving the cleanup time required by the Event utility. *** version 0.11.0 *** Added the following features: ----------------------------- * Overloaded the "addItem" and "insertItem" methods of MenuModule to accept a string or a MenuModuleItem instance * Added the ability to define a MenuItem instance as being "checked" Fixed the following bugs: ------------------------- * Changing the path for the submenu indicator image of one MenuModuleItem subclass will no longer affect other subclasses * MenuItem instances built from existing markup without anchor tags will no longer trigger a JavaScript error when clicked * Modified the implementation of the "imageRoot" property for the MenuModuleItem class so that it is set to a secure/non-secure path when the object is instantiated * Menu instances now resize in response to changes to the browser's font size * Modified the propagation of the MenuModule class's "submenualignment" configuration property so that it only applies to instances of the same type * Adjusted the specificity of the style rule that controls the position of a MenuItem instance's submenu indicator image to prevent it from wrapping in IE * Specified a width and height for submenu indicator images in the Menu stylesheet to ensure that Menu instances are always rendered at the correct width * Clicking a MenuItem instance will no longer trigger two HTTP GET requests * Users can now control or shift-click on MenuItem links Changes: -------- * In the Menu stylesheet (menu.css), switched from using "first" class to "first-of-type" class * Changed case of MenuModuleItem class's "subMenuIndicator" property to "submenuIndicator"