Logger Release Notes **** version 2.2.2 *** * No changes. *** version 2.2.1 *** * Updated default ".yui-log-hd h4" font-size to "107%". * Fixed synchronicity issue with pause()/resume() calls and the corresponding LogReader button state. * Better support for "\n" newlines in log messages, while wrapping long lines in verboseOutput mode. * Added draggable and outputBuffer properties to LogReader. * Added showCategory(), hideCategory(), showSource(), hideSource(), and clearConsole() methods to LogReader. * Support for multiple freestanding LogReader instances. * Improved type checking with YAHOO.lang. **** version 2.2.0 *** * Implemented expand() and collapse() in LogReader class. * Better internal browser detection. *** version 0.12.2 *** * No changes. **** version 0.12.1 *** * Fixed issues with setting LogReader's "bottom" property. *** version 0.12.0 *** * Added method formatMsg(oLogMsg) to support custom formatting of log messages for output to a LogReader. *** version 0.11.3 *** * The Logger static method enableFirebug() has been RENAMED to enableBrowserConsole(). * The Logger static method disableFirebug() has been RENAMED to disableBrowserConsole(). * By default, the Logger will not automatically output to Firebug or Safari's JavaScript console. To enable this feature, implementers should now explicitly call YAHOO.widget.Logger.enableBrowserConsole(). * Implementers may now cap the size of the YAHOO.widget.Logger stack by setting the property YAHOO.widget.Logger.maxStackEntries. * Implementers may now control the number of items displayed in each console by setting the LogReader properties thresholdMax and thresholdMin. *** version 0.11.0 *** * Initial release