YUI Library - Grids - Release Notes Version 2.2.0 - 2.2.2 * No changes. Version 0.12.1 - 0.12.2 * No changes. Version 0.12.0 * Removed redundant "text-align:left" from nodes below #doc. * Removed small-font treatment on #ft. * Removed margin-bottom from #hd,#bd. * Added two new #doc definitions (#doc2 and #doc3) that provide 950px centered and 100% page width presets to supplement the original 750px centered page width. * Made ".first" selectors more precise by binding to divs, to make it less likely that our .first definitions will impact nested content elements wishing to use this nomenclature. * Fixed "nested yui-gc" bug. * Fixed build-process whitespace bug with .yui-t2 and .yui-t5. * Migrated .yui-t's technique to "negative margins" technique from "floated ems". * The "negative margins" technique caused z-index issues, so position:relative was added to the secondary yui-b to enable correct z-index. * Make optimization benefits from inheritence wins via code reorganizations. Version 0.11.0 * Removed line #43 because it set an already-set value. Was: ".yui-t7 #main .yui-b{min-width:750px;}" Version 0.10.0 * Initial release.