YUI Library - Event - Release Notes 2.2.2 * No change 2.2.1 * onAvailable listeners are processed before onContentReady listeners so they fire in the logical order when an element is found to be available and ready in the same pass. * Added onDOMReady for receiving notification when the DOM is first usable. * In Internet Explorer, onAvailable/onContentReady checks now start when DOMReady fires to reduce the possibility of receiving an "operation aborted" errors when inserting DOM nodes during in the onAvailable/ onContentReady listener execution. * CustomEvent subscribers supplying undefined callbacks will be notified when subscribing rather than having an ambiguous error thrown when the event is fired. * Fixed missing html tags in the examples. * POLL_INTERVAL is 10 ms. * YAHOO.util.CustomEvent is now declared before YAHOO.util.Event. 2.2.0 * YAHOO.util.KeyListener was moved from the container package into event. * The Safari bug that made it so preventDefault would not work with click and double-click listeners on anchor tags was resolved in version 2.0.4. The workaround (using DOM0 events for these instead of the normal DOM2 events) is now only used for releases prior to 2.0.4. * getListeners/purgeElement now work correctly with unload listeners * When legacyEvents are used (Safari<2.0.4 click events), if there was an existing DOM0 event that the utility replaced, it is executed along with the listeners that were added with the utility. * Restored Event.regCE for compatibility with a beta release of the library that in use in an external API. * unsubscribe in CustomEvent and EventProvider will remove all listeners if the listener is omitted. * Added unsubscribeAll to EventProvider * Added Event.lastError which stores the most recent error object if a browser-specific add/remove listener call throws an exception. 0.12.2 * Fixed a bug introduced in 0.12.1 release caused nested onAvailable calls to fail. 0.12.1 * If an error is thrown during the browser-specific add/remove lister call, addListener/removeListener will catch the error and return false. * onAvailable array items are nulled out instead of deleted when completed to get around an Opera issue introduced in a recent version of the browser. 0.12.0 * If the function argument is not provided to Event.removeListener, all all listeners for the specified event type on the element will be removed. * CustomEvent now has an optional parameter that defines the signature of the listeners for this event. Two signatures are supported: YAHOO.util.CustomEvent.LIST: param1: event name param2: array of arguments provided to fire() param3: the custom object supplied to subscribe() YAHOO.util.CustomEvent.FLAT: param1: the first argument provided to fire() param2: the custom object supplied to subscribe() The new flat signature makes it possible to provide a better API when using custom events, and it makes it possible to transparently wrap DOM events. * The parameters for overriding scope in both Event.addListener, and CustomEvent.subscribe have been augmented. In addition to the previous behavior where a true value would make the previous parameter the execution scope, an object can be supplied instead. If an object is provided, that object becomes the scope obj. This makes it possible to pass a both a custom object and adjust the scope to a different object. * Added EventProvider, which is a wrapper for CustomEvent that makes it possible to subscribe to events by name, whether or not the event has been created. This class was designed to be used with YAHOO.augment. EventProvider custom events are created with the new FLAT listener signature. * CustomEvent subscribers can return false to stop the propagation of the event. * CustomEvents now have an onSubscribe custom event that can used to the case where a subscriber subscribes to an one-time event that has already happened. Also provides a way for the implementer to defer initialization logic until after the first subscription. * Event.getCharCode now always returns keyCode if charCode is not available. * Added Event.onContentReady, which is similar to onAvailable, but it also checks simblings to try to determine when the element's children are available. 0.11.4 * Fixed a memory leak in IE6 that occurred when the utility was hosted in an iframe. * Fixed an issue with Safari click listeners when listeners were removed. 0.11.3 * The listener cache is now pruned when events are removed. This fixes a performance issue when adding many listeners, removing them, and adding them again repeatedly. * Safari click listeners will work correctly if a bound element is removed from the DOM and a new element with the same ID is added. * Removed the code that automatically unsubscribed custom event listeners. 0.11.0 * Added Event.purgeElement which will remove all listeners added via addListener from the supplied element. If an optional "type" parameter is supplied, only events of that type will be removed. Optionally, the purge can be performed recursively on the element's children as well. * Added Event.getListeners which will return all listeners attached to a given element.. either all listeners or listeners of a specific type. * getTarget now automatically resolves text nodes. The optional parameter for this feature is now deprecated. * getRelatedTarget now resolves text nodes for the browsers that return the text node rather than its host HTML element. * CustomEvent now logs the custom event activity if the logger widget is available 0.10.0 * Added Safari dblclick to the list of legacy events. * When multiple identical event handlers are defined, multiple calls to removeListener can now remove all of them. * removeListener works properly for unload events * Legacy event bookkeeping is more efficient, improving the performance for adding Safari click events. * _unload() is more efficient, improving the page transition experience in Safari in particular. * addListener, removeListener now return false if the function argument is not valid. * Fixed an operator precedence issue in getCharCode. * Added Event.getXY, which returns [Event.getPageX(e), Event.getPageY(e)] * Added Event.onAvailable, which will execute the callback when the element with the supplied id is found. Currently searches periodically until the window load event or for up to 10 seconds after the onAvailable method was executed. * The lazy listener attachment process now will poll beyond the window load event in order to better handle the case when a listener is defined late in the page but before the element is in the dom. * Fixed browser detection for Opera installations reporting as IE. * It is now possible to remove and re-add legacy events (Safari click event).