Drag and Drop Release Notes 2.2.2 * No change 2.2.1 * Added YAHOO.util.DragDropMgr.interactionInfo, which is a repository of interaction information accumulated during the current event loop result, and accessible from the handlers for the events. * The region for the dragged element is now cached while processing the drag and drop events * List example supports moving an item to an empty list * Fixed missing html tags in the examples * The debug version now works when included before the logger is included. 2.2.0 * onMouseDown event is executed before element positions are calculated * refreshCache refreshes everything if groups array is not provided * setX/setYConstraint doesn't fail when presented ints cast as strings 0.12.2 * No change 0.12.1 * Added a STRICT_INTERSECT drag and drop interaction mode. This alters the behavior of DDM::getBestMatch. INTERSECT mode first tests the cursor location, and if it is over the target that target wins, otherwise it tests the overlap of the elements. STRICT_INTERSECT mode tests only the overlap, the largest overlap wins. * getBestMatch will work for targeted elements that have no overlap. 0.12.0 * The logic to determine if a drag should be initiated has been isolated to the clickValidator method. This method can be overridden to provide custom valdiation logic. For example, it is possible to specify hotspots of any dimension or shape. The provided example shows how to make only a circular region in the middle of the element initiate a drag. * Added a new drag and drop event: onInvalidDrop. This is executed when the dragged element in dropped in a location without a target. Previously this condition could only detected by implementing handlers for three other events. * Now accepts an element reference in lieu of an id. Ids will be generated if the element does not have one. * Fixed horizontal autoscroll when scrollTop is zero. * Added hasOuterHandles property to bypass the isOverTarget check in the mousedown validation routine. Fixes setOuterHandleElId. 0.11.4 * YAHOO.util.DragDropMgr.swapNode now handles adjacent nodes properly * Fixed missing variable declarations 0.11.3 * Fixed a JavaScript error that would be generated when trying to implement DDProxy using the default settings and a tiny element. * Fixed an error that resulted when constraints were applied to DragDrop instances. 0.11.2 * Drag and drop will no longer interfere with selecting text on elements that are not involved in drag and drop. * The shared drag and drop proxy element now resizes correctly when autoResize is enabled. 0.11.1 * Fixes an issue where the setXY cache could get out of sync if the element's offsetParent is changed during onDragDrop. 0.11.0 * The Dom.util.setXY calculation for the initial placement of the dragged element is cached during the drag, enhancing the drag performance. * DDProxy no longer enforces having a single proxy element for all instances. dragElId can be set in the config object in the constructor. If the element already exists it will use that element, otherwise a new one will be created with that id. * DDProxy->borderWidth has been removed. The value is calculated on the fly instead. * Added DragDrop->clearTicks and DragDrop->clearConstraints * All drag and drop constructors now have an additional, optional parameter call "config". It is an object that can contain properties for a number of configuration settings. * Drag and drop will not be disabled for elements that cannot have their location determined. * isLegalTarget won't return dd objects that are not targetable. * Added DragDrop->removeFromGroup. * Constraints are now applied properly when determining which drag and drop events should fire. 0.10.0 * Improved the performance when in intersect mode * It was possible for the drag and drop initialization to be skipped for very slow loading pages. This was fixed. * New methods to exclude regions within your drag and drop element: addInvalidHandleId(), addInvalidHandleClass() * Added an onAvailable handler that is executed after the initial state is set. * Drag and drop is more forgiving when the implementer attempts to create the instance prior to the element being in the document, but after the window load event has fired.