DataTable Release Notes *** version 2.2.2 *** * Removed workaround for a fixed Dom.getXY() bug that was causing a positioning problem for inline editors on scrolled pages. **** version 2.2.1 *** * Changed default pagination from enabled to disabled. Must set property paginator to true to enable built-in client-side pagination. * Removed deleteSelectedRows() and added deleteRows(). * Deprecated properties isEmpty and isLoading, and methods showLoadingMessage(), showEmptyMessage(), and hideTableMessages(). Implementers should now use showTableMessage() and hideTableMessage(). * Deprecated methods paginateRows() and onDataReturnPaginateRows(). Implementers should now use popualateTable() and onDataReturnPopulateTable(). * Deprecated pagination properties pageCurrent, rowsPerPage, startRecordIndex, pageLinksLength, rowsPerPageDropdown, pageLinksStart, and pagers. * Fixed unclickable links. * Fix to support data values of 0 (zero). * Fixed broken validation in multiple places when the value 0 (zero) is passed in as an argument. * Fixed incorrect month output in formatDate(). * Fixed broken empty message when there are zero rows. * Allow implementers to use data with field name "id". * Fixed Column resizeability in -min builds. * Fixed Column sorting of null, undefined, and empty values. * Fixed Column sorting of nested headers. * Fixed paginator dropdowns to stay in sync when paginating. * Fixed rowSingleSelect for paginated DataTable. * Fix for currency values with more than 2 decimal places. * Fixed broken TR ID assignments in replaceRows(). * Fixed Opera UI artifacting problem when repaginating via dropdowns. * Fixed orphaned ColumnEditor during pagination or other de facto blur interaction. Data gets saved. * Extracted non-foundational CSS for scrollable DataTables to make UI easier to customize. * Updated methods select() and unselect() to also accept an array of elements or an array of strings. * Improved row selection behavior to model the desktop paradigm (i.e., require CONTROL and/or SHIFT keys to multi-select). * Tweaked inline editing for better Mac performance. * Refactored pagination code to be easier to implement, configure, and extend. * Accept an error boolean from DataSource in case of data error and show error message. * The CustomEvent rowDeleteEvent now sends argument rowIndexes as an Array of row index values. * Added selectRow(), rowSelectEvent, unselectRow(), rowUnselectEvent, and rowUpdateEvent. * Added constants CLASS_TABLE, CLASS_EDITOR, CLASS_FIRST, and CLASS_LAST. * Added ColumnEditor class moveContainerTo(). * Add IDs and class hooks to TABLE element and ColumnEditor's container DIV. * Add class hooks to first and last TR elements. * Added hook to doBeforeLoadData() for the not-from-markup constructor flow. * Added properties paginator and paginatorOptions, as well as method getPaginator(). * Added methods saveEditorData() and cancelEditorData(). * Improved type checking with YAHOO.lang. **** version 2.2.0 *** * Beta release. * Caption is not supported when scrolling is enabled. * Resizeability is not supported for fixed-width DataTables.