Container Release Notes *** version 2.2.2 *** + Clicking the close button of a Panel (or any instance of a Panel subclass) registered with an OverlayManager will no longer result in the Panel receiving focus. + Overlay instances registered with an OverlayManager will now correctly blur themselves when hidden. + Calling the "destroy" method of an Overlay instance will now result in it being removed from its OverlayManager instance(s). + The DOM event listener for the event defined by the "focusevent" configuration property of an OverlayManager instance is now removed from each Overlay instance when it is removed from its OverlayManager. + All subscribers for an Overlay instance's "focus" and "blur" events are now unsubscribed when it is removed from its OverlayManager. *** version 2.2.1 *** + Made the default scope for all Custom Events published by Module, Overlay, Panel, Tooltip, Dialog and SimpleDialog the widget instance. Previously the default scope for Custom Events was inconsistent across classes; the default scope for Custom Events published by Overlay was always the Overlay instance whereas the Custom Events published by all of the other classes had no default scope. + Added default scope for CustomEvents published by YAHOO.util.Config: - Default scope for the "configChangedEvent" is now the Config instance. - Default scope for Config property events is now the Config's owner (widget). + Panel and Tooltip now always convert the value of a DOM element's "tagName" property to uppercase before evaluating it. This improves XHTML compatibility. + Pressing the enter key while focused on a form field inside a Dialog will now trigger the "click" event handler defined by the Dialog's default button in IE and Firefox. Previously, this behavior only worked in Safari and Opera. + Added a "yui" prefix to the default CSS class name for Module to be consistent with the other Container family widgets. + Container/Panel's underlay shadow is now defined as partially-transparent black rather than gray. This prevents the shadow from lightening the background color of elements beneath it. + Fixed memory leaks in Panel and Dialog. + The Drag and Drop library is now a truly optional dependency for Panel and its subclasses. + Panel "focus" and "blur" events are now fired when Panels are focused and blurred via the "focus" and "blurAll" methods of YAHOO.widget.OverlayManager. + Panel instances rendered without setting the value for the "width" configuration property will now have their "width" configuration property set to the value of the Panel's element's "offsetWidth" property when rendered. This fixes an issue in IE 6 and 7 where Panels that are rendered without setting the "width" configuration property will only be draggable by mousing down on the text inside the header, rather than anywhere inside the header. + Refactored the Container family including the Config class to improve performance, especially when working with a large number of instances in IE6. *** version 2.2.0 *** Module - Removed hardcoded file paths for image roots. Affected properties include: - YAHOO.widget.Module.IMG_ROOT - YAHOO.widget.Module.IMG_ROOT_SSL - HTML elements, created via createElement, now use lowercase. Panel - To shield against CSS class collision, the following references now have a "yui-" prefix: - YAHOO.widget.Panel.CSS_PANEL now references CSS class "yui- panel". - YAHOO.widget.Panel.CSS_PANEL_CONTAINER now references CSS class "yui-panel-container". - Close button can now be configured via the CSS class "container- close". - HTML elements, created via createElement, now use lowercase. Dialog - To shield against CSS class collision, the following references now have a "yui-" prefix: - YAHOO.widget.Dialog.CSS_DIALOG now references CSS class "yui- dialog". - HTML elements, created via createElement, now use lowercase. SimpleDialog - Removed hardcoded file paths for SimpleDialog icons, which are now configurable in CSS: - YAHOO.widget.SimpleDialog.ICON_BLOCK now references CSS class "blckicon". - YAHOO.widget.SimpleDialog.ICON_ALARM now references CSS class "alrticon". - YAHOO.widget.SimpleDialog.ICON_HELP now references CSS class "hlpicon". - YAHOO.widget.SimpleDialog.ICON_INFO now references CSS class "infoicon". - YAHOO.widget.SimpleDialog.ICON_WARN now references CSS class "warnicon". - YAHOO.widget.SimpleDialog.ICON_TIP now references CSS class "tipicon". - To provide shield against CSS class collision the following references now have a "yui-" prefix: - YAHOO.widget.SimpleDialog.CSS_SIMPLEDIALOG now references CSS class "yui-simple-dialog"; Tooltip - To shield against CSS class collision, the following references now have a "yui-" prefix: - YAHOO.widget.Tooltip.CSS_TOOLTIP now references CSS class "yui- tipicon" "yui-tt"; *** version 0.12.2 *** Module - Corrected issue where listener was not properly removed from resize monitor element when "monitorresize" is disabled Panel - Fixed issue that would sometimes prevent select lists from working properly in Firefox Dialog - Fixed error that would occur when trying to create a Dialog where the first form element is set to "disabled" - Modified "close" property handler for Dialog/SimpleDialog to call "cancel" instead of "hide" *** version 0.12.1 *** All Classes - "monitorresize" property now functions in situations where document.domain has been modified. - YAHOO.widget.Module.textResizeEvent now fires when the font size is changed (except for Opera, which uses "zoom" functionality that prevents this) - Event listeners attached to container elements are now properly purged on destroy using YAHOO.util.Event.purgeElement Panel - Fixed issue where focus events were broken on the page when a modal Panel was created Dialog - Fixed bug where hitting "enter" on a Dialog was forcing the default submission behavior of the form's action to execute - Dialog no longer tries to give focus to hidden form elements. - Replaced   references in Panel with   for XHTML compliance. - Fixed issue that was preventing Safari from successfully using the getData() function *** version 0.12 *** All Classes - New documentation format implemented, and removed unnecessary prototype null references previously used for generating documentation Config - Added 'undefined' check when reading initial properties for .reset() - Fixed Firefox warning on .resetProperty() - Fixed issue preventing resetProperty() from resetting values correctly Module - Removed unused "childNodesInDom" property Overlay - Converted center() to use Dom utility - Fixed configVisible() to properly detect actual visible/hidden status in Internet Explorer, which reports "inherit" for all elements by default. - Updated onDomResize to properly reapply "context" property - Unified scroll/resize handlers so that they fire properly (when the event has completed) as opposed to constantly (as seen in Mozilla- based browsers) Panel - Modified modality mask to show before Panel is shown (prior to any animation) - Modified buildWrapper to eliminate cloning of the initial markup module, which fixes issues with select options not maintaining their default selections in IE - Modality mask is now z-indexed properly so that the mask z-index is always one less than the Panel z-index Dialog - Fixed Connection to get "action" attribute using getAttribute, to allow for form fields named "action" - Added support for "GET" by retrieving the form "method" rather than always defaulting to "POST" KeyListener - Fixed to work properly with Safari 2.0 by matching against keyCode or charCode *** version 0.11.4 *** - Panel: Modality mask is now properly removed from DOM on Panel destroy. *** version 0.11.3 *** - Module: Fixed SSL warning issue in IE - Overlay: Fixed memory leak related to iframe shim in IE - Panel: No focusable elements under the mask can now be tabbed to - Panel: Set Panel container overflow to hidden to fix scrolling issue in Opera 9 *** version 0.11.2 *** - All: JsLint optimization - Overlay: Fixed SSL issues with monitorresize property - OverlayManager: Fixed z-index incrementing issues - Dialog: Form elements called "name" will now function properly - Dialog: Removed unnecessary scope:this reference *** version 0.11.1 *** - Tooltip: Removed incorrect logger statement - Dialog: Corrected logic that was causing browser lockup in IE for SimpleDialog - Dialog: Fixed "firstButtom" typo *** version 0.11.0 *** - toString function added to all classes for easy logging - YAHOO.extend is now being used for inheritance on all container classes - Module: monitorresize feature now works on all browsers - Module: Fixed bug with image root and isSecure - Overlay: Fixed bugs related to IFRAME shim positioning - Overlay: center() now works in quirks mode - Overlay: Overlay now has a custom destroy() method that also removes the IFRAME shim - OverlayManager: Fixed bug in the prototype that was preventing multiple Managers on one page - OverlayManager: focusEvent now fires at all appropriate times - Tooltip: context can now be specified as an array, so Tooltips can be reused across multiple context elements - Tooltip: preventoverlap now functions properly for large context elements (i.e, images) - Tooltip: fixed bugs regarding setTimeout - Tooltip: added mousemove event to allow for more accurate Tooltip positioning - Panel: added dragEvent for monitoring all event handlers for drag and drop - Panel: modality mask is now resized on scroll - Panel: KeyListeners are now properly destroyed when the Panel is destroyed - Panel: Header is now sized properly in quirks mode - Dialog: Blinking cursor issue is fixed for Firefox - Dialog: callback object for Connection is now public (this.callback) - Dialog: onsuccess/onfailure properties removed (as a result of the public callback object) - Dialog: Dialog is now invisible by default - Dialog: Buttons are now properly cleaned up on destroy *** version 0.10.0 *** * Initial release