Calendar Release Notes *** version 2.2.2 *** - Fixed problem with selected dates being shared across instances, when more than one Calendar/CalendarGroup was on the page *** version 2.2.1 *** - Fixed problem with selectCell adding duplicate selected date entries for dates which were already selected - Fixed problem with CalendarGroup iframe shim not covering the CalendarGroup title area - Removed javascript:void(null) from close button and cell links which was interrupting form submission and firing onbeforeunload in IE - Fixed problem with CalendarGroup getSelectedDates returning invalid results, when used in conjunction with the "selected" Config property (either passed in the constructor config argument or set seperately after construction) - Refactored Calendar and CalendarGroup to improve performance, especially when working with a large number of instances in IE6 *** version 2.2.0 *** - Image customization can now be done through CSS. Images for Close, Left and Right Arrows are now pulled in using CSS defined in calendar.css and by default use relative paths to the images in the same directory as calendar.css. - Deprecated Calendar.IMG_ROOT and NAV_ARROW_LEFT, NAV_ARROW_RIGHT configuration properties. Customizations based on older releases which set these properties will still function as expected. - Deprecated CalendarGroup.CSS_2UPCLOSE. Calendar's Style.CSS_CLOSE property now represents the new default CSS class (calclose) for the close button. CSS_2UPCLOSE is still applied along with CSS_CLOSE to the new markup for the close button to support existing customizations of the CSS_2UPCLOSE CSS class (close-icon) - Fixed problem with Safari setting Calendar pages to incorrect dates if the pages spanned a year boundary in CalendarGroups with 3 or more pages, due to a bug in Safari's implementation of Date setMonth - Fixed problem with CalendarGroup setMonth rendering Calendar pages with incorrect dates in all browsers if current pages spanned year boundary - Fixed incorrect CalendarGroup logging statement in calendar-debug.js - Fixed domEventMap support for Safari versions prior to 2.0.2, caused by hasOwnProperty not being supported - Removed unused private property : _pageDate from Calendar class *** version 0.12.2 *** - Corrected documentation for clearTime function to reflect the change from midnight to noon *** version 0.12.1 *** - Calendar and CalendarGroup now automatically parse the argument passed to setMonth and setYear into an integer, eliminating potential concatenation bugs. *** version 0.12 *** - New documentation format implemented - Calendar2up and Calendar_Core are now deprecated. Now, Calendar alone represents the single Calendar instance, and CalendarGroup represents an n-up instance, defaulting to 2up - Added semantic style classes to Calendar elements to allow for custom styling solely using CSS. - Remapped all configuration properties to use the Config object (familiar to those who use the Container collection of controls). Property names are the same as their previous counterparts, but wrapped into Calendar.cfg, allowing for runtime reconfiguration of most properties - Added "title" property for setting the Calendar title - Added "close" property for enabling and disabling the close icon - Added "iframe" property for enabling an iframe shim in Internet Explorer 6 and below to fix the select bleed-through bug - pageDate moved to property: "pagedate" - selectedDates moved to property: "selected" - minDate moved to property : "mindate", which accepts a JavaScript Date object like its predecessor, but also supports string dates - maxDate moved to property : "maxdate", which accepts a JavaScript Date object like its predecessor, but also supports string dates - Moved style declarations to initStyles function - Optimized event handling in doSelectCell/doCellMouseOver/doCellMouseOut by only attaching the listener to the outer Calendar container, and only reacting to events on cells with the "selectable" CSS class. - Added domEventMap field for applying DOM event listeners to cells containing specific class and tag combinations. - Moved all cell DOM event attachment to applyListeners function - Added getDateByCellId / getDateFieldsByCellId helper functions - Corrected DateMath.getWeekNumber to comply with ISO week number handling - Separated renderCellDefault style portions into styleCellDefault function for easy extension - Deprecated onBeforeSelect. Created beforeSelectEvent which automatically subscribes to its deprecated predecessor. - Deprecated onSelect. Created selectEvent, which automatically subscribes to its deprecated predecessor. - Deprecated onBeforeDeselect. Created beforeSelectEvent which automatically subscribes to its deprecated predecessor. - Deprecated onDeselect. Created beforeDeselectEvent, which automatically subscribes to its deprecated predecessor. - Deprecated onChangePage. Created changePageEvent, which automatically subscribes to its deprecated predecessor. - Deprecated onRender. Created renderEvent, which automatically subscribes to its deprecated predecessor. - Deprecated onReset. Created resetEvent, which automatically subscribes to its deprecated predecessor. - Deprecated onClear. Created clearEvent, which automatically subscribes to its deprecated predecessor. - Corrected setMonth documentation to refer to 0-11 indexed months. - Added show and hide methods to Calendar for setting the Calendar's display property. - Optimized internal render classes to use innerHTML and string buffers - Removed wireCustomEvents function - Removed wireDefaultEvents function - Removed doNextMonth / doPreviousMonth - Removed all buildShell (header, body, footer) functions, since the Calendar shell is now built dynamically on each render - Wired all CalendarGroup events and configuration properties to be properly delegated to Calendar - Augmented CalendarGroup with all built-in renderers, label functions, hide, show, and initStyles, creating API transparency between Calendar and CalendarGroup. - Made all tagName, createElement, and entity references XHTML compliant - Fixed Daylight Saving Time bug for Brazilian time zone *** version 0.11.3 *** - Calendar_Core: Added arguments for selected/deselected dates to onSelect/onDeselect - CalendarGroup: Fixed bug where selected dates passed to constructor were not represented in selectedDates - Calendar2up: Now displays correctly in Opera 9 *** version 0.11.0 *** - DateMath: DateMath.add now properly adds weeks - DateMath: between() function added - DateMath: getWeekNumber() fixed to take starting day of week into account - All references to Calendar's built in CSS class handlers are removed, replaced with calls to Dom utility (addClass, removeClass) - Several CSS class constants now have clearer names - All CSS classes are now properly namespaced to avoid CSS conflicts - Fixed table:hover bug in CSS - Calendar no longer requires the container ID and variable name to match in order for month navigation to function properly - Calendar month navigation arrows are now represented as background images *** version 0.10.0 *** - Major performance improvements from attaching DOM events to associated table cells only once, when the Calendar shell is built - DOM events for mouseover/mouseout are now fired for all browsers (not just Internet Explorer) - Reset functionality bug fixed for 2-up Calendar view *** version 0.9.0 *** * Initial release