Tips for Fundraising on GlobalGiving

Congratulations! You have completed GlobalGiving’s rigorous application process and we’re excited to welcome you the GlobalGiving community. So, what’s next? What can your organization do to build and expand its online fundraising through GlobalGiving? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:





Create Your GlobalGiving Strategy

Over the years, we’ve found that organizations are most successful on GlobalGiving when they take the time to set goals, create benchmarks, and make a plan for fundraising success. To help you get started, we’ve put together a strategy worksheet. When developing your strategy, make sure to:

  • Include your GlobalGiving strategy in your overall fundraising strategy.
  • Set ambitious, but realistic goals.
  • Plan a calendar. Take advantage of Bonus Days, fundraising campaigns, and contests on GlobalGiving to spur giving throughout the year.
  • Create quarterly benchmarks to help you evaluate your success.
  • Incorporate GlobalGiving’s Partner Rewards Program into your strategy. Understand what your organization needs to do to achieve Superstar status and integrate this into your strategy for the year.






Promote  Your Project

Use your project’s widget to promote your project on and off-line. Add a  button to your organization’s website. Find the code for your project widget on the “Share” tab underneath the project title on your project page.



Attract New Donors

What can you do to attract GlobalGiving donors to your project?

  • Write a compelling and easy to understand project description! Donors usually spend 30 seconds on a project page before deciding to give. So, grab donors’ attention right away with close-up, high resolution photos, a specific, action-oriented title, an easy to understand, jargon-free project summary, and tangible and realistic donation options. See a great example. Read additional tips for your project description here.
  • Improve your project ranking. GlobalGiving ranks projects on the site based on frequency of reporting, the number of donors, and overall donation volume. This ranking is used to determine the order in which projects appear under each theme and country on the site, as well as the projects that are featured on the homepage. Learn more about the search ranking here. You can find your project’s ranking on the dashboard of the project entry system to the far right of the project title.




Engage Existing Donors

Attracting donors to your project(s) is only the first step in developing a long-term, valuable relationship with donors. In order to retain donors, it is important to recognize their donation and to continue to engage them through project reports, fundraising campaigns, and donor tools.

  • 46% of donors stop giving because they feel like their donations are not recognized or appreciated. (Read more.) Make sure to send a personal thank you to donors within a week of a donation being made. Read tips for sending a thank you email from the donation manager here. Use thank you notes to notify donors about upcoming campaigns and opportunities to get involved.
  • Campaigns are designed to help you keep your donors engaged! The deadlines and added financial incentives create a sense of urgency to give now. Campaigns also give your donors a reason to reach out to family and friends about supporting your cause. Use the calendar on the landing page of the online Project Leader Manual to identify campaigns to keep your supporters engaged throughout the year.
  • Build donation tools such as recurring donations, donation as a gift, fundraiser pages into your regular interactions with your supporters. Are they looking to support your organization around a holiday? Ask them to consider making a donation as a gift. Are they interested in supporting your organization long-term? Recurring donations make it easy!
  • Share success stories and opportunities to get involved through project reports. Don’t forget: project reports are emailed directly to your donors. Use reports as a tool to keep donors engaged and interested in supporting your work. Read more about great project reports here.



Take advantage of our corporate partnerships - become a Superstar!

We work with close to 60 companies to offer employee giving, cause-marketing and grant management.

We use the Partner Rewards Program to identify organizations to recommend to our corporate partners and to feature in our donor outreach. Superstar and Leader organizations are more likely to be recommended than Partner organizations. You can find your organization’s Partner Rewards Level on the dashboard in the project entry system. Learn how you can become a Superstar by clicking on your Rewards Level.

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